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VEZPal: PayPal Iraq Service

The ultimate solutions to make PayPal payment in Iraq. You don't need to have PayPal Iraq account, to make PayPal payments.
The offering is a complete solution to fix the payment problems you face in Iraq. Now you can purchase, make payment, send payment, to any PayPal approved account. VEZPal makes it very easy pay for PayPal.

How does it work?

From the payment form enter the basic details:

  1. Sender (your) name, phone & email to contact you.
  2. Recipient (the person you want to PayPal to) enter the PayPal ID (email)
  3. Reason for the payment & the amount to pay
  4. Select Payment Method (how you want to pay us in Iraq)
  5. Done

After confirming, your payment will be made via PayPal. The local agent will contact you for confirmation.

Note: This process does not require any passwords, registrations or address.

No PayPal? No Problem.

We will take care of your PayPal payment from anywhere in Iraq.
Very Easy PayPal!

VEZPal: Pay for PayPal Iraq

Payment Form

Why is VEZPal the Solution to PayPal in Iraq?

PayPal is a world leader in online payments. Making it easy for sellers/buyers to facilitate the money transfer aspect of the business. It's used world-wide, but millions. The issue we face in Iraq, is that PayPal doesn't allow to connect a locally issued debit/credit card. Which makes it very difficult to find a way to pay online for someone or something through PayPal.

We saw the need and set to address the issue. By offering the local community a way to pay in Iraq, locally. By any payment method. In turn we will make the payment they intend to via our own verified, official, PayPal account.

This is similar to how you would send money to someone via WesternUnion, Taif, or any other currency exchange office. Pay locally, send globally. In exchange for a small transfer fee.

The transfer is done in real time. With payment confirmation.