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Email Marketing Tips For Gaming Industry

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Posted 12 months ago on December 8th, 2021.

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Email marketing is one of the oldest digital strategies. It is so effective that it remains one of the most popular even if there are plenty of other options. So if you run a gaming business and want to know how to start or improve your strategy, this is the place for you!

In recent years, we are witnessing how digital marketing entirely takes over the traditional marketing strategies. Given that the number of people who are almost constantly using the internet rises year after year, it is not surprising that old marketing strategies don't work anymore. 

Digital marketing is continually improving, and thus businesses have various options for reaching out to their target audiences. Nonetheless, even though it is one of the first, email marketing doesn't lose popularity. On the contrary, it is becoming more widespread, if we may add.  The reason is pretty evident – according to various studies, one of the most significant email marketing advantages is a relatively high return on investments (ROI). It also provides marketers with access to an extensive range of channels to use. 

Many industries recognize email marketing's importance.  However, despite all the statistics mentioned above, people in the gaming industry seem to neglect it. According to them, gamers don't have a habit or time to check their emails.  It is indeed true that gamers rely a lot on social media. But we must not forget that there are 3.4 billion gamers worldwide. Hence, we can conclude that the industry targets broad demographics, right? Of course, some enjoy only the games like those you find on Book of Ra, while others look for something more complex. But the truth is that gamers are both women and men of all ages, ethnicities, etc. However, we can say that the average age is about 35 years. Despite being quite active on social media, people in this age group are pretty much used to checking their email more than once a day. 

It is safe to conclude that email marketing is critical for the gaming business with all that in mind. Nonetheless, it is not always as simple as it seems to start or even improve email marketing for games. That is why we talked with experts and compiled a list of tips with some email marketing campaign examples to get you inspired. 

What is Email Marketing 

Just in case, let's go over the email marketing definition to avoid any potential confusion. Practically, email marketing sends commercial emails to people who subscribed to receive them. Its purpose is to inform, drive traffic and sales, and build a community.  Email marketing has grown and progressed over the years, so it focuses on three things – personalization, consent, and segmentation. 

How to Develop Email Marketing Strategy

Decide on Your Target Audience

Believe it or not, the email marketing effectiveness will largely depend on your ability to determine the audience.  You can, indeed, find people of all ages playing games. However, you need to acknowledge some are more into playing online games than others. The best you can do is use segmentation to determine who they are based on ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation,  income, etc. Then you can focus on targeting specific groups and creating campaigns that will entirely satisfy their needs. 

Figure Out When to Send Emails

Everyone who plays video games knows how addictive they are. Plus, when playing with other people online, everyone is in different time zones. Hence, many gamers stay late at night to complete their tasks, etc.  That is why marketers feel drawn by the idea of sending emails during the night. However, the best thing is to research gamers' habits to ensure that you send the emails when there is the highest chance for them to read.

Offer Best Deals 

Considering how fast the gaming industry is growing, it is safe to conclude that it is highly competitive. One of the tips to mention in this email marketing guide is that you have to provide games people will find attractive. Once they get hooked to your game, they will naturally want more. Your job is to ensure that you always provide the best quality games you can think of.  That said, you can include some kind of incentive in your emails. For example, you can offer some sort of incentive or points to people who try the new game or upgrades of the existing game. 

Provide Advice 

When the new game appears on the market, some people like to explore and do everything by themselves. Nonetheless, the vast majority prefer to get some helpful insights and tips that will allow them to advance faster than others. To provide them with this kind of information, you can interview professional gamers and add them to your emails. You can also add video tutorials, etc.  That way, you will show your clients that you take care of their needs, so they don't have to look elsewhere to satisfy their needs. This is the kind of email marketing help people are happy to get.

Bottom Line 

Now you know what it takes to start Email marketing campaigns.  Despite what some might think, keep in mind that it is a very effective digital marketing strategy for gaming as well as for other industries. After all, it wouldn't still be so popular if it wasn't giving the desired result, would it?  Have you used this form of marketing? What are your experiences?