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The 2022 Instagram Updates You Need to Know About

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Posted 10 months ago on April 8th, 2022. Last modified on April 16th, 2022

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Instagram always rolls out new features from time to time to keep the social networking experience as exciting as it could be for its users. There is no denying that Instagram filters are considered the best of all features, however, there are some additional useful add-ons that help improvise the social networking on the platform. There seem to be many updates from Instagram over the years. Let’s go over the ones that have been introduced in 2022.

Instagram Reels

Instagram launched a new feature, ‘Reels,’ in 2020, and it got massive success just after it was introduced to the users. You might be asking what exactly Instagram reels are? If you are an avid Facebook user, you might have seen some short-length reels or clips appearing up on your feed, right? These clips are usually very short in length. Instagram reels are like these short clips with time of 15 seconds to one minute. 

Instagram is performing some experiments over the reels feature to make it more user-friendly and interactive. However, the feature still has a lot of exciting add-ons that are helpful for the users in creating beautiful reels. 

The minimum duration of an Instagram reel is 15 seconds, and the maximum duration is approximately one minute. Instagram has tried to upgrade the duration period of the reels. In addition to the reels, Instagram has also added some test features on the application for users to try, such as a double exposure feature or timer.

Instagram reels are full-screen vertical posts of a few seconds to a minute that a creator can produce by editing multiple shorts easily. Even if someone does not want to combine multiple shorts in reels, they can simply shoot a video of one minute and make it interesting by using different features available. 

If you want to make your reels more engaging, more entertaining, and visually attractive, you can use some of the features explained below.

Music: You can add a song or simply a theme song in your reels.

Voice recording: Those who don’t want to use music can do some background commentary or voiceover to explain the content of the reels.

Text: Sometimes, users love to read texts with a video, primarily if a short visual story comprises images or short clips. You can elaborate the content of the reels by adding context here and there.

Additional features: The reel creators can also use stickers, emoji’s, and doodles to make video content artistic for the viewers. Moreover, some useful effects could enhance the format of the reels. These effects are just the same as you get for Instagram stories.

Instagram is trying to test some additional features for reels, such as a video layout that allows the users to shoot different videos in different windows and then combine those videos in reels. Another expected feature is a double feature that allows the video creators to capture a photo and then record a video.

Collaboration with people

You might have a pretty good idea that most influencers, fashion designers, and large-scale companies collaborate with famous people on Instagram to gain more followers. Considering this, Instagram has launched a new feature known as “Instagram posts collabs”, which allows the collaborating parties to make a post easily on their home feeds without much effort. 

In order to collaborate with anyone on Instagram, you first had to ask them to sponsor your post by creating a shootout for you in the form of image, text or video. You won’t have to ask anyone to create a post for you now, instead you can simply upload your content, optimize it, and use “Tag people” to invite your collaborator. Once the invitation is accepted, the post will appear on your feed as well as on the feeds of all the people you are collaborating with. Isn’t it an exciting feature?

Playback Memories

Instagram playback feature works just like Facebook memories. Never mind, these networks have a lot of similarities when it comes to features and new updates.

Instagram playback feature allows the users to reshare memories from the past year or event on their feeds. Suppose you uploaded some insane amount of beautiful family photos on New Year in 2022; you can simply re-share the post with features anytime to freshen up happy memories that you once created with your loved ones. Photos of happy moments are always refreshing and mind-blowing to look at. Share memories of good times with everyone to make their day wonderful.

Map Search

Up until now, everyone was raving about Google Map search, and why should they not? Google map shows all the nearby locations, showing you how much distance you will have to cover to reach your desired destination. Moreover, Google Map also lets users pick the location directly through a street map, and it shows all nearby places with names on it.

Just like Google Map, Instagram has introduced a feature, “Map Search” to its users. The feature can be found on the search option you normally use to search for a user name, hashtag or friend. 

By using the Instagram map search option, you can quickly find locations and places along with the prices of products. 

Professional dashboard for insights

Although Google Analytics is the best for insight on traffic, it only works on personal websites or domains. Instagram has updated the professional dashboard to a great extent by adding more features to it to ease business accounts and professional content creatures. New features would provide better analytics for assessing traffic quality and other demographic details such as gender, age, and location of visitors. In addition, it is very modern, offering many in-app tools that can help businessmen analyze the progress of their content. 

The dashboard was only giving insights of the past two months or 60 days, and now it shows all the statistics of the past three months or 90 days for those content creators who love to have an in-depth analysis report on how their content performed on Instagram.

Business accounts and professional content creators can measure overall account profiles using state-of-art insights that Instagram displays in the report. In addition, there are more useful add-ons to adore about the dashboard, such as promotion, branded content approval, Insta shopping, and saved replies. The users can now also get insights into their live Instagram video to analyze how well it worked and how many visitors it brought to the account.