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Posted 1 year ago on October 14th, 2021.

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Relocating a commercial space or an office is not everyone's cup of tea. It involves a lot of technicalities and requires a proper plan. From property management and assembling of goods to a safe transfer, there are multiple things for consideration. But, do not worry if you have never relocated your workspace before.

I have ample experience in this niche, and today I am going to discuss all the details regarding relocation. I will shed light on some broad categories like office removals, international relocation, commercial moving, and workplace relocation.

Now let us discuss each category:

How to Safely Relocate an Office or a Workplace?

Remember, it is not a single-day process. You need to follow all the steps to ensure a safe transfer. These steps are described below:

Step 1

  • You should plan at least 6 months before relocating your office. In this way, you will be able to take care of all major and minor stuff.  
  • Check out the property lease. Leaving the property early will cost you in terms of deposit.
  • Make a team that will be responsible for everything included in the relocation.
  • Search for the best mover, take quotes, check reviews, and compare.
  • See if you need insurance for expensive items.
  • Based on your research about movers, select a specific budget.

Step 2

  • After selecting a final time for relocation, notify your landlord about it.
  • Create a list of parties whom you want to communicate about relocation.
  • Communicate the additional duties and responsibilities of employees during the transfer.
  • Sign an agreement with the professional mover.
  • Have a meeting with the IT department and see what technical changes are needed.
  • Send your new contact details and address to suppliers, partners, and affiliates.

Step 3

  • Measure the new space and create a floor plan for the new office.
  • Create a list of inventory for the new office.
  • Order furniture, if needed, for the new workspace.
  • Make color codes for every department.
  • Allot seat and employee numbers.
  • Make arrangements for the moving day like parking space, elevators, etc.
  • Create a moving day plan and discuss it with the mover.
  • Jot down the emergency numbers and distribute them among employees.
  • Contact the internet vendor and book a date.
  • Contact the telephone service center and place a request for your new office.

Step 4

  • On your moving day, allot some representatives to ensure all color-coded items are placed in the right place.
  • Also, ensure that all computer-related equipment is transferred first.
  • Do not forget to arrange some refreshments for employees and the moving staff.

Step 5

  • Thoroughly install and activate all the systems after successfully relocating the office to a new place.
  • Activate phone lines, computers, and other technical equipment.
  • Check everything in detail and report in case of any damage.
  • Place a welcome note on every employee's desk.

Now, if you have no clue about selecting a moving company. Read below to get some knowledge about the offers that you can get:

Office Removals

Office removal facility is divided into further categories like:

  • Internal department transfer within the same building
  • Transfer to a different country
  • Entire office relocation
  • Selective department relocation to a new building

Porterage Service

There is a porterage service in which the team transfers all or selective items to a new place. For this, we need a team of skilful porters that are well-experienced in transferring items. This service is available for both long-term transfers or day-to-day needs.

For ensuring a smooth transfer, an on-site supervisor and a project manager are mandatory. Furthermore, this process will require four key steps, which are:

  • Assembling
  • Packing
  • Storing
  • Disassembling

Things to Consider

Office relocation involves many technicalities because of the items involved. These items include office furniture, computers, and other technological products, files, and stationery.

Before selecting a moving company, talk to their customer service representative and see how professional their team is. Ask questions related to the handling of technological equipment, furniture, office papers, etc. Also, check online reviews and see their insurance policy.

Commercial Relocation

Relocation facility is not just for offices. Other commercial things like museums, libraries, schools, gyms, hospitals, laboratories, etc. can also get the relocation services. Some professional movers also disassemble as well as reassemble the furniture.

Apart from it, they can even do minor repairs. But, you need to discuss everything in their plan. Opting for a plan that includes everything can save you from the hassle of searching different technicians for different purposes.

Therefore, go for a plan that includes everything under one roof. This will enable you to smoothly get back to your business.

International Relocation

If you are planning for an international relocation, hiring international movers is a must. But, you should have enough knowledge about selecting the right mover for overseas relocation. Let us see how you can evaluate an international mover?

  • Find a reputable mover with numerous positive reviews and a high rating.
  • Opt for the one who is clear about the pricing and plans. In this way, you can get rid of the hidden charges.
  • Always consider the pickup and delivery time and convert the time as per your country.
  • Choose a company that provides a separate project manager for your project. In this way, you will deal with the same person every time.
  • Select a company that is clear about its international storage options.
  • Never opt for a company that does not support a tracking system.

The Best Tips for Commercial and International Relocation

In short, relocation looks tricky for the first time. But, if you hire a professional moving company, all your business essentials get transferred easily. Besides this, you get insurance and a proper plan for your relocation. This enables you to smoothly start your business from a new location. Whether it is an intercity relocation or an international shift, consulting a professional mover can save you from a big hassle.