Professional, efficient & complete IT services.

IT Services in Erbil
We provide IT service in Erbil for our clients, our IT services management entirety includes a list of activities directed by policies, organized and structured in processes and supporting procedures.
It is concerned with the implementation of quality IT services that meet the needs of our customers, and is performed by our experienced staff, through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.

Our IT Products Catalog

We provide a wide range of products for companies and businesses in Erbil.



Laptops & Notebooks

Laser Printers

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Storage Devices





VR Gear


Why choose PIT Designs?

  • Reduce Full-Time IT Staff Cost
  • Use time effectively
  • Complete enterprise solutions
  • We provide on-site and off-site solutions
  • Qualified and well experienced staff will handle your projects
  • We can work as per short-term contracts, long-term contracts or project by project basis

What are our IT Services?

We provide a wide range of services as complete packages for companies and businesses in Erbil.

  • Network Setup and Administration: Offering qualified staff to setup and install network administration for your office, to oversee this important aspect of your business for much less than the cost of employing an IT staff around the clock.
  • Network Security: Network security can be a significant challenge for small businesses and at the same time it is a necessity in today’s business environment. Outsourced IT support for network security means that your network stays updated with the latest security patches, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems which ensure critical data stays secure.
  • Desktop and End-User Support: For small businesses, we provide ongoing desktop and end-user support & maintenance. To ensure your employees remain productive with proactive monitoring and managing of your desktop environment.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Prevent the unpleasant events of Data Loss! By using our IT Services support, which offers data backup and recovery you can securely backup critical data and obtain access to it in the event disaster strikes.
  • Email Services: Most businesses rely heavily on email for daily communications and quality customer service. With PIT Designs for IT, we’ve made sure to provide this service as the integrated solution that we offer with out Web Hosting plans, to help you manage, monitor, and protect your email systems at a much lower cost than if you deployed the necessary infrastructure in-house.