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Tips To Organize Files On Your Mac

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Posted 9 months ago on February 3rd, 2021.

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A messy and cluttered desktop can mess up with your productivity. Having all of your files and folders cleverly organized doesn’t only look aesthetically pleasing. It also allows you to find the thing that you are looking for quickly.

Hence, we must highlight the efficiency. When it comes to organizing files and folders, Mac users have a wide range of options available.

If you spend lots of time trying to locate the file you desperately need, this post is for you. We share the top tips to organize your files on Mac and keep your productivity high. 

Change Color of Folders

Mac is known for the blue-coloured folders, which add a sense of serenity. You will find this very helpful unless you work with a large number of folders and subfolders. To classify your folders and find the right one easily, change the icons or colors. If you want to add a pop of color to your screen, we explain to you how to change folder color on mac.

Declutter is a useful app that will tidy up your desktop and make it visually appealing. Instead of having a sight of plain blue folders, you will have organized folders with different colors.

However, this isn’t the only benefit of this app. It can do the cleaning and declutter for you. If you want to start your workday with a decluttered screen, allow the app to automatically do the arraign each evening. You will come to a tidy desktop, which will increase your motivation for working. 

Use Smart Folders

Finder allows you to locate the right document quickly. The Smart Folders feature gathers and separates all files that have something in common. Whether you want to look for by type or specific keyword, you can easily do it.

The best thing is that the files aren’t actually moved to the Smart Folders. They remain in their original location, while this helpful feature makes it easier to group themed documents. Go to File and click on New Smart Folder. Add the desired search criteria and additional details to narrow down the results. You can access the Smart Folders in the Finder bar. 

Come up With a System That Works For You

  • Store the files in the app’s folder. Many apps like Keynote and Pages create folders in iCloud’s directory. Keep them safe here until you find a common thread. The only downside is that you can forget about which app you used to create the file. As long as you remember it, you are fine. 
  • When the previous step isn’t applicable, make folders with different file types. 
  • When the two types of folders we already mentioned have a common thread, make a folder that gathers them.
  • When you have projects with mixed file types, connect them with tags. Whenever you have a folder with different file types, always pick an outstanding name. 

Another right way to tackle the organization is to divide the files into work-related and private. Make a distinct folder and store files related to your personal life, such as receipts, health insurance, owner manuals, and others.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a few businesses, create separate folders for each. This way, you will have instant access to the files related to each individual company. 

Deal Temporary Files Right Away 

Don’t clutter your desktop with random files. Many of us tend to save unnecessary files on the desktop. If you don’t deal with this issue straight away, you end up with lots of random files that clutter your desktop.

To avoid this situation, create a separate folder in your Documents folder. Here you can save temporary files or ones that can’t fit anywhere else. 

Backup Your Files With iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive will allow you to have all your files and folders easily accessible from other devices. Many Mac apps will back up the files on iCloud, so follow the tips we already mentioned to create suitable folders. 

How to Create a New Folder?

When creating folders, keep in mind that there is a useful shortcut. When you need to create a new folder press Command – Shift – N. A new “Untitled folder” will instantly appear in the desired window. With this, you can create as many folders and subfolders as you need. 

Final Thoughts

While good organization is the key to productivity, keep in mind that there is no perfect organizing. You can’t find a one-size-fits-all solution, as it pretty much depends on your specific needs. Find the thing that works for your particular tasks.

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