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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a New MacBook

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Posted 3 months ago on March 24th, 2021.

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Are you thinking about buying a new MacBook? Having a computer with outdated hardware may lead you to struggles while working, particularly if you are using something like professional video-editing tools that require a lot of computer resources.

Perhaps you got a recommendation to get a MacBook from your friend or coworker? Or maybe you have spent time researching the internet and decided that a Mac would be the best option. 

Regardless of your circumstances, you will need to ask yourself some questions before committing the money. The list below should be a good start answering frequently asked questions about buying a new MacBook.

Is It Difficult To Switch From Windows To macOS?

In case you are a long-time Windows user, expect to encounter some differences after booting a MacBook for the first time.

Luckily, the differences are not that significant that it will take you a long time to get adjusted. When people compare macOS and Windows, they tend to focus on points like the price, hardware, reliability, and customer reviews.

As for what happens when a new person uses a MacBook after switching from Windows, the question seems to be overlooked quite often.

You will need to learn some new keyboard shortcuts (the list is available on the official Apple support website), get used to a new UI, and figure out how to close apps properly.

Deleting unnecessary files is also not as simple as dragging them in the Trash Bin. You will need to empty the Trash Bin each time, or, if you do not wish to bother with that, look for reliable macOS uninstaller software suggestions here.

Overall, the transition between Windows to macOS should be the least of your worries. You will fill the missing information gaps in time while using the MacBook.

When Is The Best Time To Buy a MacBook?

When Is The Best Time To Buy a MacBook

If you are looking to purchase a new MacBook Pro, now is probably not the best time to consider investing money in a new Apple device. Why? Well, the reason for that is simple – a new Mac Pro model is just around the corner.

It is expected that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro in the third quarter of 2021. Sure, the price may be a bit high for a brand-new release, but it might still be worth it to save some money and use that for the most recent MacBook model.

Current Apple computers are still great and will most likely meet your expectations. However, you should consider the fact that you may end up disappointed because you lacked patience and missed out on a MacBook Pro 2021.

So the answer to the question of what is the best time to purchase a MacBook should be some time in the summer of 2021. 

Should I Ever Consider Getting A Second-Hand Mac?

The problem with considering a second-hand Mac is that you are likely to end up in a similar situation like you are right now. Replacing one used computer with another used computer is unlikely to solve your problems.

Yes, a second-hand Mac may be an upgrade to what you have at the moment, but it will not be too long before you need to look for hardware upgrades, take the computer to a service store, and consider looking for an alternative yet again.

Besides, you cannot know what you will get by purchasing a used MacBook. Even if you want to trust the person selling you their Mac, you should still look elsewhere and probably forget about a used MacBook in the first place.

Where Should I Buy My New Computer?

Speaking of buying a new MacBook, the purchase itself may not be that simple. If there are no official Apple stores near you, it means that you will need to look for an official reseller or order from abroad, which would not be ideal given the shipping costs and other potential taxes.

Nevertheless, the important thing to emphasize here is that you need to buy a MacBook from a verified seller, so you do not end up with a defective product.

Do I Have Anyone Who Can Help Me With The Purchase?

Do I Have Anyone Who Can Help Me With The Purchase?

Since there are multiple MacBook models to pick from, you may be lost and now know which one to choose for yourself. If there is a MacBook enthusiast or a long-time owner that you know personally, do not hesitate and ask that person for a piece of advice.

If you do not know anyone like that, prepare to spend time researching the subject yourself. Thankfully, since Macs are so popular, the internet has plenty of articles that cover each MacBook model in detail. The more time you spend reading these reviews, the better outcome you will have when buying a MacBook.

Will I Have To Repair My MacBook Frequently?

Reliability plays a prominent role when someone is looking for a new computer, particularly if they use it for work. Having a device that freezes or crashes is not nice because you will struggle with productivity.
When it comes to MacBooks, they are some of the most reliable computers around. There are few instances when you need to go to a computer service store, especially if you take proper care of your Mac.

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