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15 Styles of a Company Website Landing Page

Holds a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco and works as a freelance assignment writer for online assignment help and dissertation help.

Posted 1 year ago on October 3rd, 2020. Last modified on July 17th, 2021

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Landing pages are an integral part of a marketing strategy and help to move people through all the stages of the buyer’s journey. Nearly all successful landing pages have some key elements in common, such as a strong hero shot, a focused call-to-action, a clear value proposition, testimonials, and an emphasis on the benefits of products or services rather than just their features. 

The best landing pages are well planned, designed, and executed.

Here are some elements companies have used to create successful landing pages that convert well. 

Choose a Strong Hero Shot

The best landing pages have a strong hero shot. This is a visual representation of an offer and helps people to gain a better understanding of what it looks like. The idea of the hero shot is to get customers to envision using the product. 

A hero shot can showcase products, like the elegant, stylish design of a luxury watch on this Hublot's landing page.

Screenshot from hublot.com

Without having a read a word, you understand the brand. Aligning the text and an illustration can give a hero image more power to convert visitors.

Without that connection between the two, there can be confusion. 

Use Videos to Illustrate Product Use

If it is more important to illustrate the use of the product rather than what it looks like, a video is the best way to do this. Promo has plenty of videos on its landing page. It shows videos that work best on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and offers people the chance to customize them and use them for their own marketing purposes. People can also view many inspirational videos and learn how to use the product effectively. 

Blinkist’s landing page shows photos but also offers the opportunity to view a 30-second video explainer that gives an insight into the value of the product. 

Give a Clear Call-To-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) can be a standalone button or a lead generation form. It is critical to conversions as it is what people will interact with on a landing page. Its design, where it is placed, and what it says is all-important. 

Color is often used to make a CTA stand out. The landing page getting visitors to register for a Zoho Motivator webinar has a yellow call-to-action button that contrasts with the rest of the page.

Unbounce uses bold orange boxes for calls-to-action on landing pages. 

As mentioned in a professional writer service, to make a CTA more actionable, persuasive copy that creates a sense of urgency often works well. One of the worst things to write on a button is “submit: as it does not describe what happens when visitors click on it. 

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Given how little time companies have to capture attention, the headline on a landing page is always carefully crafted. 

Lyft has a benefit-oriented headline with its landing page for people interested in becoming a driver. It states, “Makeup to $35 an hour driving your own car”. 

Microsoft clearly states the benefit of Office 385 in its headline “Improve your team’s mobile productivity with Office 385.”

Melbourne-based web design, PIT Designs AU, has an attention-grabbing headline, that reads "We believe in the impact of a great design."

Screenshot from pitdesigns.com.au

Convey the Value Proposition Clearly

Muzzle is a mac app used to silence on-screen notifications. Its minimal landing page is not only funny but compellingly conveys the usefulness of the app without any lengthy text.

Visitors are greeted with a rapid-fire of embarrassing notifications at the top left of the screen to straightforwardly convey the very problem that the app solves. 

Present Complex Products in an Uncomplicated Way

Insurance is often a difficult product to market. Simply Business takes its name seriously in that it is committed to keeping things simple.

Rather than overwhelming visitors with complex information, they manage to keep the tone light on their landing page and only introduce people to what they need to know when they need to know it. 

Point Out Benefits Rather Than Features 

Custom essay service mention that the best landing pages find a good balance between introducing visitors to the benefits of products or services without overwhelming them with all the features. 

Slack is a great example of how to use a time-savings selling point when offering handy tools and features to streamline team-based communication. Much of the message focuses on how the product increases transparency and productivity. ‘

WordStream also uses this principle, always showing how prospective customers how the software can help them. 

Describe Benefits Succinctly 

When pointing out the benefit of products, companies do it best when they do not give so much detail that the landing page is full of text. A one-paragraph summary and three to five bullet points can make the benefits quite clear. Removing unnecessary verbiage is important. 

EdX’s tip for high conversions is to make your benefits crystal clear in a simple way. On the landing pages for their online courses, it is easy for people to understand what they will learn in a few bullet points rather than getting bogged down in the details of the courses. They did some testing and found that shorter copy worked better than long copy. 

Keep Written & Visual Cues Consistent 

Human beings are fickle, easily distracted, and get confused. For this reason, marketers have to hold their hands and guide them along through every step of the purchase process. The best landing pages have written and visual cues throughout a campaign and what the company asks for has to match the value of the incentive offered. 

Later consistently maintained what is called “conversion scent” in an effective lead generation campaign. 

Focus on Simple Design 

A landing page from The Listings Lab may look simple but the simplicity should not fool you. The design means that visitors do not have to scroll to understand the offer and why it is valuable. Information is clearly condensed and yet does not give a crowded feel.

The copy focuses on the key pain points for realtors, like poor leads, cold calling, and long hours. It then presents them with a solution – read the guide, make more money, and get your life back. 

Build Custom Experiences for Mobile Visitors

Mobile consumers are often the majority of visitors to a website and good landing pages must be designed for this and offer the best possible experience for mobile visitors. 

Twillery, a company in the clothing industry, includes videos and GIFS on its landing page to increase conversions. On mobile, viewers get a stripped-down version that loads very quickly and still contains all the visual appeal of the desktop version. 

Present the Right Offer to The Right Person at The Right Time

A landing page from MyTutor shows how marketers can connect with an audience at a significant time in their lives during which the offer is especially meaningful. The page was designed to encourage students who had not achieved good grades to get back on track with a tutor to support their needs. 

A landing page for Investing Shortcuts highlights the rise in the value of Bitcoin and urges visitors to get in while the goings good. The page is not that attractive but it builds on readers’ interest in the subject matter and clearly communicates exactly why the guide is valuable. 

Remove All Obstacles Between Visitors & Conversion

Webflow, a design tool for web developers, has a landing page with plenty of information packed into a GIF and three form fields. The sign-up form is on a single line and filling out each box from left to right shows users how close they are to clicking the fourth blue button upon which they can get started for free.

Use Company Logos as Social Proof

Social proof is very persuasive and all the best landing pages include it. Social proof is basically evidence that other people have read/bought/consumed or participated in what a company is offering. The concept is that others are more likely to convert when they see that others have benefited. 

Company logos show social proof to let visitors know that a company is trusted by leading brands. Optimizely offers many company logos with the line “thousands of companies trust Optimizely to power their experimentation.” 

Offer Testimonials as Social Proof

Testimonials are another commonly used form of social proof. Basecamp offers social proof on their home page with short, pithy testimonials above their main headline. 

Promo has a section at the bottom of their landing page called “What our customers think” in white on a bright background that shows customer testimonials.

A Final Word

The above tips and examples show just how many ways there are to make a landing page more effective. Simplicity in design, a great hero shot, compelling headlines, an eye-catching call-to-action, and plenty of social proof are just some of the elements used on landing pages that offer the most conversions.

It is always good to experiment with landing pages and use A/B testing to see what kind of CTAs, headlines, and other elements work best.  

About the Author: Alice Jones has a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco and works as a freelance assignment writer for online assignment help and dissertation help. She chose academic writing over any other career because of her deep interest and professional training courses in this field of work. She’s currently writing a book on volunteering opportunities for students. You can find her on Twitter.

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