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Screpy Review : AI-Based SEO & Web Analysis Tool

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Posted 2 years ago on March 29th, 2021.

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As website creators & marketers, we always want to further improve our clients' website's ranking and performance. To stay on top of all tasks, including the different important metrics (SEO Audit, Pagespeed, W3C Validator, Uptime Monitoring, and Google Rank Checker (SERP)

It becomes very time consuming with the increase in the number of clients.

All that changed recently as we came across the launch of Screpy.

Screpy is an AI based web analysis tool that can analyze the entire pages of a website in one dashboard. You can then monitor them with your team. Metrics that help improve increase pagespeed, improve your UX, eliminate cross device errors and boost overall SEO.

Screpy Features

A quick overview of the features packed in Screpy:

  • Pagespeed Analysis & Monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring & notifications
  • Technical SEO Audit & Monitoring
  • Google Rank Checker (SERP) (Mobile & Desktop)
  • Syntax Checker
  • Auto-Generated Tasks for All Issues
  • Security alerts, SSL Checker, and much more.

Starting With Screpy

Let's dive in and explore what Screpy can do and how we can leverage that.

From the start, you will be greeted with a simple interface.

Simply add a project and let Screpy take care of the rest. It will analyse the website pages, run them through AI-based analysis and different metrics.

Note: in this article we'll use the demo account, which is available for testing the product. You can follow along by clicking here.

Screpy project page

In the demo example we're analysing microsoft.com website. And notice you have the option to check the desktop website and mobile version of it. Above image is showing the overview general data.

Let's go into more details regarding each feature.

Auto-Generated Tasks

This feature basically collected all the data, after AI analysis, and presents them in form of tasks. Its impact rate each task and has a score rating.

The tasks include a quick overview, and detailed report, what the task is, why it matters, and how to fix it. Of course this applies to the entire website, so all the affected pages will be listed.

The step-by-step guide Screpy tasks list offers makes it really easy to understand what it is, the technicality of it, and how to fix it.

On the left side-bar, you can open Pages which gives you an overview of the website's pages, where you can read the report on each one.

Easy to Use Keyword Tracker

One of the hottest features in the SEO industry is Keyword tracking. In order to boost your site's SEO you need to know which keywords to focus on. This feature isn't new to the scene.

SEO giants like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest, etc.. they all have it. and for a reason, it's a great help!

The downside to those major names is the price. It's costly to pay monthly for the service. Luckily, Screpy gives us the keyword tracker included with the current lifetime deal they have running.

Why is Keyword Tracker so outstanding?

  • Check out the top 100 results for any keyword
  • Analyze the keywords in SERP for a specific location
  • Find out new keywords related to your niche or target audience
  • Full rank history
  • Keywords by regions
  • Average position and more.

By adding keywords, the system will track them, show SERP position, and other info such as related keywords. And of course this is available for both desktop and mobile search results.

You can export the keyword tracking result to CSV file.

Scrape Keyword Tracker

You can find out more about the powerful keyword tracker here.

Page Speed Monitoring

Website and page speed, load time, bloat-free.. These are focus key points in the web design industry nowadays. Everybody is looking for the clean code, fast loading websites, etc.. The reason is UX matters the most. And Google has made it a priority that UX does affect ranking, including Page Speed. We look to minimize bounce rate with a strong page speed.

Page Speed Monitoring in Screpy : Key Features

  • Analyze and get the results in seconds
  • Solid AI-based personalized solutions
  • Track your progress
  • Performance metrics
  • Auto-generated tasks
  • Lighthouse analysis and reports
Page Speed Monitoring

The dashboard is built with simple UI that's easy to understand and use.

You get the page speed average score, load time, page size & FCP (First Contentful Paint) time.

The reports are very simple to read and understand. Upon clicking show details of each page, you'll be taken to the full Lighthouse report. Where you can track performance score, best practices and even accessibility.

Website Uptime Monitoring

This has to be one of our favorite features. Web servers, regardless of how good and reliable they are, there still are maintenance, down-time, errors, website fails due PHP or plugins compatibilities, and countless other reasons. It's always better to get the news first before the clients do.

That's why the uptime monitoring feature is a must have for us.

Uptime Monitoring by Screpy

Tracking websites uptime, and getting immediate notifications helps us keep on top of the our game, and our clients always happy. Detailed response with time graph, all done with simple user interface.

Screpy All In One AI Powered SEO Toolbox

Screpy is feature packed, AI-powered SEO toolbox, that brings all the features you need with a single platform, and very affordable deal. All done without cluttering the display. Screpy has very clean and user-friendly UI.

There are more features that are worth exploring such as syntax checker (checking pages for synrax errors, warnings, and monitoring them). Other cool features are currently at the time of writing in progress, such as Google Analytics integration, backlinks, and more. You can check out the public roadmap here.

You can use the tool for SEO audit, ongoing projects management, or simply check your website for some quick stats and fixes.