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What are Instagram highlights & how to create them to help your business

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Posted 1 year ago on January 26th, 2022.

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Instagram has become more than a social network to connect people. Thanks to its tools such as highlight, stores, and company accounts can show their products with greater relevance on the internet, and they can highlight a product or content permanently without problems. This way, new followers will be able to learn more about the company and, in turn, be interested in its products and offers.

Now you are wondering what highlights are on Instagram and how you can incorporate them into your business profile. Everything you need to know about this tool is presented below.

What is a highlight on Instagram

Unlike regular Instagram stories, a highlight is simply a featured story that doesn't disappear from your profile. They are permanently stored so that new or existing users can view their content whenever they like.

The main difference between stories and highlights is the amount of time they are viewed and stories last for 24 hours, and Instagram highlights stay on your page until you delete them. Both Stories and Highlights have a viewer tracking feature that allows you to see which Instagram accounts have viewed each piece of content.

It aims to promote a brand or its products so that the profile, in general, will be more attractive to users. In addition, it is an ideal strategy to optimize and show the most relevant aspects of your business.

Importance of highlights

The interesting thing about featured stories or highlights is that you can better reach users through them. Thus, a marketing strategy that uses quality content so that followers can fully understand what you offer. It is the ideal medium to show the most important characteristics of your brand, highlight offers, and presents each category of your business.

Benefits that highlight stories offer you

If you are interested in knowing how to sell on Instagram, you must be clear that the first thing will always be to make yourself known within the community, and with the highlights, you can do this and more. Here are your benefits. If your brand isn't already leveraging highlights on Instagram, there are many reasons to get started!

Give visibility to a brand

Every time you highlight a story, you allow users to get to know you and learn more about the products or services you offer. With the help of quality audiovisual content, you will show what your brand is about and attract countless potential customers, which translates into increased sales.

Higher visibility brings higher traffic

As you already know, with highlights, you promote your brand, but you also generate significant traffic to your website. Of course, if you don't have at least 10,000 followers, you won't be able to link directly to the site, but you can include the link within alternative texts in your stories.

Build trust among users

User trust is the most important thing if you want to succeed in your business. Therefore, with highlights, you can promote your products and tell the story of your business. Users can also know who is behind the brand. Talk about your achievements, and therefore, the userS will want to approach and be interested in your products.

How to create highlights for Instagram

Now that you know what a highlight is, it's time for us to talk a little about how to create highlights for Instagram. Here you will find some tips that you cannot fail to put into practice so that your business begins to be relevant within this social network. Let's start.

Talk about your business

Making your brand known should be your first step. The more information users know about you, your business will be able to get potential customers interested in your products. This information will describe your profile and, therefore, must be displayed permanently.

Creat attractive covers

The covers are those that you will use as a strategy to attract users to your company's profile. So it must be a really quality material, created from a call to action. Use colors and images that represent your brand very well and you will see how your community of followers grows exponentially.

Highlight the contact means of your business

Every business has a schedule of attention to attend to the doubts and queries of its clients. So you can not stop highlighting this information within your highlights. It also includes the opening hours if you have a commercial establishment and their channels to contact you. Make Instagram story highlights as an extension of your website. Creating an 'About' story highlight is a great way to help customers know who you are and what you do right away.

Show your categories and products

Indeed, you can display your categories by highlighting the most important ones and staying there. However, it is best to create a highlight for each category and highlight the best products.

Success depends on the organization, and you will also prevent the user from feeling dazed or confused by so much worthless content. So choose what you want your users to see, according to the interests of your target audience.

Make demos for your customers

Imagine that you have a store for smart devices, computers or the like. Users will always want to know their functions and even have a small user guide. This will not only assure them that it is what they need, but they will also want to see what other alternatives they can choose from what you have to offer.

Demos are an opportunity for potential customers to get to know you, your brand and the services you offer. Create a demo video showing how to use the product you are selling or demonstrate your service to a customer. There are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to demos and tutorials.

Create highlights to show your best offers

It is no secret to anyone that a business sells more when it creates offers on its products. Whether it is with gift vouchers, discounts, or a 2x1 purchase, these types of promotions are what users are looking for and you must highlight them so that more users have access to them.

Be careful not to exceed the limit of highlights

You can have up to 100 stories within each highlight. This does not mean that you will saturate your profile with so much information that users will not see. It is very important that you use this tool wisely to show every relevant detail of your business and products.

Be Consistent

You already know that it's vital to post high-quality content on your Instagram feed for a cohesive look. The same rule applies to highlights, and keep your highlights visually consistent by creating branded cover images and always using the same highlight descriptions formats.

To conclude

You now have all the information you need to create a highly effective collection of Instagram highlights. Work time! Be sure to test the effectiveness of your highlights and look for a significant drop in viewership. If you notice that many slides are missing, remove them from the selection or replace them with content that you think will be more effective.

If you think it's difficult to create covers or screens, you don't know how to choose your categories or what to show. It's time to hire a social media management service for companies. You can count on a Digital Marketing Agency that can implement this and other marketing strategies so that your business achieves the success you want.