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What Is Out-Of-Home Advertising - Types & Strategies

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Posted 1 month ago on February 23rd, 2023.

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What Is Out-Of-Home Advertising - Types & Strategies

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OOH, or out-of-home advertising has been around for a long and is still one of the best ways to contact customers when they are away from their homes.

Out-of-home advertising has improved thanks to technological developments, becoming a significant tool for companies wishing to market their goods or services.

The many forms of out-of-home advertising, methods for increasing their potency, and advantages of using them in your marketing mix will all be covered in this article.

Types of Out-Of-Home Advertising

Here are the types of OOH advertising you can consider.


Billboards are one of the most common forms of OOH advertising. They are large signs placed along highways, on buildings, or in other high-traffic areas.

They can be used to display messages, images, or even videos. Billboards are effective because they are hard to miss, and they can reach a large number of people. They are often used for brand awareness and to promote a new product or service.

Digital Displays

Digital displays include things like electronic billboards, screens in shopping malls, and other digital signs. These signs can display images, videos, and other interactive content.

One advantage of digital displays, like display boards, is that they can be changed quickly, allowing for new content to be displayed in a timely manner.

Digital displays are effective because they are eye-catching and can be changed quickly to display new content. They are often used for brand awareness, to promote a new product or service, or to drive traffic to a website.

Transit Advertising

Transit advertising includes ads on buses, trains, taxis, and other forms of public transportation. These ads are often placed on the sides of vehicles and can be seen by people walking or driving by.

Transit advertising is effective because it can reach people in a specific geographic location, making it ideal for local businesses. It is often used to promote local events or to target people in specific neighbourhoods.

Street Furniture

Street furniture includes things like benches, bus stops, and kiosks. These items often have space for advertising, making them a popular choice for local businesses.

Street furniture is effective because it can reach people in a specific location, and they are often seen by people who are waiting for transportation or taking a break from walking. Street furniture is often used by local businesses to promote sales or new products.

Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla advertising is a form of out-of-home advertising that involves unconventional methods. It can include things like chalk drawings on sidewalks, stickers on street signs, or projections on buildings.

Guerilla advertising is effective because it is unexpected and can generate buzz on social media. It is often used for new product launches or to promote an event.

Strategies for Effective Out-Of-Home Advertising

In this part of the article, we will list the strategies you should follow in order to reach effective OOH advertising.


It's important to pick the ideal location for your outdoor advertising. Whether it's foot traffic or vehicle traffic, you want to choose a site with a lot of both.

Additionally, you want to pick a place that appeals to your intended demographic. For instance, if you are promoting a neighbourhood restaurant, you might want to put your advertisement near a busy crossroads or in a commercial area.


For outdoor advertising to be successful, it must be distinctive and imaginative. The advertisement must be distinct from others in the same space.

Bright colours, distinctive imagery, or original messaging can all help achieve this. For instance, a bus stop advertisement for a coffee shop might have a video of the coffee being made or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.


The ad needs to include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that tells the viewer what to do next.

This could be visiting a website, calling a phone number, or visiting a store. The CTA should be clear and concise, so the viewer knows exactly what action to take.


Timing is also important in out-of-home advertising. You want to make sure your ad is displayed when your target audience is most likely to see it. For example, if you are advertising a new product launch, you may want to display your ad during rush hour when people are commuting to and from work.

Measuring Effectiveness

It's essential to measure the effectiveness of your out-of-home advertising campaign. This can be done through the use of tracking technology, surveys, or other methods. By measuring the effectiveness of your campaign, you can adjust your strategy to improve results.

Advantages of Out-Of-Home Advertising

If you wonder what benefits the OOH advertising brings with it, keep on reading.


In a short period of time, out-of-home advertising can reach a huge number of people. Out-of-home advertising can grab people's attention while they go about their daily lives because people are frequently on the go.


For local businesses that wish to target clients in their nearby region, out-of-home advertising can be a cost-effective method of promotion. Out-of-home advertising can be less expensive than other types of advertising.

Supplements Other Advertising

Other forms of advertising can be complemented by out-of-home advertising. You can reinforce the message and increase its recall for the target population by executing a social media advertising campaign in tandem with an out-of-home advertising campaign.


Local businesses find out-of-home advertising to be the best because it can be tailored to particular areas. You can connect with folks in a certain area by picking the proper place.

Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness through out-of-home advertising is successful. You can make sure that a lot of people see your brand by placing signs for it in busy places.

In conclusion, out-of-home advertising is a useful tool for companies wishing to effectively and creatively engage their target audience.

You can get the most out of out-of-home advertising and see a positive impact on your bottom line by being aware of the many forms, employing smart methods, and measuring the success of your campaigns.

Out-of-home advertising is effective, complements other forms of advertising, is targeted, and increases brand awareness. It can reach a huge audience. You may boost your visibility and bring in more clients by including out-of-home advertising into your marketing mix.