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18 Awesome Social Media Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Campaigns

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Posted 1 year ago on October 30th, 2021.

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Coming up with new social media marketing ideas is considered the most difficult aspect of maintaining your company's social media campaigns.

Your audience expects great material from your company, but coming up with new and interesting social media content on a regular basis can be difficult.

Fortunately, we're here to assist you!

We've compiled a comprehensive list of our top social media marketing ideas that you can utilise all year to engage your fans and followers.

Below you will find the best marketing ideas that will significantly boost your social media campaigns:

1.  Make use of Videos

Social media is exploding with video! It's become the go-to technique for increasing audience engagement. Video is also preferred above other mediums to convey any medium.

However, using video is more complicated than simply filming and publishing. You must plan your material and be innovative. Furthermore, you can hire any professional explainer video production studio to create amazing videos for your social media campaigns.

We suggest that you create a storyboard for your ideas. As a result, your film will be well-structured and powerful.

The beauty of video is that it can be used to express anything. It may seem awkward at first when you get your feet wet, but with more practise and expertise, you'll be able to generate more footage on a regular basis.

2.  Tag people

Social posts that include a tag for a buddy are quite successful! They appeal to a basic human need to be seen as a responsible member of society.

Make your tag a friend posts even more powerful by including an incentive. If you own an ice cream shop, for example, you might hold a contest in which you choose two lucky friends who would each receive a free ice cream sundae.

3.  Use Sale, Discounts and Coupons

On social media, discounts, promotions, and bargains will always draw an audience. Making sure your offers are truly beneficial is the key to running good deals. If you don't, you'll get very few, if any, followers.


When creating your discount offer, consider going a step further and directing people to a sales page. Create a user route that leads to income rather than merely publicising the discount offer.

If you want to employ this Instagram social media concept but don't want to spend money on advertisements, put a URL in your bio that drives followers to your buy page.

4.  Start a contest

Contests, like discounts and coupons, may attract a large number of people if they are well-planned. There are a lot of good reasons to hold contests, but one of the most important is to expand your audience.

Make sure you know how you'll track your progress while you're planning yours. Sure, comparing follower growth before and after the contest is simple, but consider going a step further with your study.

Perform a spot check to determine if any of your new followers have any similarities.

Send a thank you message to each of your new followers. Furthermore, offer them a discount on a related product if you want to do something unique and earn income.

5.  Collaborate with a Brand

Collaboration is an excellent method for non-competing companies to work together and develop. If you can create a compelling offer for the audience you're being exposed to, partnering with an is also a good idea. You'll be able to catch attention, retain it, and have a powerful pay-off this way.

6.  Use lot of Emojis

Including emoticons in your social media postings is a wonderful way to engage your audience while also having some fun.

If you're going to use emojis in your social media posts or answers, make sure they're relevant and that you know what they signify.

Though including a few emoticons in your article might make it stand out, don't be scared to be a bit more imaginative.

7.  Start a poll for your Audience

Polls are a simple and effective method to engage your audience and learn more about them.

In a matter of minutes, you can launch a poll on Facebook or Twitter to begin engaging your audience.

This may be a wonderful method to learn more about their preferences so you can improve their online experience by adjusting your strategy.

8.  Facebook or Instagram Live

One of the most engaging types of material you can utilise on social media is live video.

According to Sprout Social, consumers spend up to three times as much time viewing Facebook Live videos than they do watching previously recorded films.

Take advantage of this by “going live” on Facebook and Instagram.

You may perform a live product presentation, a Q&A session, or just vlog.

Live video's real-time interactivity makes the experience more interesting for your viewers.

You'll be able to answer their questions and reply to their remarks on the spot, which will help you establish a more personal relationship with your followers.

9.  Utilize the “Reactions” on Facebook

The response button is one of Facebook's most entertaining features. Users may use one of five distinct reply emojis to respond to Facebook postings using this function.

Users may now pick between “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry” instead of merely “liking” a post.

Though these buttons are most commonly used to respond to material from friends and family, companies may also use them to engage their followers and measure interest or sentiments about a certain issue.

The reactions of "like," "love," and "wow" tell the brand that viewers appreciated the material and found it engaging.

If you're receiving a lot of furious responses, it's time to rethink your social media content approach.

10. Add Behind the Scenes videos or photos

Posting behind-the-scenes images and videos from your company is one of the most personal social media marketing ideas.

This shows your audience that your firm is made up of a team of individuals that are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services, which helps you develop better relationships with customers and leads.

11. Create more User-Generated content

Sharing user-generated material is a fantastic method to provide your fans and followers a new viewpoint on your business while also strengthening your customer and lead connections.

Consumers frequently trust material from ordinary people more than content from companies. Often such content beats the content created by even the best video production companies.

According to AdWeek, 76 percent of those polled indicated they trust the ordinary person more, and nearly 100 percent of customers believe other consumer suggestions.

User-generated content is a wonderful social media marketing strategy since it shows followers that you aren't the only one who thinks your business is fantastic.

12. Use Third Party Content

There is no regulation on social media that prohibits you from sharing material from other sources.

You don't want to share material with your rivals, of course.

Sharing relevant and fascinating articles and material from third-party sources, on the other hand, helps you to give even more value to your fans and followers while proving that your organisation is current on industry news and trends.

13. Benefit from Trending Topics

Keep an eye on what's popular on social media if you're searching for social media marketing ideas that can help you gain visibility.

Twitter and Facebook, for example, make it simple to see what's trending on their platforms by including a list of current topics in the sidebar.

Before you embark on the newest craze, be mindful of certain aspects. To begin, make sure you know what the trend is and why people are adopting a certain hashtag. Then, double-check that it's related to your product, or service. If you have anything worthwhile to contribute to the debate, you may use the topic's popularity to reach a new audience for your material.

And, while we're on the subject of hashtags, you should be cautious while utilising them on Instagram.

Instagram users may use up to 30 hashtags in a single post, but they don't have to be used all at once.

14. Create Native Ads

People are frequently desensitised to advertisements. It occurs all the time. However, people are more likely to gravitate to great and interesting content, which is why native advertisements perform so effectively.

The strategies mentioned below should help you in creating unique ads:

  • Determine what you want your viewers to do after seeing your advertisement.
  • Always make your followers' engagement worthwhile.
  • Personalize your ad to make it more appealing to your target audience.
  • Write in a conversational tone, not as if you were trying to sell anything.
  • Try to create a connection between the offer and your brand by using your brand name.
  • To make your message easy to follow and grasp, keep it basic and straightforward.
  • Make use of easy to understand calls to action.

15. “Ask me Anything” Sessions

Another fantastic approach to show a more personal aspect of your company is to host an AMA (ask me anything) session. Your host should ideally be someone who has the time, expertise, and experience to respond to inquiries in their industry.

Is it possible to link an AMA to a return on investment?

Most people would say no or that it's a stretch. However, if you're feeling very inventive, you might include a special deal as part of the AMA event. Most social media sites let you pin postings to the top of your feed, which is a fantastic way to keep the offer front and centre while the AMA progresses.

16. Keep the Customers in Spotlight

On social media, customer gratitude goes a long way. It's the sort of thing that makes brands more enticing to potential customers.

Here are a few suggestions for incorporating client gratitude into your campaign:

  • Make it a top priority. Make a paper that includes all of your fantastic customer anecdotes.
  • Make a timetable for your postings. You should publish your posts in a timely manner and to have a few in the works at all times.
  • Your messages should have a call to action. Don't simply say thank you; make your brand available and ready to assist prospects like the one you just thanked.

17. Take Interviews

There's a reason why people follow your brand. There's a high possibility they've formed a fondness for your product. There's also a high possibility they're interested in more than simply purchasing your goods and services.

What are your plans for this? Organize an interview.

Interviews allow you to delve further into parts of the difficulties that your potential clients (and audience) face as they progress through the buyer's journey. Make sure you choose the proper individual to interview when you offer these difficulties.

Look for a combination of experience and recognition. This will help you generate a crowd as well as provide an interview full with helpful tidbits for your viewers.

You'll be able to determine how beneficial this sort of content is for your brand once you've held your interview. Interviews may also be repurposed by posting them as videos on all of your social media channels.

18. Repurposing Content

Creating excellent content does not always necessitate reinventing the wheel.

There are numerous ways in which you can benefit by repurposing your content.

This entails more than just sharing links to your content on social media.

By repurposing your content in different formats you can target a wide variety of audiences.

19. Brand and Product Milestone Sharing

Milestones in the development of a brand or a product should be commemorated. However, make them relevant to your audience in order to pique their attention and create an effect.

When basketball legend Dwyane Wade announced his retirement, Budweiser took advantage of the occasion to produce an emotional film. Wade made it a point to trade jerseys with NBA icons during his last season.

Budweiser adopted the notion to pay tribute to Wade's contributions off the court. They gathered folks Wade had assisted in overcoming difficulties. Each individual brought a gesture of appreciation.


We hope that these suggestions may inspire you to think beyond the box. Set the proper goals and measurements when creating a social media campaign to guarantee that the campaign's success is accurately assessed.

About the Author: Pavnendra Bhadauriya is the founder of Essence Studios, one of India's top 2d explainer video companies. He is also an experienced digital marketer. When not taking care of business Pavnendra likes to share his knowledge through blogs. Apart from being a businessman he also loves travelling and playing cricket.