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What to Write In The Landing Page Blocks

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Posted 2 years ago on April 6th, 2021.

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The preparation of the landing page begins with structuring, gathering information about competitors and the target audience. Today we'll show you how to compose the right text for your landing page. 

First, let's look at What to Write In The Landing Page Blocks.

The landing page is built from blocks. Each one accomplishes its goal: draws the reader's attention to the product, describes the options, dispels doubts, specifies the price, and invites the reader to purchase. As a result, you gradually lead the reader to take the target action. 

The main blocks that are used on the landing page:

  • Landing page header
  • Heading
  • Subhead
  • Call to action
  • Product description
  • Characteristics, benefits, and advantages
  • “Who is it useful for”
  • "What will you get in result"
  • “About us” or “About the company”
  • Reviews
  • Portfolio or “Our projects”
  • Product price or service cost
  • How to order
  • FAQ
  • How to order
  • Subscription

Of course, not all blocks are used on one page. Which sections to include depends on factors such as the complexity and specificity of the product, the background knowledge about the company of the target audience. 

For example, if a visitor clicks on a contextual ad, they don't know anything about you. It will be important for him to learn about both the product and the company. And if regular readers go to the landing page from their Instagram profiles, it will be enough to tell only about the product. Now we will analyze the purpose of each block and tell you what to write in them.

Landing Page Header

The information in the header helps the reader understand where he is and increases the trust of the company. This is important if the visitor knows nothing about the company and visits the site after learning about it through advertising. 

In the header must be mentioned the name of the company, type of activity, and contacts (phone number, email, physical address).


The main task of the heading on the landing page is to attract the user's attention and motivate them to read on. The main task of the heading on the landing page is to attract the user's attention and motivate them to read on. How to achieve it?

  1. Give the product an understandable name. If you sell a course on copywriting, it is better to write a «course» rather than training or methodology. 
  2. Identify the target audience for whom the product will be useful. So a person immediately understands: this is for me.
  3. Highlight the main benefit for the client or the problem that he will solve with the help of the product. 

When writing the heading, don't stop at the first option. Test different attention-grabbing techniques. Write My Paper mentions in their blog that numbers make a sentence more specific and thus appealing to the reader. So it is better to write "50% discount" than just "discounts" or "low price".

The content of the landing page must correspond to the advertisement or announcement in the mailing list from which the user will go to the website. Then the purchase process will be clear to the user. Take this into account when writing the heading, and if you promise a five-day course in the announcement, write it on the landing page as well.


It may be difficult to formulate the text of the heading in one or two sentences. The subtitle will help to describe the details and benefit in more details and motivate the visitor to read further. 

For example, on the landing page of a course for copywriters, the heading names the product - "Copywriting course" and its key difference is "... with a high budget”. And the subtitle describes the details: "copy for business" and "get from $100 per article."

Call to Action

After reading the information on the landing page, the visitor should clearly understand what to do next: pay for the goods, download the price list, register for the webinar. A call to action helps with this.

The call to action is placed on the first screen and at the bottom of the landing page. On a long page, a call to action is placed every 3-4 blocks, so as not to make the reader return to the beginning or end.

The call to action should come from the sentence in the headline. If you write simply «order» or «buy», the person who views the page may not remember what was in the title. 

Product Description

A product description block is needed if the product is complex or new. For example, not everyone knows what a Service Desk is. For such a product, the "What is this" block would be appropriate. Writers of informative speech topics can provide you with all useful examples of the right product description.

Characteristics, Benefits, & Advantages

This block describes the characteristics of products, software, web services, and mobile applications. It is important to show what advantages or benefits they provide. If the person does not see the benefit, the offer will be of no value to him.

The landing page for online accounting has a description of both the opportunities and benefits. For example, the tax calendar will remind in advance which reports soon have to be submitted. 

Who Is It Useful For

The "Who is it useful for" block describes the audience of the product. The purpose of the block is that the visitors recognize themselves in one of the descriptions. For example, on the landing page of a writing course, there are portraits of potential participants.

What Will You Get In Result

When selling information products - training, consultations, practical lessons with a trainer - the “What will you get” block is important. It is difficult for a person to imagine the result of training or classes with a trainer, so you create it yourself on the page. 

So you’ve already told the visitor about the product and its advantages. For some people, this will be enough to make a decision. But most of them will most likely be looking for confirmation of your words. So in the following blocks, we will answer the question “Why should I believe you?”.

About Us or About The Company

The block about the company is added when you need to show the company’s experience and expertise. This is important for health centers, consulting companies, and people offering professional services. 

We have already mentioned that the specifics are more credible. Therefore, try not to write general phrases on the landing page - "market leader" or "professional team". Replace them with numbers and facts.


Customer reviews will help to give value to your arguments and diplomas. That is why feedbacks are one of the most important blocks on the page. 

Reviews Serve Several Purposes:

  • increase trust - if people use, then it's good;
  • remove objections - what if they won't help or they deceive me?;
  • convey people’s emotions.

But not all reviews are useful. Too general and enthusiastic phrases can frighten people away. To make the reader believe you, try to select reviews that speak about a particular product, characterize it from different angles. 

Getting detailed customer reviews is not easy. After the purchase, people return to their business and do not rush to waste time on a survey. And if they agree to give a review, they often write general phrases - great, I liked everything. To collect sales reviews, create a survey with simple but specific questions.

Portfolio or “Our projects”

Another way to provide evidence of expertise is to show the finished work. The portfolio is important for design studios, copywriters, and other businesses where they buy skills or where they work individually.

Product Price or Service Cost

In this block, they name the price and give incentives for buying - bonuses, discounts, time limits. If the price is low and you sell impulse goods, it makes sense to encourage the customer to buy. To do this, use a time limit, countdown counters, discounts, and bonuses to purchase.

A high price you should divide into parts, form packages of functions or services, show completeness, show the completeness. 

How to Order

The block "How to order" shows what will happen after filling out the application on the site. This is usually three to four steps. It is important not to be confined to general phrases: order-pay-get, but describe the purchase process in your company. 


This block answers the visitor's question "What if?". How do I return an item if it doesn't fit? Can I order a custom product? Can the item differ from the picture on the site? By answering these questions, you will be able to dispel the doubts of interested readers and weed out those whom the product does not suit.


The mailing list form is usually placed in the footer or shown when a visitor wants to leave the page. So you can keep visitors who aren’t ready to buy. It is important not just to invite you to subscribe, but to explain the value of mailing or offer lead-magnet. 

On a landing page, text and design are equally important. Design helps convey emotion, and text provides information for decision-making. In order for the reader to make a choice based on the information, it must be specific and understandable to the client. 

The landing page where the whole text is good

Finally, an example of a selling lending text where each paragraph is written for people:

  • the tone of the text is calm, businesslike;
  • has a detailed course program;
  • an interesting step with a resume - what skills you can add after the course.