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Private emails service provider in Erbil

Every business needs to have its own business email or company email. This is a private webmail, that has own branding and name such as name @yourcompany .com . At PIT Designs we offer exactly this service for our clients.

Business email is simply the email which you use specifically for your business. This professional way of sending emails, serves as a form of advertising as well. Since your business name becomes visible with every communication.

Why is a business email important?

There are a handful of reasons why any business, should have a private, email address.

Professionalism - In order for clients and prospect, to take your business seriously. You need to have coherent professional branding. Which includes business email address. And every employee/staff should have an email. With same company email, to maintain brand consistency.

Brand Awareness – An email address, used for business communication, uses your domain name. Which usually includes the business name in it. So every time you send an email, or hand our your business card, your brand name shows up. This increases brand awareness.

Build Customer Loyalty – A professional email address not only increases brand awareness. But also conveys integrity and reliability. This makes customers more likely to do business with you. Especially when dealing with customers overseas, or sending out company introduction emails.

Low-Cost – It doesn't cost too much to have a private email. Even with a with limited budget. You can still create a professional image with a company email address.

Company Email


Unlike commercial email accounts, where any decent name is already taken. For private email accounts, the user can always create any name they choose. Which is more personalized. Rather than johndoe1234 @gmail or yahoo... The name is always available


We are well known for our professional-level customer support. We make sure each client has complete understanding of the product and have full control over it. Additionally, we are always available to provide support of any sort.
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PIT Designs business email offerings

At PIT Designs we offer our customers professional solutions for business email - company email.

Security First

Each email address provided by PIT Designs is 100% secured and private. Only the owner has access to the email. A user can always change the password. And all our connections run on secured HTTPS protocols using valid SSL Certificates. In order to serve Emails that are encrypted from end-to-end.

We encourage the users to create a secured password and difficult to guess.

Learn more about SSL Certificates.

Email Everywhere

We understand today's technology, and needs. A user needs to access his emails from a personal desktop via Outlook (or other email clients). On the other hand, the user needs to access the same email via smartphone. Or even online (without software or app) via webmail.

We have all devices supported and covered. From smartphones, personal desktop apps such as Outlook, and even online-based webmail.

Full Control

The email is an important and sensitive part of a company's business communications. Any information kept inside the webmail, should run on secured connection. And the user has full rights over it.

We give our clients full access and control over their email accounts. This includes, email forwarders, creating/editing accounts, filtering. In addition to backup and restore.

It is indeed a good practice, to keep a backup of emails as an archive, nevertheless.

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Business Email

Business Email : Communication Tool

We know how important branding is for any business generally. And professional communication is a big part of making a deal, specifically. When contacting a client or new business. The first impression they get is from your email address. Therefore, it must be sent from your company email.

Additionally, using company private email, gives you freedom of name-formatting. Which means you can choose any format you like, and make it a standard for your company or business accounts.

Creativity Freedom

When creating a company or business account for employees. We always ask our clients, what naming-format do they use? This means the format in which accounts are written specifically. As the standard emails are usually info, admin, sales, hr, finances..etc.

However for the personnel of a corporate or business, obviously it's more professional to have a unified format. For example if a person is named John Doe, his email might take any of the following formats:

FirstName.LastName : john.doe
FirstName.LastNameLetter : john.d
FirstNameLetter.LastName : j.doe
Or any other format a company would like to use.

Are you still using Gmail or Yahoo! for your business!?

Boost your online presence and increase brand awareness. Use private and secured email accounts. Give your business more credibility. Introduce your company with confidence when communicating with others, in the online world. PIT Designs is indeed the best business email service provider in Erbil. You will love our services and support, above all.
You will love the quick and professional support from our team, guaranteed.