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Posted 3 months ago on October 20th, 2022.

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What helps you make an accurate judgment about anything? Be it you in school, you in office or you with an investor or promoting your business online. All is measured on the basis of the performance isn’t it?

Performance data is the key to making the right decisions. Trackier is a tool that provides you with the following features.

  • Customer Retention
  • Helps in Automate payments & commissions, Set Thresholds
  • Customised Data Reporting
  • Protect interests, Fraud Shields
  • Form Trust With Your Partners

Imagine you have X number of influencers and affiliates, now you wish to know which of your influencers or affiliates are giving you maximum Return of investment (ROI). This will help you decide where to invest and how to budget your Ad Spend.

Tips to propel your performance Marketing Strategies:

Performance marketing, a digital marketing discipline in which an advertiser only pays with the customer acts. This could be click, purchase, view or an App download.

What to consider while creating a performance marketing campaign.


Marketing Campaign should be goal Oriented. One should deep dive into the marketing analytics to understand what works best for their business and how this might convert into a performance marketing strategy. Tempt to focus only on sales, but don't forget to use performance marketing channels to generate interest in the mind of the customers.

Brand Voice:

Performance marketing purely operates on data . Even if you are able to reach your audiences through laser-focussed accuracy by making use of the performance marketing data, the brand positioning plays a key role as you should know how to persuade your customers. Aim to use best performance marketing tactics to put out your message.

Mix and Promote

To get the best of performance marketing, efforts should be made through different channels. The customer acquisition cost is volatile, so depending on one channel will not be a great decision as such rapid changing acquisition cost can damage your business. It's wise to maintain a balance.

Marketing Strategies to rely on:


Using data to provide personalised customer experience. Using Dynamic remarketing the ads can be tailored on the basis of customer behaviors which increases the chances of customer interest and conversion.

For example a customer who picks a product , add to its virtual cart and leaves it there. With the help of performance marketing data you can encourage the customer to buy the product using social media ads.

Influencer Marketing

The most happening way of marketing in today's world. It forms trust and an emotional connection in the mind of the customer. It's cost- effective only if used wisely. As the influencers are growing its difficult to identify which influencers are actually giving your brand business growth. Here a tool like Trackier helps provide you and analytic tool with payment streamlining feature

Visual Search

Using Image search tools like Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, Amazon, Microsoft, Instagram the most popular tools with visual search capabilities. Putting your creativity here will help you gail likability towards your brand and even engagement that can lead to conversion/ customer acquisition.