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Wave Video for Social Media Video Marketing

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Posted 1 year ago on November 6th, 2020. Last modified on September 3rd, 2021

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Social media video marketing is the hottest trend and the most effective marketing tool. It helps reach masses of the audience, convey a message in a short time, and tell a story in the most visual way.

In this article, we'll shed light on a new tool in the market, Wave Video. And discover what it has to offer that makes it the go-to platform for video creation.

What is Social Media Video Marketing?

Social media is so well integrated into our lives nowadays, that it's hard to think of the time when we didn't have it!

Which makes it the perfect tool to reach the masses, in order to promote a business, product, idea, movement, service, etc..

So how vital is video, in marketing through social media channels?

According to a recent statistic report by wyzowl, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Social Media Video Marketing

Basically, social video is any video content that you create and share through social networks. Those videos can be regular posts, ads, Stories, cover videos, profile videos, or even comments on social posts.

And all video marketing posts have one purpose in common; to encourage your audience to engage, and take action.

Introducing: Wave Video

Every once in a while, a new product or software comes along that changes how we deal and create things. With the fast-moving technology & internet world, this is true now more than ever.

One of those products is Wave Video.

Wave.video is a video marketing platform, with a twist! It is a combination of a video editing tool, cloud-based video hosting, and a landing page builder, all in one place.

This combination makes it unique and efficient to work within the platform.

Obviously the tool at its core it's built for marketers, bloggers and ad-video makers. However, the simplicity, and pre-designed templates, make it accessible and usable by all users.

Not Just Another Video Editor

It's easy to spot a new video editing tool in the market more often, so you might be thinking, is this just another one?

Well, let's start with the overall value you get with Wave Video.

What you get is actually beyond "video editing tool", the service includes the following products:

  • Video Editor: The main product where the magic happens.
  • Video Hosting: A fully customizable player, brandable & shareable (anywhere!)
  • Content Calendar: A social calendar where you can plan your posts across social media channels.
  • Video Landing Pages: Create landing pages, with video embedded, and since it's hosted on the same platform when updating a video, it automatically updates everywhere.
  • Automatic Captions: Easy to add, auto-captions, and fully customizable.
  • Free Stock Library: Royalty-free music, videos & millions of stock images. This is a great addition to ease the video creation process.

How To Get Wave Video

Wave video is available to use for Free. Just head over wave.video and sign up. The free plan allows you to create unlimited videos and unlimited social media shares.

However, if you want more power and full features, you may need to upgrade your plan. To take advantage of white-label, brandable player, 10 million royalty-free video clips and images, and more.

Special Offer: Currently Wave Video is available as a special lifetime deal on AppSumo. At a very low price, the one-off payment you get lifetime access to this awesome tool.

Wave Video Editor: Creating Social Video

To show you the power of Wave, we will create social media video marketing for our web design promo business.

To keep the walk-through short & to point, we will create a video using pre-made templates.

Starting With A Template (Or Blank Video)

We'll start off with selecting a template, this is already a huge time-saver.

You notice on the left sidebar, we can filter by Use case, industry, Occasions..

But what's cool is the Aspect Ratio (as you hover over you notice which social networks its most suitable for)

In our case, Square 1:1 seems the perfect layout, as it works on Facebook & Instagram, where we will share the video.

Customizing The Video Template

At first glance, you'll notice the editor interface is clean and easy to navigate. On the right side is the properties panel for entries and values.

For example, texts have properties such as highlights, brand colors, text effects, and more.

Cool text effect feature

At the bottom is the timeline, which gives you control over scene duration, scenes arrangement & sequence, transition, copy (duplicate) scene, adding music, etc.

Wave Video Timeline Panel

Other Cool Featuers & Edits

Wave allows us to add Watermarks to videos, which is a good idea to implement your business logo into the video. The watermark is basically an element that will be visible throughout the entire video play.

We will use our logo and adjust the opacity to something like 40%, so it blends with the rest of the backgrounds. It's a good idea to add a contact number or website as a watermark as well.

Next up, is the Overlays & Stickers.

This panel includes stickers items from emojis to social media, call to action, shapes, and more.

This varied collection of stickers and shapes gives us the ability to add more expressive elements to the video and make it more user-engaging.

Wave Video Overlays & Stickers Panel (put side by side)

Adding Captions To Video (Subtitles)

This is a handy feature for explainer videos, narrative videos, tutorials, help your audience watch, and understand your videos even if played on mute. It's helpful if the narrator isn't speaking in a native language or wants to give more clarity; there are countless ways to benefit from adding subtitles to your videos.

The captions feature is available as Auto-Captions as the software will auto-generate subtitles for the video. Or manually upload your own SRT / VTT subtitles.

And of course, you've full control over where the subtitle is placed within the scene duration.

Publishing The Video

After we've done editing, and we're happy with the final result, we are now ready to publish the video.

There are a few options & ways to do this.

Render & Download: Select a suitable resolution, and hit Render. And download.

The video is now ready to share on social media, blog, and on any platform.

Render & Export: you can export directly to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Wistia, Drive, Dropbox & HubSpot.

Hint: you can always go back and render in another resolution.

Get Whitelabel Link: This is what we will use now in this post. Below is the direct link, for the sample video we just created. Click here

Taking advantage of this feature is useful too if you're sending a video for client review.

Wave Video is available now on AppSumo & on official website.

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