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New Trends Businesses Are Using for their Commercials

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Posted 1 year ago on January 7th, 2022.

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The business world is slowly but assuredly moving into the era of artificial intelligence, smart technologies, and state-of-the-art-infused platforms. These technologies and platforms provide futureproof marketing and performance-enhancing solutions to businesses of all sizes. The birth of new technologies and software has brought about a gazillion high-end trends. These are five trends businesses are using for their commercials today.

Video Marketing

Exactly 84 percent of marketers say that video marketing enabled them to attract more audiences and generate more leads. Videos combine the power of visual content and copywriting to connect your business to more local and international clients. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have streamlined video consumption and broadened the market for businesses. Creative use of whiteboard videos, where advertisers blend interesting stories with relatable characters and drawings to pass forward the story or virtues of a business has increased lately. Videos are entertaining and informative, and if properly used, multiply a business's conversion rates, leads, and sales.

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Programmatic and AI Marketing

Programmatic ads actuated and powered by artificial intelligence have been a boom this year. Many established and medium-sized brands have used programmatic ads to reach their targeted audiences. Programmatic platforms powered by AI are making it easier for businesses to manage multiple channels to connect to their customers. These platforms use real-time adaption and targeting signals to optimize the efficiency of campaigns and ads processed through different channels. Programmatic and AL marketing employ the use of voice commands and voice search to boost engagement and communication.

QR Codes

QR codes have gained massive traction over the recent years, but experts say that the best of QR code power is yet to be discovered and tapped. QR codes serve as powerful interactive tools, enabling consumers to retrieve important information related to a product to guide their purchase decisions. Scanning QR codes on phones trigger multiple actions. It could cause sending of SMS messages, the opening of a website, or a phone call. Adding QR codes on your print ads, TV spots, business cards, and brochures is certainly one of the best ways to connect your audience to the products and services you offer without paying heftily for marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Businesses no longer trust the traditional method of celebrity endorsement. The birth of social media and other always-on interactive platforms enables brands to easily connect with credible and popular influencers operating within their niche. Influencer marketing has gained massive traction over the years, primarily because many consumers are more likely to trust celebrities and public figures, and their friends than companies and brands. When a brand or company uses trusted influencers to reach out to a target audience, it multiplies the chances of such a brand or company attracting and winning new clients.

Mobile Advertising

Over 6.378 Billion people own a smartphone, and over 4.28 billion people use their smartphones to browse the internet. The number keeps growing every dawning day, meaning the probability of getting and retaining a customer through mobile advertising keeps growing every day. Millions of people spend hours a day on their smartphones watching videos, browsing the internet, and shopping, which means if a brand capitalizes on mobile advertising, they are sure to gain more audience and win more clients. In-app ads, in-game ads, and website ads are some of the best ways for a business to optimize the use of mobile devices to win more clients.

As 2021 ends, brands and businesses should analyze and pinpoint the best marketing platforms and strategies that would work for their businesses come 2022. The trends we mentioned above have been around for some time but are likely to be more profitable and efficient come 2022, so it's time you took that bold decision!