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The 5 Essential Elements of a Winning Landing Page

A writer, editor and copywriter for London-based best dissertation writing services and has a work experience of 3 years.

Posted 3 months ago on March 18th, 2021.

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You have done a good job putting your website out into the world, but you aren’t getting many buyers? Or maybe they can’t seem to stick around? One of the things you need to fix is your landing page. This is important because your landing page is the first page your prospective customer would see after clicking on your website link. A well-designed landing page is one of the necessary things you need to captivate the mind of a prospective buyer, but having an efficient landing page is beyond looks. You must include certain elements. In this post, you would learn about five elements and how you can fuse them to create that efficient landing page you are going for.    

The Headline 

First impressions last longer, especially in this digital age where the human mind is barraged with so much content. There are so many options that if people aren’t wowed at first glance, they aren’t sparing any more time on your site. Your headline is your chance to strike a chord in the mind of your visitors. It must be kept short, about twenty words maximum, and it should be able to describe what you are all about. It must capture what is great about the service you are rendering or what is awesome the product you are selling. The shortness of the headline makes it necessary to have a sub-headline. Your sub-headline should expand your headline. It must also be convincing enough so that your visitors are influenced by it to stay. Don’t get carried away and let your sub-headline be too elaborate. While it elaborates on your heading, it should not be too long. You will still have other opportunities on your landing page to go into details.     

The Explanation

In your headline, there is a limit to how much information you can provide. This is where your explanation comes in. Your explanation is here to finish what your headline and sub-headline have started. Before you get on with your explanation, consider the nature of the product. If the product is simple, keep your explanation short but if it is a complex product, you have to be willing to give more information. 

To encourage your visitors to read the explanation fully, provide a summary of the benefits of your products. Knowing what they stand to gain, your visitors will be prompted to see more of what your service or product is about. Bring in your visitors by telling them how disadvantaged they are without your product or tour service. Use this to further introduce them to the features of your product. This will strengthen their growing conviction that you have what they need. 

Don’t forget to restate in full the benefits that they are going to gain with using your product and your service. Also, you can use the reviews of your customer as a further explanation outlet. You can put a question-and-answer box on your page landing to allow your visitors to ask buyers who have used your product before. The affirmation by the previous buyers can help sway these visitors to you. 

Visual Content

Do not underrate the power of pictures. Remember when you were younger and would only read books with pictures? To an extent, that also applies here. The brain processes visual information extremely fast. Your visual content for your page is what your visitor would probably note first. Your visual content should beautify your page. True, an excellent design is not all but when you do the above and slip a picture that fits the context in between, you are sure to capture the mind of your visitor. 

The visitor would be able to reconcile your headline and explanation to the beautiful picture you have attached. The picture you would use here should be of top quality and must also be unique. You don’t want to use a picture a competitor is using; that would be counterproductive. Also, apart from pictures, use videos as part of your visual content. The videos can serve as an emphasis to your explanation which could finally sway your visitor to be a customer.    

Show Trustworthiness

There are many bad people on the internet and this has created a feeling of doubt with different internet users. When they visit your website, they are looking for something that would convince them about its true existence. To assuage this feeling of doubt, include your physical address, your company contact mail, and the phone number. This will allow the visitor to have the impression you are available to connect with you even if they don’t use the option. These being there makes the visitor sure of your existence as opposed to the feeling you want to fleece them of their money. You can further assure them by placing an active customer care representative who would be ready to answer more questions on the product or service. 

You can also add guarantees that you can conveniently abide by; they could come in any form. The goal is that they trust you.

Clickable CTA

This is it. We are the endpoint. Your goal for designing an awesome landing page is to ensure that people have no reservations about clicking your CTA. The CTA is like the cherry on top, but it’s a very important "cherry on top." Think about what would be your CTA and decide on it. Don’t have a wavering CTA that would change each day you wake. Your CTA should speak to you. 

Make your CTA attractive and clickable by making it big. You want a giant CTA. It’s the endgame, so you don’t want your visitor to miss it. You can even use words that make people know what they are going to expect once they click. Check out 

Although most companies place a call-to-action (CTA) above the fold, your CTA is what you are asking your visitors to do o2n your landing page. Hence, it deserves its section in this article. If you need help writing a CTA, you can employ the services of a writing service such as Best Essay Writing Service UK.


Abide by these essential elements and you are going to dominate the market in no time. You can also examine your landing place and get suggestions from your colleague. Remember, the better the landing page, the bigger your customer base will get.

Author Bio: Sebastian Rice works as a writer, editor and copywriter for London-based best dissertation writing services and has a work experience of 3 years. He loves writing in various areas like inspiration, productivity, education, and technologies, both for blogging and academic writing.

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