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What Are the Pros and Cons of Global Marketing Strategy?

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Posted 2 years ago on June 29th, 2021. Last modified on September 2nd, 2021

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Don’t you think a global marketing strategy is necessary for your business? This is more than necessary to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

To say, starting from the smallest business to the internet bringing audience, thinking globally can proffer a lot of benefits for your business.

As the world is getting smaller day by day, it’s not so difficult to think of a global business from the comfort of home. All you have to do is have a proper idea about the pros and cons of global marketing strategy and launch the strategic excellence over the business to become a successful global marketer.

Global Marketing Strategy - Pros and Cons:

The global marketing strategy resembles business planning which encircles new markets from different regions around the world. The main target point is to coordinate the marketing efforts when approaching international markets.

Global marketing strategy is the key point to benefit from your own business and get global recognition. If you have poor knowledge about this, you can search 10 things about expanding marketing influence Internationally and get a proper idea.

Some important pros and cons of global marketing strategy are described here-

What are the Pros?

●           Increased Sales:

Expanding to marketing strategy globally indicates that you will also get to enlarge your customer base. It is a simple balance of demand and supply. Global marketing will allow you to target anywhere around the world until you have the demand for your products.

●      Increased Brand Visibility:

Global marketing is nothing but all about branding as your market gets enlarged, so your visibility too. Naturally, this affects sales as well as creates a great pathway to future opportunities.

●     Reduced Competition:

Best product, best value proposition, and the most expert brand- these are the three factors customers always require. It’s a matter of reputation. If the local business can meet any of these three, your brand can lose out. So, clear communication is a must.

What are the Cons?

●      Increased Time & Cost Risk:

To exercise a global strategy is so expensive. For example, there needs a translation set up to reach a globally targeted customer. A translation service site, TranslationReport can be helpful in this concern. But you also need to inject the local flavor into your service. And if you want to target your potential customers, you cannot avert such costs and time.

Yet, the main risk that resides here is that you may end up getting nothing in return despite investing a lot of time & money.

●      Crisis Management:

Crisis management is so challenging. Political changes can cause business complexity overnight. Natural disasters, even currency strengthening, can upheaval your business. It is very tough to manage it globally in a timely and costly manner. Otherwise, your wealth and reputation can be eliminated.

●      Creates a Need:

A global business creates a need for international shipping systems. Tariffs and taxes matter a lot in this case, which must be taken into consideration. Also, there are facts like customs delay, payment security that may trouble and cause a delay in product delivery, lost revenue, and order annulment.

The Final Catch:

If you desire to knock at the door-point of the international platform to introduce your business, then it would be worthwhile to consider the global marketing strategy. Also, be concise about whatever you are planning and doing.

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