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Should You Hide Your Quora Questions?

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Posted 3 years ago on April 15th, 2020. Last modified on April 17th, 2020

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In this new article, we are talking about Quora and more specifically if it is a good idea to hide your Quora Questions.

Let's get started.

Should you hide your Quora questions?

There is no doubt that the Q&A site is Quora is pretty addictive.

But what happens when you just want to ask a random question and your account is set up to work for your business or personal brand?

If we were working with somewhere like Twitter we would just make a second account.

And you can do this as well with Quora but why have two accounts and another set of logins when you can just have one set and just hide the questions you don't want to be shown on your profile.

Ok so two accounts is the way to go if your a big brand and multiple people are logging in but if you are an individual then you can make it easier on yourself by being clever with just one account.

How do you just use Quora without having to worry about how your profile looks?

The answer is, as mentioned a few lines back that you need to hide your questions.

Why you should hide your Quora questions?

When you ask a question the question you ask appears on your profile and that can be a problem if your account it's being used in relation to a specific niche.

Let's say you are pushing an SEO business but then you also like cats and also want to ask cat-related questions.

Well, you really can't if you want to maintain your professional brand image as an SEO expert.

People come to you to for help with their SEO then suddenly they find lots of unrelated questions.

But you can ask questions on literally any topic if you hide these questions from your profile.

Here is how you do it.

How to hide Quora Questions?

This is really easy to do.

Write your question as normal.

You are presented with 3 options before you submit the question:

Click on Public, top right of the question as shown in the screen capture below.


You are given 3 options

  1. Public - Others will see your identity alongside this question on your profile and in their feeds.
  2. Anonymous - Your identity will never be associated with this question.
  3. Limited - Your identity will be shown but this question will not appear in your followers' feeds or your profile.

By default, your questions are set to Public which means they will appear on your profile page.

So to hide your questions you need to select Limited and then click Add Question.

When you do this your questions are still attributed to you but they don't appear on your feed, so maintaining your business or personal brand.

More reasons to hide your Quora Questions

For some reason, Quora members hate members who write a lot of questions.

This is stupid considering that without questions you don't have a site.

What they hate are Partner Program members who write lots of questions and get paid to do so and they will often just attack anyone who has a lot of questions assuming they are Partner Program members.

They leave bad comments, report questions for what they consider to be rule breaks and just downvote questions for no good reason.

So what a lot of Partner Program members do is to hide their questions as highlighted above because when you hide your question your question total doesn't rise on your profile.

You could write 1000's and 1000's of questions.

But as long as they are posted as limited they do not appear on your profile and your question total will appear as zero.

Stolen Questions

It is not easy to come up with good questions especially on the English Quora site.

So when you do come up with a good question it is really annoying when it gets stolen.

A lot of members, particularly Partner Program members like to translate their questions to then post on other Quora Language sites.

If your questions appear on your profile there is a strong chance that your question can be copied into another language before you have had the chance to translate the question yourself.

This is Quora question stealing in my opinion, where someone sees your question and translates it to another language for their own benefit.


As you now understand hiding your questions can be a useful strategy.

If you are using your page as a professional or if indeed you are a Partner Program member.

A clean professional profile is what people who are looking for your services are looking for.

And if you write a lot of questions and want to protect them then just by posting as limited will protect you from the trolls.

It also gives you valuable time to translate them if that's what you like to do.

That's all for now.

So do you hide your questions let me know in the comments section below.

Be sure to subscribe to the comments so you are notified when I reply.

And of course you can follow me on Quora