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The Most Expensive House in Dubai

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Posted 1 year ago on November 11th, 2021.

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Why is the house so valuable

Running a business in Dubai is one of the most correct decisions that a beginner or an active businessman can make. Ask why? The answer is as simple as that. Dubai is one of the most popular business destinations in the world.

Thousands of large investors, political stability, and a diverse economy throughout the Middle East speak to the reliability of business in Dubai. Recently, more and more wealthy buyers want to invest their money in real estate. Of course, they choose areas, which are suitable for their status. One of these areas is Dubai Hills. A house in Dubai Hills, which was sold for USD 20,500,000, has become the most expensive real estate sale in Dubai this year to date. For AED 75,000,000 you can buy a house in Dubai with a spacious area of almost 4,000 sq. m. Recently, Dubai Hills has become a favorite place for home buyers with high social status and above-average incomes. The status of the community was further strengthened when the most expensive deal was concluded since the beginning of the year.

Dubai Hills houses took other places in the top ten most expensive real estate proposals in Dubai this year. In the third quarter, consumer activity in the super-premium segment showed a clear increase, while wealthy investors gave a clear advantage to such locations as Palm Jumeirah and Downtown. After pandemic isolation, Dubai property owners want to get closer to nature. The most expensive house in Dubai Hills really offers a lot of picturesque views. Houses in Dubai Hills top the list of the most expensive real estate in the emirate. The shopping center, which will be completed here in the very near future, will add an additional advantage to this area.

What does this house offer?

In the most valuable house in Dubai, there is no need to buy a membership in a gym. It really provides enough space for any kind of sports. The area of 4000 sq. m. allows you to design not only your own gym with a swimming pool but also a private cinema and much more. The classic atmosphere is organized to cozy family dinners, formal receptions or a party with friends. The entrance group of the house fully corresponds to its price. It strikes with its splendor.

Dubai Hills area is located near the community of Al Barsha South. Dubai Hills and MBR City have become the obvious and most frequent choices for investors looking for exclusivity. Are investors ready to return to the Dubai real estate market? The figures for the third quarter show a sharp increase in luxury real estate transactions.

Many development projects in Dubai Hills, have pros, as there are more ready-made luxury properties to choose from. While the prices of these super-premium houses do not show sharp fluctuations.

AX Capital will help you choose the right house in Dubai

When buying an apartment, it is important not only to have information about the state of the market and prices but also to know the local legislation. The agents of AX Capital will provide professional assistance with the property variants and the execution of the transaction. You can get acquainted with the current offers online. Ads from local real estate agencies and developers are presented in the catalog.