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Tech Trends That Will Determine The Evolution Of Education In 2021

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Posted 2 years ago on March 26th, 2021. Last modified on May 18th, 2021

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In the era of Covid-19, the digital transition has accelerated its pace. The new normal and the new challenges have made organizations invest more money in new technologies to survive. During the coronavirus lockdown, learning from home was almost the only alternative for those who wanted to get skilled.

According to Payscale, by the end of 2021, over 20% of the total world’s workforce will do their work duties from home. For that reason, the need for educational tech tools will continue to grow. However, many employees in the education industry have been wondering how new technologies will impact the future of how we learn. To help you better understand what’s coming next, here’s how new technologies will impact education in 2021 and beyond.

Cloud Computing

In the past few years, data has become the new gold. These days, most companies are willing to spend vast amounts of money to keep their valuable information safe. While cloud computing is gaining more ground, physical databases are no longer necessary. Cloud computing has helped organizations to reduce office space. As a result, they have also been able to reduce office rent and personnel costs.

In the education industry, cloud computing is making learning and teaching more accessible. Today, online classrooms are becoming the new normal. Thus, learning from home is now much more comfortable. In 2021, platforms like Google Classroom have become indispensable. Google Classroom is a great tool to enhance the interaction between teachers and learners.

Remote learning has played an essential role in helping companies move forward. But it’s also affected in-class teaching. Although learning from home seems like a dream for many, it requires a lot more discipline. For example, when kids are at school, a teacher can approach them and draw their attention if necessary.

On the other hand, with remote learning, catching students’ attention can be a challenging task for teachers. For example, if a student is out of focus and isn’t worried about learning, there isn’t much a teacher can do. But, remote learning is indeed here to stay, and it’s making sharing relevant materials easier.

With Google Classroom, teachers can provide personalized and real-time feedback. Also, since everything is stored in the cloud, learners only need a link to get all the information necessary. For example, if you want to share a book with your students, you only need to give them the right link. Online classroom platforms also enable students to communicate with their tutors from anywhere. Hence, strengthening student connections won’t be a struggle. 

Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of AI, the demand for data scientists has increased. According to Bootcamp Rankings, there are more than 1,200 hirings companies and 25,000 open job listings. Also, their typical salary is $108,000 per year. Data scientists are the ones responsible for creating actionable insights. In that case, they can drive organizations to success.

In the education industry, companies take advantage of data scientist knowledge to offer more personalized services. Consequently, students feel engaged and can learn faster. Also, many companies are looking for tech professionals like software engineers. After all, the need for automated applications is increasing each day.

For a teacher, grading a whole class’s homework and exams can be time-consuming. With AI-powered platforms, teachers spend less time on repetitive tasks and can focus on other relevant duties. With artificial intelligence, companies can determine what students need and when they need it. Therefore, organizations can improve their curriculum to offer a better education.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is taking learning-by-doing to a whole new level. Years ago, learning how to repair a big machine at home was almost impossible. With virtual reality, maintenance workers only need a virtual reality set to immerse themselves in a digital environment and learn new skills. 

VR training will grow in the following years because it makes employee training less expensive and more accessible. Some companies also use VR training platforms to help C-suite members improve their hard and soft skills.


As days pass, the future of education seems ever more digital. These new technologies are helping companies take big strides. For that reason, companies will invest more money in emerging technologies to reinvent the market. If you seek to learn new skills these days, don’t be afraid to take advantage of remote learning. 

During the lockdown, many people enrolled in online coding bootcamps to get skilled. Keep in mind that e-learning is making education more accessible—even if you live in New Zealand, you can still take a US course.