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5 Easiest Ways to Create Your Ecommerce Website

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Posted 9 months ago on February 24th, 2021. Last modified on August 25th, 2021

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You can make an ecommerce website for a brick or a packet of tablets. But what is important is how you build a website for your ecommerce business. In this era of competition where people are highly competitive, it is difficult to survive without having a website.

When everybody is applying the trend of online shopping and online business, you need to have an ecommerce website for your business.

People are now getting smart and, they prefer to shop online and save their precious time. It is rare when you see people going to shop and buying something by hand.  They choose to look at things online and then place an order to receive them at home. So, when most people are practicing online shopping, you need to have an online presence. And this is not possible until and unless you have a website for your ecommerce business. 

eCommerce Website Development in Melbourne

The success of any ecommerce business starts and ends with the website and how you run it. It is a daunting task to make an ecommerce website and to make your internet presence strong. If your site grows, you get the chance to upgrade your business plan. For example, if you are making Amitriptilina per ildolore  (Amitriptyline for pain), you can expand it to the business level. And when extended on a business plan, you can start your medicine site to sell them worldwide.

There are some steps to follow for making an ecommerce website and, they include

1. Make an account on Wix

For creating a website, you need is to make an account with Wix. It is one of the biggest online platforms for online business. And it gives you an authentic and perfect place to present yourself to millions of people at one time.

Making an account on Wix is a work of 10 seconds. Follow the process stepwise and provide your email for making an account on Wix. As soon as you provide an email and password for Wix, you can start it right away. But this free service is limited to ecommerce capabilities. It does not give all the facilities without subscribing to the premium account. When you sign for a premium account, you get to use all the ecommerce capabilities.

Navigate to premium subscriptions and then make sure to choose the ecommerce and business option. When you select this option you get the chance to sell your products, accept online payments, and increase your storage. It provides you unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for at least one year.

2. Decide how you want to create your website

There are two different ways by which you can start your website. When you sign in with Wix, you get to use it with Wix Editor or Wix ADI. When you use Wix with ADI, you have to answer all the questions related to your ecommerce site. And when you will answer the question, the platform will design it according to your answer and within minutes through artificial intelligence. When you use Wix ADI, you still get the chance to make changes by using the editor option. And it is a faster option as compared to the editor.

When you use Wix with the editor, you have to make a template of your own, to give yourself a personal preference. It is an easy but time-consuming option. It takes more time than Wix ADI, but give you all the customer satisfaction you expect from this tool.

3. Connect Your Domain

When you complete all of your steps of making a website, connect it with the domain. You cannot publish your website ecommerce website until and unless you connect it with your domain. You can do it by navigating on the setting option. Make your way to the menu and select the setting option. And after selecting the setting, choose the domain option to connect your website with it. You will get to see two options in front of you. One will be connecting to the domain, and the other will be buying a new domain. Go for connection, and this purpose register yourself with the best domain present.

If you have no idea how to get connected to the domain, you can read a guideline for it, and it will help you in performing the task with more proficiency.

4. Set up Your Ecommerce Site

The next step after domain connection is to make your site functional. To make your website, you have to add the following things to it.


Products are the representation of your business, and they give value to your ecommerce website. You can do it by navigating it to tore products and add new products by clicking on the option ‘ New product.  Add new things to your collection and set their price so that people can see the price of the product when they come across the product images. It adds credibility to your ecommerce website, and to make it more valuable, you can also add videos to your page.


People do not rely on product images, they have to get shop for them and get them at home. For this purpose, you have to add a shipping service to your ecommerce website. Allow the clients to make purchases and then ship them to them at their address. Add a shipping option, and you can also give flexible shipping rates to attract customers to your page. To expand your business, you can allow shipping worldwide and to all the areas within the country.

Payment Method

Before you receive payments, you have to set up a method of receiving payments. When you have Wix, you can use the integrated payment processing system to enhance your payment method. You can give your customers a chance to accept all kinds of credit card payments, MasterCard payments, and through Maestro.

5. Publish Your Ecommerce Website

To publish your ecommerce website is a big moment. And is a must step to do if you want people to recognize your ecommerce business. You first have to pay for it to get published by Wix. First, pay the required amount and then click the publish button. It is present in the top right corner. But before clicking it, make sure to review all images and content.

About the Author: Arslan has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to post blogs with valuable content.

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