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Seven Key Benefits of Doing SEO Automation for Your Website

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Posted 2 months ago on December 8th, 2022. Last modified on December 28th, 2022

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SEO automation is the process of automating several research-based and repetitive tasks in SEO. 

While 70% of companies already use marketing automation, it caters to plentiful perks for your business. 

SEO automation doesn’t just accelerate your SEO efforts but also helps strategize better. 

Now, SEO processes bring you three main responsibilities that include: 

  • The strategizing and relation-building part;
  • The research part and performance tracking part;
  • The execution part; 

Here, SEO automation brings a plethora of applications for the research and execution part. 

Here are the Seven Key Benefits of Doing SEO Automation:

Stay Informed About Your Site Health

How often do you conduct audits to check your site’s health? Or do you manually check crucial factors like site speed, broken links, crawling efficiency, etc.? 

A majority of site owners would not care to do this process more than once a month. 

And maybe manually checking each of these site health factors would just eat into your strategizing time. 

Instead, an SEO automation tool can make the process simpler for you. 

The tool can regularly keep track of your site’s speed on both mobile and desktop versions. It also alerts you if there is a significant drop in the speed so that you can fix it. 

It checks your site’s crawlability and alerts in the case of any crawlability error. These can be owing to broken links, non-optimized pages, Robots.txt files, etc. 

You can also know if there are missing alt texts, not-optimized images, the sitemap isn’t updated, etc.

Thus, you don’t have to check these factors weekly or monthly manually. And you can be assured of your site’s health unless you receive an alert that needs your attention. 

For example, Take a look at this screenshot from SEMrush that shows the health of a website using site audit.

Monitor Your Site’s SEO Performance

As aforementioned, automation contributes immensely to SEO-related research processes. 

So, now when you wish to regularly track your SEO performance, automation can help. 

These tools consolidate your site’s SEO performance data and analytics for you. 

You can look at your site’s domain authority, which is the closest metric equivalent to PageRank. 

Moreover, you have data like your daily site traffic, real-time site traffic, etc. You can also check the real-time user metrics and track user sessions.

Further, SEO tools source crucial SEO data like:

  • Top-performing keywords and top-performing pages;
  • Any penalty from Google;
  • Bounce rate and page session information;
  • The number of backlinks and the referring domain links, etc. 

This data & analytics will reveal the loopholes in your SEO strategy or highlight its strength. So, you can incorporate changes or optimize your SEO strategy. 

SEO automation tools ensure that they offer consolidated information. This helps you speed up the analyzing process and make informed changes in your SEO. 

Automate Redundant SEO Operations

The core perk of automation is that it can manage redundant processes with high accuracy. SEO automation is no different, and you can automate redundant SEO operations prudently.

Suppose you wish to establish a distinguished local search presence for your restaurant. In this case, you need to invest plentiful efforts in local SEO. 

Here, a part of your SEO will include local directory submissions and local business listings. 

These tasks can take plentiful of your time and effort. You might have to allocate a resource dedicatedly towards these off-page SEO efforts. 

Here SEO automation can be a savior. You can employ an SEO automation tool to take care of such submissions and business listings. 

Though, you need to ensure that you feed the right data to these tools. 

Another task can be optimizing the images across your site, adding alt tags to images, etc. 

SEO automation can handle several types of redundant SEO-related tasks for you. And now you can leverage your team and resources for the strategizing part.  

Source Powerful SEO Data in Real-time

How do you keep track of your real-time SEO data? 

So, if you have hundreds of pages and multiple keywords for each of those pages, how will you check your rankings? 

Maybe, it is prudent to set up SEO automation for the same. 

Your rankings keep on fluctuating in the SERPs. And, manually checking rankings for big websites with thousands of keywords isn’t feasible. 

For example, Take a look at this fluctuations in rankings.

So, by employing automation, you can track your site rankings in real-time. You can further analyze this data to scrutinize your strategy and maybe tweak it a little. 

SEO automation can source your crucial data like: 

New Backlinks Information:

You can receive real-time alerts when you receive an inbound link on your site. 

Here you can also check if the inbound link comes from a spammy site. If that is the case, you can disallow it to avoid any Google penalty. 

  • New Listings or Submissions

You can receive alerts when a site accepts your directory submission request or business review. You can now add more information to these platforms. 

And you can encourage users to rate your business on this platform. This grows your business popularity and reputation. 

  • New Brand Mentions

You are notified whenever you receive a brand mention online or on social media. This helps you check the sentiment of this brand mention. 

If the sentiment is positive, you can also ask for a backlink from that site. Or, if it reflects a negative sentiment, you can request to remove it or fade it with positive mentions. 

Scale Your Efforts without Increasing SEO Investments

“As you scale your site, you might need to scale your SEO efforts too. And that demands hiring new SEO resources for your team,” says Neil Rollins, Operations Manager of Haitna SEO Consulting.

But, SEO automation tools can take care of some of your SEO tasks. 

There can be repetitive tasks like social media postings, business directory submissions, etc.

And, as you scale, you have to invest resources in tasks like performance tracking and audits.  

So, SEO automation tools can manage and accelerate these processes for you. It will save your employees from burnout and save you from extra team scaling costs.  

Use Automation as an Aid in Your Research Process 

Online competition is embracing new peaks every week. And you need SEO automation tools to assist you with your SEO research. 

Using these tools to track your site’s performance can also assist you with market research. 

You can leverage SEO automation to find your online competitors. And you can also analyze their SEO strategy. 

Automation tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs offer advanced competitor analysis capabilities. 

  • You can check which keywords are sourcing traffic for your online competitors;
  • You can scrutinize the referring domains for your competitors
  • You might also want to check which pages are performing for them 

Moreover, you can utilize SEO automation tools for comprehensive market research like: 

  • Researching the most relevant keywords along with their search volume, competition, etc.
  • You can find the content that ranks for these keywords.

Other essential insights include - content that earns high shareability, top SEO trends, etc.

Stay Adept with the Latest SEO Trends

If you are constantly following SEO, you will be aware of the evolving SEO trends. 

We recently learned about Google’s Page Experience Update. And voice search has already made it to the mainstream.

What’s more, is that Google keeps pushing new algorithm updates. 

An SEO automation tool will keep you aware of these trends and updates in the SEO world.

With this real-time information, you shape and polish your SEO strategies smartly.  

Key Takeaways 

The above perks rightly define the potential of SEO automation for your business. So, if you are planning to leverage SEO automation, here are some key takeaways:

  • Employ comprehensive SEO automation tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, etc. 
  • Use SEO automation for tracking your site’s health and SEO performance
  • Automate simple and repetitive SEO tasks to save on resource cost and time
  • Use automation for market research, competitor research, and finding the latest SEO trends
  • Set up alerts to track new inbound links, brand mentions, and business reputation, etc.