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10 Reasons Why Businesses Must Do Email Verification

A financial analyst in the cryptocurrency world and an aspiring writer. Loves to explore new directions and learns them very quickly.

Posted 1 year ago on August 21st, 2021.

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It is very important for any company that sends out bulk mailings to validate the contact base from time to time. Email validation is, in general terms, the process of verifying email addresses for existence and authenticity. Email verification is necessary and suitable for those companies that use email marketing for promotion. Programs for verification are called validators or verifiers. We will consider different options for these services further.

10 reasons why the verification procedure is important

Only a genuine postal address can accept letters. Every tool for verifying mail, regardless of whether it scans the addresses of each user individually or in a list, just check the email or at least be able to check it at several levels at once.

1. Maintaining the relevance of addresses

In prospectuses, 22.5% of email addresses become invalid every year. And no one is to blame for this - their relevance is lost for objective reasons. Most often, the owners of mailboxes themselves change their place of work, as a result of which their corporate addresses are deactivated.

Accordingly, if you do not regularly monitor whether mail from your contact base exists, after a year the bounce rate for your mailings will be 22.5%, which is ten times the acceptable level. As a result, your reputation on postal services will be severely damaged and hurt your business. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that you check your mailing list at least once every two months.

2. Decrease in the number of hard bounces

A hard refusal is the return of a letter to the sender due to the fact that the recipient's mailbox is invalid, that is, it simply does not exist in reality. A high bounce rate usually indicates spammers, so email services are not particularly supportive of such senders. When your bounce rate rises, your reputation falls accordingly. As soon as it exceeds the critical threshold, it means that your mailing address will be blacklisted. Checking your listings regularly will keep your bounce rate and delivery high. Hard hops damage your email reputation, which must be protected at all costs.

3. Increased email deliverability

When you use a professional verifier to check the email of your leads, you can filter out invalid addresses, which will provide you with a guarantee of the validity, and therefore the reliability of the remaining ones. Valid contacts will definitely be able to accept your emails, so your email delivery rate remains high. This helps to save labor resources and, again, preserves your reputation as a sender.

4. Maintaining a high sender reputation

Your reputation on postal services depends on a number of indicators. In this article, we have already talked about the bounce rate and inbox placement rate, but besides them, the spam rating and the sender's habits are also taken into account. Regular use of verifiers in marketing and sales can help you check for the existence of your lead email before every newsletter. In this way, you can avoid getting into black lists and, just as important, maintain a high reputation.

5. Your lists will stay in better shape

Removing addresses that organically become inactive every year is just the beginning. The health of your listings will be regularly impacted by employees who change jobs, change suppliers, or rebrand their company, resulting in too many leaps and bounds.

6. Saving money

There is a tariff system in mailing services specifically for mass mailings - this is when you send messages to invalid accounts, you are wasting money. And due to a large number of refusals and mailing returns, the account can be blocked forever. This means that you are losing a lot of money.

7. Maintaining high reliability

With a good email reputation, more messages will go to recipients' mailboxes. Protecting folders from spam contributes to better browsing speed as well as conversion.

8. An increase in the number of recounts

Email marketing, especially with a healthy database, is a fairly proven strategy for high ROI. Customer data validation ensures the delivery of your message, creating valuable sales and conversion opportunities. It's like working with an ICOholder - a quality guarantee is provided to the client, and with a competent approach and academic performance, you can increase your income and improve your financial situation.

9. Brand Profile Height

By interacting with your audience, a user who has signed up for your service or has already bought it from you will strengthen your relationship with your customers. As long as the information you provide is relevant and interesting, email marketing is one of the best methods for repeat sales and promotion.

Without a clean database, high availability, and email reputation, you are not giving yourself the best chance of getting to the mailboxes you need.

10. It can only lead to better business.

By showing you how to validate email and the importance of clean data, we hope you see the value in following these best practices. The quality and presentation of your campaigns is wasted if they don't even reach the inboxes and recipients they are intended for.

Types of email validation tools:

There are two types of tools for checking your contact list:

Online services that make it convenient to work in a browser and from any device for all team members, as well as free sites for checking one mailbox. For mass verification, services are used where there is a shareware period of time, and it is also possible to check up to 100-150 emails and a paid subscription for a month. For example, the SendPulse service - its advantages and verification options are as follows: analysis of one email, analysis of the address book that was previously uploaded in the personal account on the website, or a ready-made list of email addresses in the required formats - TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX.

If you have any doubts about whether email testing is necessary, here are some reasons and why ignoring this process can lead to catastrophic cold mailing issues that can take weeks to resolve.


The quality and presentation of your campaigns is wasted if they don't even reach the inboxes and recipients they are intended for.

Considering all of the above points, we can conclude that email verification ensures the successful sending of emails and a high percentage of deliverability, which increases the awareness of your brand, service or product. And this, of course, is the ideal result being achieved.

Author Bio: Kyle Enciso is a financial analyst in the cryptocurrency world and an aspiring writer. Kyle is one of the best specialists in the world of cryptocurrency, she loves to explore new directions and learns them very quickly.