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Tips for Conversion-Driving UX on Ecommerce Websites

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Posted 2 months ago on September 22nd, 2022.

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The advancement of the internet has led to many tasks being conducted efficiently and online shopping has become one of the most significant ways of minting money. But the ease of using the internet has also led to increased competition and millions of online eCommerce platforms are living-breathing proof of the technological boom.

Website design companies these days are catering to the demands of all kinds of companies wanting their own online store/eCommerce platform because it has become the need of the hour. This is when it becomes even more necessary for creative agencies to focus more on creating eCommerce websites that drive conversion rates to an all-time high. 

So let us help you understand the concept of how the conversion rates are calculated and UX tips to increase your eCommerce conversation rates. 

What is UX?

Many people confuse UX with UI but the explanation is quite simple, really. UX stands for the user experience of any website and UI stands for the user interface. UX basically focuses on enhancing the experience of a user which directly affects his usage of the website. If the UX is good, it helps the customer to choose the website amongst all its competitors and stay longer on it too. If the UX is faulty, it increases the bounce rate of the said website and there are many reasons behind the customer leaving the website without fulfilling his task of converting his visit to a transaction. Many branding companies struggle with upgrading the UX which leads to decreased conversion rates.

To understand how the conversion rates affect the overall revenue of a company, we need to understand what is a conversion rate and how is it calculated. 

How To Calculate Conversion Rates?

The simplest way of understanding conversion rate is this- when you enter an eCommerce site, it could be for multiple reasons but the end goal is to entice the customer enough for him to invest in our product and complete the transaction of buying our products. So if I say that a site gets close to 1000 visitors in a day, the number of people who completed the transaction by buying the products is 100 so you simply divide the number of successful transactions by the number of visitors and that is your conversion rate. 

eCommerce sites are the present and future of making money these days and people prefer shopping online as it removes a lot of hassles and is a very time-efficient option which is why it is important to work on the UX of your eCommerce store to get the desired conversion rates. Here are some tips for a conversion-driving UX for your eCommerce websites. 

Work on the site speed 

This is one of the most crucial steps that companies providing web design services should work on as it is what will make or mar the future of the eCommerce brand and work like a charm on the conversion rates. If the website lags a lot and has a lot of glitches, chances are it will take a lot of time to load and that will increase the bounce rate significantly and force the customer to jump onto the competitor's website. To improve the site speed, optimize the content, images, and videos and make sure that the hosting platform you are using is capable of handling HD visuals. 

Improving the navigation and wireframe of the site

Many companies do not give much thought to the website's navigation and make it complicated by adding too many pages and steps to it which eventually bores the customer and he bounces on to another website. Keep the navigation simple and work extensively on the wireframe to eliminate these problems. 

Provide them with offers and discounts 

Many times, a customer lands on a website because he/she saw a lucrative offer or a discount coupon and that was enough to go the extra mile and make the transaction successful. Companies go the extra mile by giving offers and discounts that are too good to be ignored by all their customers and that is how they increase footfall on the website and cater to the audience. The referral system also plays a huge part in increasing the conversion rate and the number of customers keeps increasing too. 

Have separate mobile and desktop versions

It is extremely important that you work on the desktop version separately and have a mobile-first app too because people are on their phones all the time and need an app or a mobile-friendly smartphone version that isn’t too difficult to operate. Many companies keep the desktop and mobile versions the same and that leads to the website working slowly on the smartphone. This rookie mistake may cost you a huge number of potential customers. 

Appeal to the customers with the help of HQ product images 

Visual cues are what bring all the customers to the website so providing them with HQ product images is one of the most important tips in making sure your conversion rates stay at an all-time high. The quality of images depends on two aspects - the product photography has to be sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing and the quality of those images has to be HD or else all the money put into the photo shoot would go down the drain. 

Make the search easy and enhance visual searches

Humans essentially thrive on convenience and providing them with a hassle-free solution is non-negotiable. The same point applies to equipping them with easy searching solutions and enhancing the visual searching opportunities as these days people find it easy when they can compare or search for clothes similar to their preferences. 

Free shipping works like a charm

The human brain works in mysterious ways and the biggest example of this is when they have to pay extra for shipping, chances are, they will not complete the transaction and bounce to a brand that does provide it. This is one of the biggest reasons many companies have free shipping because we may spend thousands of dollars on products but a couple of bucks on shipping would immediately put us off. So do keep the shipping free and see how that increases the conversion rates. 

A quick and easy checkout process with multiple payment options 

So if you have managed to keep them glued to the website up till the last stage, messing up the checkout process might end up losing a lot of potential customers and lead to decreased conversion rates. It is crucial that the checkout process be made easy and quick and the customers should be provided with multiple payment options that don’t redirect or glitch at the last moment. This makes sure that they get a completely satisfactory experience without any issues. You can also end this with a quick review or rating pop-up because people don’t mind rating the functionality of an app if they have had a successful and quick transaction. 

Include reviews with photos 

Most customers go to reviews before they go through the final stage of payment and this is because they want to make sure their investment won’t be redundant and their money won’t go to waste. So providing them with honest reviews is important and the best way to make sure that the reviews aren’t fake is by providing other customers with the option of uploading photos and videos. This way, the new customer knows that the company is trustable and will deliver products that are worth their money and time. 

Eliminate complicated sign-ins and usage of passwords

One of the biggest hassles that leads to people not converting to valuable and regular customers is when the sign-in and registration process is cumbersome. So limit the sign-in process to one or at the most two clicks and avoid the whole password system. Instead, make it easy by adding OTP. This step is safe and easy to understand and only requires their phone number or email ID which is easy to remember. 


A well-thought-out UX design can create history and help a brand reach the pinnacle of success. Incorporating the right conversion-driven UX steps on your eCommerce website will make sure your brand receives the love and popularity it deserves and gets you the revenue to expand your business appropriately. 

Author Bio: Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion, and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.