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Will Elon Musk Turn Twitter into a Super-App?

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Posted 4 weeks ago on March 1st, 2023.

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Will Elon Musk Turn Twitter into a Super-App?

Elon Musk envisions a future where mobile apps are consolidated into one-stop shops within a single platform. Will he create a "super app" to rule them all in 2023? Learn about the challenges he faces and the potential impact on companies like Twitter and Apple's App Store.

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The Future of Mobile Apps: Can Elon Musk Create a Super App?

In recent years, the concept of a super app has gained popularity in the tech industry. The idea is to create a single platform that offers multiple services, from messaging and shopping to payments and ride-hailing, all in one app. Twitter owner Elon Musk is a big believer in the potential of super apps and has set his sights on revolutionizing how US audiences interact with their devices.

Super Apps in China

If you've ever been to China, you've probably heard of WeChat, the country's dominant super app. WeChat allows users to do everything from sending money to hailing rides, all within the app's messaging platform. WeChat's success has inspired Musk to develop a similar app for the US market.

Consolidating Apps

Musk's vision for a super app is simple: to consolidate the many apps that people use on a daily basis into a single, all-encompassing platform. He believes that this will simplify the user experience and create a more streamlined way of accessing different services. Musk has even gone so far as to say that he wants to "make it so that you don't have to use a million apps."

A Long-Term Vision

Musk's interest in super apps dates back to his X.com days, an online payment platform that he co-founded in the late 1990s. X.com eventually evolved into PayPal, which was acquired by eBay in 2002. Musk's long-term vision for a super app has remained consistent throughout the years, and he is now more determined than ever to make it a reality.

Challenges Ahead

While Musk's vision for a super app is ambitious, there are many challenges that he will need to overcome. One of the biggest hurdles is regulatory approval. Creating a super app would require Musk to acquire rival companies, which could be problematic given that Washington and Brussels favor competition and fragmentation.

Another major challenge is Apple's App Store. As the closest thing America has to a super app, the App Store charges a 30% fee for apps and in-app purchases. Since iOS is the most popular smartphone in the US, it is unlikely that Apple will allow a rival operating system on its platform. Musk has been a vocal critic of Apple's fees, calling them a "hidden 30% tax" on the Internet.

The App Store operates as a gateway for Twitter users, and losing access would be a major blow to the platform. Twitter's finances are already precarious, and losing access to more than 1.5 billion devices could threaten its existence.

Can Musk Succeed?

Despite the many challenges that lie ahead, it would be unwise to bet against Musk. He has a proven track record of disrupting industries and changing the way people think about technology. If anyone can create a super app that can rival WeChat, it's Elon Musk.


The concept of a super app has the potential to revolutionize how we use mobile technology. While there are many challenges that must be overcome, Elon Musk's vision and determination could make it a reality. If he can convince regulators and overcome the App Store hurdle, a super app from Musk could be the next big thing in the tech industry.