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Why is PHP Still Important for Web Development?

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Posted 4 months ago on November 20th, 2022.

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PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and has been around for over two decades worldwide.

PHP has often been considered a language mainly focused on dynamic website creation and an essential technical aspect of the internet because not only does it powers the entire content management systems that we use every day but also 80% of all websites.

However, still many wonders if this language is still important in a world of complex frameworks and web development.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the importance of this very important and high-demand language and will also explain why the demand for dedicated PHP developer is still so high..

What is PHP?

PHP, an acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor",  is a widely-used programming language that enables developers to create dynamic websites and web applications. This open-source scripting language is relatively easy to learn. Its code can be embedded into HTML or used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks. After the PHP code is executed on the server, the resulting HTML is sent to the client.

What are the Benefits of still using PHP?

PHP is a versatile scripting language that offers a variety of benefits for web developers. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of PHP includes its free to download and use feature. This means that developers can create websites and web-based applications without having to invest in expensive software licenses. Additionally, PHP can be used on a variety of operating systems and web servers, giving developers a great deal of flexibility.

Another key benefit of PHP is its ease of use. PHP framework is relatively straightforward, and the language can be learned relatively easy by those with some programming experience. This makes PHP a good choice for those who want to create dynamic websites without a lot of investment in terms of time and money.

Finally, PHP offers a number of powerful built-in functions that make it easy to create robust web-based applications. For example, PHP's file manipulation functions make it easy to upload and download files, while the database access functions make it easy to connect to and query databases.

Popular websites that still use PHP in 2022

This era is the era of technology where massive organizations deploy advanced and efficient software and technology for better performance of websites and applications. Now where platforms are involving new types of programming languages there are popular platforms that still use the PHP framework for their website. Those websites are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Slack
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Tumblr

Why is Php Still important for web development?

PHP is still important for web development because it is a very versatile and powerful programming language. It can be used for developing small websites as well as large, complex enterprise-level applications. Additionally, PHP runs on all major operating systems and web servers, making it a very portable language.

The main reasons why Php is still important in detail:

Php is  free and open-source

PHP is an excellent choice for web development because it is free and open source. As a server-side language, it can be used to create any type of web solution, whether it is a website, ecommerce store, or web application. The PHP community is responsible for ensuring that the language stays up-to-date with the latest web development trends. This makes PHP an excellent choice for modern web development.

Php is compatible and will all OS

PHP is a versatile scripting language that is compatible with all major operating systems. This means that you can develop cross-platform applications that will run on any system, regardless of the operating system. PHP latest version 7.4 is the most used version and it also interfaces perfectly with MySQL and Apache servers, making it an ideal choice for web development.

Php is dynamic and flexible

PHP is a fantastic server-side language that is dynamic and flexible. Websites or applications created using the PHP framework are very secure because they offer fool-proof encryption. The capability of encryption and scalability adds value to this server-side language and make it a dynamic and flexible technology. Without manual intervention, PHP-latest web apps and websites can load automatically. It offers greater flexibility than any other server-side language in its field, and it is customisation to fulfill any business needs or requirements.

Php offers plenty of resources

PHP offers abundant helpful resources for developers who want to add particular features or functionality to their web applications. PHP has high-quality pools available for use, no matter what the php developer needs - editors, dependency managers, documentation tools, or frameworks. A dedicated PHP developer can learn this framework and find new ways to construct web solutions by combing through the resources available online.

Php offers robust frameworks & Solutions

There are many benefits to using PHP for web development, one of the most significant being the available robust frameworks. These frameworks offer a convenient way for developers to create web applications quickly and easily. Businesses can take advantage of frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Yii, etc. By using these frameworks, PHP developers can create high-quality web apps or websites.


As the web development field continues to grow and change, it's important to stay up to date with the technology that's being used in the field. Right now, PHP is still a widely used programming language in web development and there are plenty of reasons why it will stay that way for a long time.

PHP developers can continue to use it for web development in 2023 and beyond. Even though new programming languages are being created every day, PHP will be a popular alternative for anyone who wants to spend less time learning a new language or platform. And companies will keep looking for dedicated PHP developers for an exceptional web-development process.