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Brand Design: How To Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

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Posted 2 years ago on April 30th, 2021. Last modified on September 3rd, 2021

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With the number of startups and new businesses springing up every day, being ordinary won’t get your business noticed. As a business owner, you do not only have to keep up with the trends. You have to find new and creative ways to stand out from your competitors, and one key way of doing this is through your brand design.

But even having a brand design is not enough to single you out in an oversaturated market. This is because countless other businesses are offering the services you are or selling the exact product. Hence, it is vital to pay extra attention to how you design your brand, and this article is all about showing you how to stand out. 

Standing Out in an Oversaturated Market With Brand Design

Creating a brand means that you desire your business to last for a long while. But creating a brand identity is not as easy as it seems. However, when you mix the right product or services with the right brand design, you will attract customers and increase sales. 

Below are some tips on how to stand out in an oversaturated market with brand design. 

Pay Attention to Your Brand Story 

According to Gary Nealon, a Forbes contributing writer, your branding, packaging, and story become more important when you’re in a saturated market. It is more crucial if you desire to do more than compete and completely separate yourself from the lot. To this end, you must look away from what your competitors are doing and pay attention to your story. 

Your brand design should embody your history. A good example of a brand story is the Arthur Guinness signature on the body of a Guinness stout bottle and the year 1759. Once you see it, it lets you know even without the company’s name who the product belongs to. 

In those two words, you know the founder of Guinness and the year it began operation. Thus, if you want your brand to be different in an oversaturated market, you must incorporate your origin in the design. This way, you stand a chance of thriving with a unique identity.

Have a Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re trying to automate sales or create a unique business image, you need to have a business plan and marketing strategy. A business that starts without a plan lacks visions, direction, and purpose. It won’t be long before it fails. 

With a business plan and strong marketing strategy, you’ll know what you are up against and how to create a brand that won’t get swallowed up. It lets you know what could go right or wrong and how people receive new products in your target market. Furthermore, the two let you know what type of brand design would build trust and not send customers away. 

Employ Qualified People 

Here’s the beautiful thing about the world today. Whether you run a betting website like dota2-bets.net or you’re creating a start-up in Silicon Valley, some people have done it before. It means you don’t have to go at it alone when there’s help. 

Therefore, rather than try to come up with a brand design by yourself, employ qualified people. These individuals would know how to build a brand amid other things. They must have experience in the market you’re trying to break into, meaning you can’t just hire anyone. It simply means that you can’t hire a brand manager for fast food chains when you’re into cosmetics. 

Choose a Simple Brand Name

Simplicity is always more classy and appreciated than hard-to-pronounce words. When choosing a brand name, you don’t want something too difficult for people to remember. Aim for something unique, yet catchy and simple. Do all you can to avoid long names. 

If you look at brands dominating in their niches, they have simple pronounceable names. Examples are Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Samsung. The latter is a South-Korean-based company, but the name is simple and easy enough for global customers to pronounce. When people cannot pronounce your brand name, referrals would be difficult. 

Thus, in picking a brand name, keep the following in mind: 

  • Use the founder or inventor's name (Adidas)
  • Describe what you do (Qatar Airways)
  • Explain an experience or image (Sprint)
  • Use a word out of context (Apple)
  • Create a word (Google)

Furthermore, ensure the brand name is uniquely crafted and aesthetically designed. It is vital to the success of your business. Remember, simple is better. 

Have a Beautifully Designed Logo 

You need a beautifully designed logo to stand out in an oversaturated market. Take a look at KFC’S logo design. In a world where several businesses globally offer fried chicken and fries, KFC stands out with its Colonel Sanders design. Anyone who sees it without seeing those three letters already knows the brand it belongs to. 

This shows how vital a beautifully designed logo is. To get one, you need to hire an expert logo designer. According to Logo Creative, many businesses overlook the impact of designers on the growth of a brand. A good logo designer can help you pull your business from the ground. 

Your brand’s logo design speaks a lot, so invest in it wisely. It’s what you’ll use on all ad and marketing campaigns. Another good example of a well-designed logo is that of Apple, featuring the fruit. Most great brands have simple but powerful logo designs, and you can learn from them. 

When creating logos, do the following: 

  • Carry out a market survey on your target audience to know what they like and what would be a turnoff. 
  • Have a style direction incorporating your business motto and ideals.
  • Have a comprehensive review of the available options. The logo designer must create more than a few options for consideration. The brand manager can make the final decision. 
  • Select colors based on the idea behind the business and your niche market
  • Ensure the logo designed would not be tagged for plagiarism or content theft. While those in your industry can inspire you, you cannot recreate their designs.

Lastly, you must keep your customers satisfied with constant updates on your product and services. If your product becomes obsolete, no one will patronize you. However, the change should not be so drastic that it deviates from your brand image. 


Getting lost in an oversaturated market is very easy. This is why you must take the right steps in promoting and shining the light on your brand. With the right brand design, you will get a foothold in a competitive market and make your way forward. 

About Author : Daniel Wanderson is an experienced journalist who enjoys writing about sport and lifestyle. He has recently launched his own website dota2-bets.net where he covers topics of great interest for modern men.