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Raising Awareness Activities for IDPs

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Posted 2 years ago on August 29th, 2019.

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Viyan Organization, one of our clients, is a non-profit organization based in Erbil. Providing medical relief & development services. Recently they've had a number of activities to raise awareness among the IDPs within Erbil Gorvernorate.

Psycho-Social Support Programme

14th May 2019,
Debagah 1 IDPs Camp within Erbil Governorate.

The focus is to define psycho-social support programme. Why it's important, and what a holistic psycho-social support programme looks like. The ways that distress can manifest in children. And identify the different layers of a complete psycho-social support programme. And how psychosocial support integrates into the humanitarian response.

19 Field staff from BCF, IOM, TDH and EJCC had benefit from this activity.

Psycho-social Support Programme

Oral Hygiene

11th June 2019,
Hasan Sham U3 IDPs Camp within Nineveh Governorate

An introduction to what Oral hygiene is, why it is important and how to maintain a good Oral Hygiene. Required tools & ways allowing people to have a good Oral Hygiene. Avoid numerous things that could affect oral health. Presented instructions for good Oral Hygiene during Pregnancy. Dental Caries (Briefly), Diet, and Psychological Intervention for cases that do not / cannot maintain proper Hygiene of Oral Cavity.

15 Field Staff from TDH Italy, IOM, BCF, Qandil and IDPs had benefit from this activity.

Oral Hygiene Erbil


Animals Bites & Insects Stings

27th June 2019,
Darashakran Syrian Refugees Camp in Erbil Governorate.

A General presentation on Animals and Insects Bites & Stings. Possible prevention methods, signs and symptoms. First Aid procedures and basic management including Emergency severe allergic reaction.

29 Camp Residents had benefit from this activity

 Animals Bites & Insects Stings – Awareness Activity

Diabetes Awareness Activity

24th July 2019
Kawrgosk Camp, Erbil Governorate

Encouraging the IDPs to eat healthily. Be physically more active. And avoid excessive weight gain through providing basic knowledge for the prevention of diabetes. Develops norms and behaviors for diabetes care and builds necessary awareness on its risk factors.

49 Camp Residents had benefit from this activity


 Diabetes – Awareness Activity

Vian Organization aims to provide medical relief & development services.

Contact the organization directly:

+964 751 210 3155
info [at] viyan-mrd.org
Apartment No. 13, Floor 20th, Justice Tower, Erbil – IRAQ
Work Hours:
9 AM – 5 PM (Saturday – Thursday)


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