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How To Make Social Media Videos For Fashion Brands

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Posted 4 months ago on August 10th, 2022.

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The Ultimate Guide To Make Social Media Videos For Fashion Brands

Video content, especially for social media, has become a crucial part of the future of digital marketing, and statistics are enough to highlight this. For instance, a study revealed that 87% of marketers are now incorporating videos into their digital marketing strategy. 

Another 93% of digital marketers say that leveraging video content for brand promotion has helped them acquire great returns on investment. 

Aside from the above statistics, it has been noticed that 86% of businesses already leverage social media videos as their marketing tool. Hence, it would be unwise not to make social media videos, especially if we are in the business of fashion. 

In order to make social media videos for a fashion brand, let us look at some tips and tricks.  

Plan Your Fashion Campaign 

For fashion brands, brand promotion is about making the brand name recognizable to the target audience. The idea is to create brand awareness and drive sales by prompting probable buyers to make a purchase. 

In order to achieve the target, we will need a foolproof, effective, result-driven social media video-making strategy. Posting occasional videos of the clothing products on social media with some catchy call to action would not be enough. 

We are talking about consistently posting social media videos across all platforms for constant brand promotion. Here are a few steps to help us build a robust and effective social media campaign.

Our first step in making social media videos should be a brainstorming session for video ideas. To generate plenty of video ideas quickly, we suggest following the below hacks: 

Check The Top Blog Posts

Let us try and illustrate this better by taking a fashion blog as an example. If we are in the business of writing blogs, it is not uncommon to have a bucket full of content ideas already. The posts that connect the most with the blog audience are most likely the best content for our social media videos. We can track the top posts of our brand using Google Analytics. 

Explore The Popular Fashion Videos From Similar Brands

What can be more helpful than social media to make social media videos, right? We suggest exploring social media to find out the hot-trend topics related to fashion on social media. With Facebook Pages To Watch, we can quickly explore and check the top blog posts or video content from the competitor brand pages. On the other hand, to determine the top tweets by any competitor brand's Twitter account, tools like Social Bearing will come in handy.

How To Make Social Media Videos For Fashion Brands

The Next Thing Is Planning! 

Brainstormed the idea already? In the next step, we need to pick one of the content ideas and start planning for it. The two popular ways of planning a video are either creating a storyboard or writing a script. 

When it is a promotional video for a fashion brand, the content must be catchy and appealing; planning is really the key here. It helps immensely to visualise the shots, the flow of content, the edit effects and the graphics well in advance. A storyboard, a form of visual/illustrated script used frequently in ad film shoots, is a case in point. Besides helping us imagine the story flow like a script does, a storyboard also offers a glimpse into the visualisation of the shots, their framing and overall, post-production treatment. 

Facebook shares some valuable tips for creating effective social media videos:

Captivate Attention Early

As we all know, videos autoplay on almost every social media site. Using the first few seconds of the video to captivate the viewer’s attention, we can stop them from skipping to the next video or content on the feed. When you edit Facebook video then Facebook advises starting with the most engaging elements, like the brand’s identity and message presented in a catchy form. 

Keep The Brand Message Simple

One constant question we must ask ourselves as video creators is - which is the most valuable message we can deliver through this video? With viewers spoilt for content choices and their attention spans shrinking, complicated content is a no-go. Hence, it is necessary to keep the messaging simple!

Sound Off Mobile Videos

Facebook data reveals that most people watch Facebook videos on their smartphones, at various locations like public transport, at work, at home, etc. Most importantly, most viewers prefer watching social media content on mute. Hence, we recommend making mobile-friendly videos that can be enjoyed and consumed without sound. 

Go For Recording, Followed By Editing!

Thanks to technological advancements and massive shifts in viewing patterns over the years, we are no longer restricted by considerations like budget or shooting gadgets to make good-looking videos. Creating high-quality, engaging, and meaningful videos for a fashion brand can be as easy and exciting as a piece of cake. 

Use Smartphone

While high-end shooting equipment will help a lot, it is not necessary. One of the most effective video-making tools of all time is right in our pockets - the smartphone! 

Today, almost every decent quality smartphone offers a camera resolution that would be enough to record high audio and visual quality social media videos. For startup brands, using the smartphone is a cost-effective option

However, if we have a decent-enough budget for production, the possibilities are endless. When creating content for social media, however, it is essential to ensure that we are not going overboard and ending up with an overproduced product. Such content with little personal appeal has rarely clicked with the social audience, who would prefer relatability to flashiness at any time.


Once we finish recording the video clips, it's time to put them together in the correct order. While editing videos used to be a tedious process in the past, in today's rapidly digitising world, it is about using the right video editor online tool. For quick results, we can leverage one of the best online video editing tools to enhance the video and amplify its appeal. 

Final Thoughts 

Video marketing has become a significant part of the fashion industry for marketing various products. If done right, it can help fashion brands significantly boost their engagement rate.