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User Engaging Web Designs in 2022 to Look Forward To

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Posted 1 year ago on October 28th, 2021. Last modified on November 16th, 2021

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Think of every time you visit a brick-and-mortar store. When you go in, the first impression you get is clutter and disorganization. Trying to navigate through the aisles is a nightmare. It gets worse when you're looking for a particular item.  

You have to keep calling the sales team because you can't find anything. The thought of going back to that store again makes you shudder. And, you will probably talk about the poor experience you had with some family or friends.  

The same applies to a website. What comes to mind when you see a cluttered, disorganized web design? There does not seem to be any thought process to the placement of elements. Trying to navigate the pages is a nightmare. 

Every time you click on links, you get a 404 error. We can bet our last dollar that you would not spend too much time on such a site.

And you are not alone. Statistics show that 75% of internet users gauge credibility on how the website looks. It was also found that 94% form a perception of mistrust right from the onset. Finally, 60% place great emphasis on the usability of the site.  

As we go into 2022, some key web design elements will cross over. Such include clean simple designs, easy navigation, fast-loading pages, and relevant content.

But, there are some trends to look out for in engaging web designs. What are they? 

Greater Incorporation of Technologies

We spoke to a web design agency in Sydney on their thoughts around web design trends to look forward to in 2022. Having been in the industry for a long time, they have seen some remarkable web design changes. 

One of the things the agency feels is unavoidable going into 2022 is the incorporation of technology. Yes, to increase user engagement, it will be necessary to invest in the right software.  

We can expect to see website technologies like:-

  • Chatbots for conversational marketing and customer services. And, we are not talking about basic bots here. To gain a competitive edge, AI chatbots will transform user experiences on websites. Such learn behavior by observing past patterns. They can then provide recommendations and preempt customer concerns. 
  • Augmented and virtual reality for more immersive experiences. These technologies are not new in any way. But, they may become more mainstream as e-commerce always looks for ways to reach their customers. Customers prefer online platforms to shop, rather than physical locations.
  • Voice-activated interfaces provide convenience to online users. These include virtual assistance and voice search capabilities. Such technologies can help increase accessibility. You could lose traffic or face a lawsuit if your website is not friendly to people with disabilities. Access must include those with visual, hearing, or physical impairments. An online user who cannot handle a mouse can benefit from voice-activated technologies. 
  • Greater focus on mobile optimization to increase reach.  

According to the Sydney web design agency, website design and development companies need to keep up with emerging technological trends. Modern customers are increasingly tech-savvy and have quick access to information. 

Any design that does not incorporate such will lose out. The search engines also look at such factors to determine how engaging a website is for ranking purposes. 

The more engaging and interactive the website, the more people stay on the pages. Low bounce and high stay rates will result in positive rankings. 

More Playful Web Designs 

A website trend in 2022 we can look forward to is more playful, less serious designs. But, this does not in any way impact professionalism. 

Web designers must find a creative way to engage online visitors with fun elements. Take the example of the use of micro-interactions. It could be something as simple as a link changing color when you hover the mouse over it.  

Animations bring movement and interaction to users. Cartoons, bold colors, text, and image movements are other trends we can look forward to. 

Take a peek at this website for a minute. There is so much color and movement. See how the images change when your cursor touches them. And, take note of the playfulness in fonts and sizes. 

Is this trend for everyone? We would say no for sure. But, those who are daring enough will give the web design companies so much leeway to express their creativity. And yes, you can be sure of high engagement with such designs.  

Another trend that will remain relevant is 3D designs. They improve engagement and interaction with content.  

Web designers have leeway to use such in the most creative ways. Take the example of narrative visualization. It is a clever way to break up the monotony of text with visual content. Such include animations, moving images, or any elements that add dynamism. You can also transform your logo designs to make them more interesting.  

Scroll-like or Pageless Websites 

Look at most people's websites. You must navigate to the different pages to get the information you need. These include the home page, about us, gallery, contact page, and so on. 

But, there is a new trend catching on. And, 2022 will be no exception. You will be seeing more of the pageless websites. Kind of brings to mind prehistoric days when scholars would use scrolls. So instead of navigating from page to page, all the online visitor needs to do is scroll downwards. 

Of course, the web designer has to ensure easy navigation. Take a look at this Sheerlink website. The clever placement of the navigation buttons on the right is unobtrusive, yet highly functional. And, note that it remains present as you move from section to section.  

Final Thoughts

The basics of website design will continue to remain relevant in 2022.  Web designers must ensure performance, functionality, and usability. That means fast loading pages, easy navigation, relevant content, and so much more. 

All these are critical ranking factors on the search engines. But, we can expect some interesting trends to look forward to. The incorporation of Technologies like AI chatbots and voice-activated interfaces will provide convenience to online users. They can also enhance accessibility for all groups.  

Many people want to forget the hardships of living in the Covid era. That is why more playful designs will be more impactful. So we may see more 3D designs, animations, and micro-interactions. 

We can also expect a shift from the more traditional websites to pageless ones. Web designers have the opportunity to bring their A-game in 2022.