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How to Boost Your Brand Engagement with Instagram Reels

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Posted 6 months ago on April 13th, 2022. Last modified on May 20th, 2022

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Instagram has made major inroads into social media marketing in the last few years. Now, they’re bringing something more to the table. Instagram Reels.

It would be a mistake to dismiss Instagram Reels as time-wasters and TikTok wannabes because these are exactly the reasons you need to use them. These 15 to 30-second video clips roll through Instagram feeds, using catchy audio and entertaining skits to keep users entertained and engaged for hours.

With TikTok becoming one of the most downloaded social media apps of all time, it’s only wise to follow their video trends. Instagram has caught on to the hype for these short, fast-paced videos and is now pushing this content up on their algorithm. This means that creating reels is one of the most effective ways to reach a bigger audience.

Why You Need To Use Instagram Reels

While standard Instagram posts are currently only achieving an average engagement of 2 to 3%, Instagram Reels have been known to get around 60% more engagement. This is because the algorithm currently makes it more likely for reels to come up on the explore page where you will be able to entice new followers.

Instagram Reels thrive off the unpolished style of TikTok vertical videos, making it easier for anyone with a mobile phone to make content. With Instagram’s various filters, endless audio tracks, and simple effects, you can seamlessly turn a home video into a professional Instagram Reel for your brand.

But before you jump into filming new content, the following tricks will tell you how to make a successful Instagram reel.

Make your reels original:

Instagram reels offer a great opportunity for brands to establish themselves in a unique and authentic way. Content that is original and creative is more likely to spark interest. Make sure your video content matches the aesthetic of your page to make sure you have a cohesive brand image.

If you use trending audios, add your own spin to the trend and you’ll find many more shares, saves, and likes.

Hop on trends fast:

Social media trends can include everything from using specific filters to lay flat photography techniques. But for Instagram Reels, audio is the main focus. Once an audio gains popularity, the Instagram algorithm will push forward reels made with that sound until a new audio trend takes over. But in the fast-paced world of social media, trends rise and fall faster than you think, so if you wait a week before you start filming, you may have missed the hype completely.

To find new trends, check reels frequently to see if any audio clips, skits or songs are showing up consistently.

Add text to your reels:

Many people scroll through their Instagram reels without sound, so adding closed captions to your videos will make it more likely for users to watch your video. Just make sure that your text doesn’t cover too much of the screen. Subtitles are also invaluable for people with hearing and audio-processing difficulties, and adding them will help make your brand more inclusive.

If you use the text in your reels to encourage viewers to click on the link in your bio, you can boost the traffic directed to your account. The more people engage with your posts and your account, the more the algorithm will promote your content to other users.

Avoid posting videos with the TikTok watermark:

While reels are Instagram’s imitation of TikTok, the algorithm will ultimately favor its own content over TikTok content. Instagram has confirmed that its algorithm will deprioritize reels with watermarks and they won’t be recommended to potential followers.

Create tutorials to boost saves:

When you post tutorials and educational reels that are relevant to your audience, people are more likely to save your videos so that they can find them again. Essentially, you're creating a type of mini webinar that people will find useful and want to keep on record. This trick is very helpful in getting your content to gain popularity through saves. With the gradual removal of likes and view counts, saves have become the new most important engagement indicator for the Instagram algorithm.

  • Polish off your Instagram reels with these quick essentials:
  • Include at least 3 to 5 hashtags to reach your desired audience.
  • Make sure you share your reel to your feed, or it might be missed.
  • Don’t use blurry videos, the algorithm favors good quality footage.
  • Share your reels to your Instagram story to make sure your followers see it. You can cover it with an image or a “tap here” gif to encourage your followers to click on the reel.

The Final Word

Instagram Reels offer a unique marketing advantage and are easy to create. Plus, they are incredibly cost-effective and don’t require expensive equipment, hours of planning, or weeks of editing. Much like an online portfolio, they can also quickly showcase what you offer.

You are now ready to make algorithm-friendly reels. So, grab your products or line up your artwork and get filming!

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