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How to Increase Shopify Store Sales with a Mobile App?

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Posted 5 months ago on October 27th, 2022.

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Can you name an eCommerce platform? Whenever I happen to ask such a question, two names are most commonly found - Magento and Shopify. Now both platforms are of a kind and both of them have the potential to turn any business venture into a multi-billion dollar space. Yes, I am not kidding, a strong online presence created using Shopify can turn your business into an internet celebrity overnight.

To be honest, this process cannot be explained using words until and unless you get to experience it on your own. The real pleasure of developing an eCommerce store can be felt when you actually jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, in the eCommerce realm, there are several nuances that nobody talks about and adapting the latest or most popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or the market trends is one of them. The following post simply focuses on how to increase Shopify store sales using a mobile application.

Firstly, Why your online store must opt for a Shopify Mobile Application

Since we all know that Shopify is one of the most prominent platforms to develop an ecommerce website where businesses can sell products without any hassle then why do we need a mobile app for it? I mean what’s the point in having one when you already have a Shopify website? Well, with the significant rise in the development of mobile apps, you need to understand what mobile apps mean to businesses in the present times.

According to different research, it has been proven that shoppers tend to prefer brands that offer a more personalized shopping experience and not the other way around. Gone are the days when businesses considered that mobile apps were just for large enterprises. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Whether you choose developing a mobile app or a mobile website, both of them offer specific benefits and advantages. In fact, people are more trending toward mobile apps instead of websites. Now on that note, developing a Shopify mobile app featuring push notifications, personalized user experience, GEO-fencing, advanced analytics and reporting facilities can certainly make a difference. 

Further, I would like to mention certain reasons emphasizing on why exactly you need a Shopify mobile app.

#1 Developing just a website has become pretty outdated these days! Of course, there is no harm in having one but you see people these days are looking for convenient ways to shop and pay within an estimated time and ease. Not to mention, people’s way of searching and ordering things has changed.

#2 Another crucial reason for considering Shopify is increased sales and conversions at a fanatic pace. All you need is a fast and seamless checkout process, reduce cart abandonment, and push them to complete their left-over transactions.

#3 Since you can offer a more personalized and customized shopping experience, the chances of customer retention have increased to a great extent. Right from sending push notifications to Geo-fencing campaigns, to conducting analytics through advanced analytics and reporting, etc.

On and all, a mobile app is needed to keep you in contact with your end users. Also, you get a wider reach as you can ask your end users to link to their respective social media accounts. And above all, you get to establish a brand within a short span of time, with less money and energy.

Further, I would like to purely focus on how to enhance Shopify Store sales by using a mobile app.

How to Increase Shopify Store Sales by Using a Mobile App?

Now being a Shopify store manager, one must ensure that each and every product is sold and that too quickly. So for starters, you can have your Shopify store but after a while, you will require to maximize the potential of your online store. Now it's time to leverage a mobile app to boost Shopify sales.

1 Customer Personalization

One of the crucial advantages of leveraging a mobile app to boost Shopify sales is that increased customer personalization. After having a mobile app, businesses can have a better idea of what their user wants or what they want to buy, their relevant preferences and so forth. In addition to this, what you can do is offer specific discounts that would compel them to buy your product. In short, mobile commerce is the only way forward!

2 Reduced Cart Abandonment

Another crucial way of increasing Shopify sales is by reducing cart abandonment. Now for that, you need to know what are the major reasons for cart abandonment. Well, right from unexpected pricing to complicated checkout procedures, slow page loading speed, Coupons or discounts are not working, no seamless payment procedures and whatnot! Well, all these challenges can be well taken care of when using the app. Taking care of each one of them can reduce cart abandonment and increase revenue.

3 Payment Flexibility

The next way to enhance your Shopify Store sales is by offering a maximum amount of payment flexibility. It has been observed that people tend to choose those eCommerce stores which provide flexible payment options and this certainly leads to an increase in sales. Now when you have an app, offering multiple payment options becomes much easy. So here gaining traction and sales is pretty much more inevitable than otherwise.

4 Loyalty Programs

Another interesting way to keep your end customers indulged is by offering amazing loyalty programs. When you offer some kind of a loyalty program or something for them to spend more money and increase their shopping frequency, the sales of your Shopify store are going to increase. No debate about it! Now there is no point in offering a customer loyalty program without a mobile app. I mean though you can do this by using your website but on and all, offering loyalty programs via mobile apps can be a next-level thing. Chances are pretty high for your customers to visit your website on a daily basis. Since people are quite obsessed with their phones, you never know your app can be just a single click away. In addition, try developing a loyalty program that is fully customized.

5 Seamless Checkout

Last but certainly not least is by offering a speedy, fully customized and seamless checkout process. So what exactly your customer is supposed to do here is, look around for a product, add it to your cart, navigate it well, offer relevant contact details, offer relevant billing information, shipping information and that’s it! Of course, it might be a lot to take in at the beginning but you see it’s a one-time process. After that, you just have to add the product to the cart and simply check out since everything else is already mentioned.

In a Nutshell

A mobile app overall offers lots and lots of opportunities in regards to driving sales in comparison to websites. So what are you waiting for? Time to grab the chance of creating an intimidating mobile commerce app that drives sales in a short span of time.