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Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs A Lobby Digital Signage

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Posted 1 year ago on August 20th, 2021. Last modified on November 9th, 2021

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A good visitor experience is the essence of the hospitality industry and if you are a hotelier, you would totally agree with this.

Quite similar to how other industries wish to deliver the best customer experience and go out of their way to find appropriate solutions so does the hotel industry!

However, this lookout came to an end when they discovered Digital Signage to be the ultimate solution.

The stunning digital signage serves as a multipurpose solution for the hotel lobby area. Since Lobby is the first place where the staff members and visitors get in touch, it surely needs to be the charm and center of attraction for all hotels.

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the reasons to use hotel lobby digital signage along with its use case.

Let’s get started!

Help Your Guests In Finding Their Way

Easy navigation is of prime importance for hotels especially if your hotel is huge and offers various amenities. With such a multitude of amenities, there is a high chance of your guests losing their way while trying to navigate their room, the swimming pool, gymnasium, or some other area.

Displaying the digital map of your hotel on Lobby’s digital signage will help your guests easily find their way and they would be highly impressed with the concern shown towards them.

Moreover, after a long drive or a flight, losing their way while figuring out their room would be the last thing they would want and it might lead to agitation or irritation!

Give Your Lobby A Modern Touch

While we do agree that a presentable receptionist, a relaxing welcome drink, and an aesthetically designed lobby are of utmost importance, the strong presence of a Lobby’s digital signage would add to the look and feel of the area while taking it to the next level.

Placing hotel lobby digital signage displaying the USP & amenities of your hotel, a bird’s eye view of the hotel premises, or giving a glimpse of the cozy rooms on a screen would ultimately attract the eyes of the visitors and they would feel confident about the selection of the hotel.

Apart from this, a welcome message for the visitors would make them feel more special.

Moreover, digital signage would completely transform the look of the lobby and make it more modern and give your visitors an impression of a technologically advanced hotel.

Attract & Engage Your Guests With A Social Wall

Just like digital signage is a communication tool, a social wall takes the effectiveness of digital signage several steps ahead.

In simple terms, a social wall is a collection of aggregated social media feeds in a unified and attractive presentation format.

The content created by the visitors on social media can be aggregated together and placed on digital signage. All you need to do is motivate them to post content by hosting a fun activity within the hotel premises.

You can create a fun setup or a selfie point near an area with maximum guests like the swimming pool, restaurant, or bar, etc.

The users will be intrigued to click pictures with their family members in the fun setup. You can giveaway an attractive discount on drinks or gift coupons to the ones who post content on their social media handles using your hotel’s hashtag.

You can aggregate the content using a social media aggregator and display it on hotel lobby digital signage. The waiting visitors would also be pumped to participate in the activity since who would miss out on the chance to get featured?

Guest Safety = First Priority

All the aforementioned activities would only be possible when your guests are safe and sound! Disasters and uncalled-for situations arrive suddenly. Hence, the hotel must be thoroughly prepared to tackle it and protect the guests if need be so.

Such situations require the message to pass swiftly within seconds. You can display the emergency notifications and the preventive measures on digital signage and it can be broadcasted on all digital signages in your hotel including the lobby area.

Make sure that your hotel staff is properly trained and aware of how to deal with such situations since ultimately they would be guiding the guests to evacuate the rooms or the hotel premises and reach the safest area possible!


Closing Statement

Digital signage has gradually become a necessity for hotels. Not only is it required for the above use cases, but it also works tremendously to improve the internal communication of your hotel staff members and ensures the hotels’ smooth operation.

As mentioned earlier that a majority of hotels have adopted this tool to generate more revenues, if you have still not, then you surely are missing out on a lot.

Before concluding, we are hopeful that you must now be totally convinced to include digital signage in your hotel’s lobby. Get going now, leverage it to see it work its magic!