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List of The Best Magento Extensions for your eCommerce web app

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Posted 12 months ago on February 10th, 2022. Last modified on February 24th, 2022

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As we all know, Magento development services offer a wide range of free and paid extensions which can be used to enhance the performance of your eCommerce website.

Magento is a well-known platform to develop an eCommerce website, so it provides many features, extensions, and modules. But you need to ensure that you install extensions from official websites.

The blog will give knowledge of various extensions that can be used to develop an eCommerce website. Given below are some of the best Magento extensions which you can use.

Top Magento extensions

Let us go through the well-known Magento extensions included in eCommerce app development services.

Xero integration

Xero is mainly an accounting application that helps all sizes of businesses to manage and handle accounts from the cloud-based server.

Such extension as a service model has made accounting easier for various businesses to provide a monthly subscription based on their requirements. It also supports automatic synchronization of store data.


  • Easy to integrate Xero to an online store in a few steps
  • Easily sync your store contacts with Xero
  • Handle accurate figures of store
  • Limits duplication of invoice
  • Auto-updates the records
  • Uses cron job scheduling to update the record


It is the first customer data activation platform that will help businesses wisely with customer attachment all over every channel and allow marketing teams of all sizes to provide customized experiences at scale. 

The business that has an online store digitally, each vertical partner with BlueShift will make good use of its existing customer data and move significant experience needed in today’s time by all the customers.


  • It will organize your first-party eCommerce data in less time, like product catalogue data, purchase history, visitor activity, page visits, transactions, and much more.
  • Adjust past and new orders for real-time like user behaviour, cart events, purchase events, and more from an online store.
  • Develop enhanced segments to exploit all first-party and real-time data.
  • Exploit customer subscription management to neglect unwanted messages.


It is mainly an eCommerce product discovery tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that will enable you to customize and place it in context product recommendations to enhance the customer's shopping experience.

Unbxd tool will also help the online stores to maintain records of their inventory for new additions, deletions, or any changes in the product description.


  • Automated catalogue sync for adding and deleting products.
  • Indexing the catalogue at high speed
  • The logging system will help you look for the items in the indexing queue.
  • Integration of analytics will make a unique shopper profile and boost customization.
  • Simple search integration will provide many UI/UX libraries that will help you develop a search interface.

Searchanise smart

It is an advanced version of an intelligent search tool for your Magento-based eCommerce store. The smart search will enable you to smoothly exchange your default Magento search with advanced and intelligent search.

The advanced intelligent search will enhance the hunt for products, categories, and content pages with rapid search suggestions simultaneously when you type. It will also suggest typo correction and personalization.


  • It will search as you type.
  • Search for the products, collections, and content pages.
  • Live price in-stock status and product reviews.
  • Spell check as well as typo correction.
  • Autocomplete the search for products, categories, and content pages.
  • Personalization and product filters.

Ideal postcodes

It will offer address autocomplete and postcode lookup for your online store address forms. Good postcodes can speed up checkouts for the shop owners, enhance delivery, and assure that the correct addresses are collected.

Such extensions will add address validation that includes an actual time address autocompletion and postcode lookup on eCommerce app development services address forms.


  • Completion of address automatically and validation.
  • Postcode lookup.

ClickSend SMS

It is mainly software used for B2B communications which will provide online stores with the capacity to smoothly send and receive SMS, email, voice, and much more.

Whether it is a transaction message or multi-channel marketing campaign through a web app, such software will enable businesses to attach with their customers and organise on their adopted channels with the help of a single platform.


  • Such software will enable you to send SMS automatically using its platform.
  • You can send SMS to your customers when an order is placed or shipped.
  • It will allow you to use a placeholder in the message.
  • Set a number or form name of the news.


The above mentioned are some of the fantastic extensions of Magento development services that will enable you to make it simple, automate, and augment your eCommerce business.

Using the correct extensions from the ones mentioned above for your eCommerce business will improve productivity and seamlessly manage your store's work. Furthermore, with the help of such extensions, it can also help you increase user engagement in your store.