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Landing Pages Optimization: Writing & Design Tips

Freelance writer who has a love for creativity & a passion for helping others. She works as a blogger at datingjet.com covering topics of relationships & love in general

Posted 2 years ago on April 8th, 2021. Last modified on September 14th, 2021

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The online network is an important way to develop a business, make it prospective and popular. Leading companies are trying to broaden their landing pages. This process is ongoing, as new techniques appear all the time.

Keep in mind several simple and at the same time effective instruments to stay at the top all the time. Ensure your website visitors feel you are taking care of them and let them use only the best options.

The Importance Of Landing Page Optimization

To start with, the landing page is not the homepage. Landing pages are single-minded and attached to certain audience content. It serves to visitors to make different actions and operations, among which are sharing the content, downloading, purchasing, login, and other options, which depends on the sphere of work.

Unlike the homepage, which is created to share information, landing pages tend to convert it.   The performance of the landing page is not only important. It designates how many visitors and demands your community will get in the future. The optimization has several elements:

  • Design
  • Navigation
  • Messaging
  • Planning
  • Images

All the regarded parts are created under the information gathered about customers, their needs, and behavior. The best landing pages may inspire you to dive into this sphere and try to find out more.

To make it shorter, the landing page optimization has the next advantages:

  1. More leads and sales
  2. Increased conversion processes
  3. Better user sophistication
  4. Motivated visitors
  5. Successful performance

It is only the list of short upshots, which you may reach with the perfect landing page optimization. Each page is like the other world, which has its peculiarities and specifics of work. The main issue before coming to the optimization is the right designated targeting audience.

Keep in mind, the optimization of the landing pages is an ongoing process. Hence, be attentive all the time and follow the newest updates.

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Writing Tips For Perfect Landing Page optimization

In order to provide your website with valuable conversions, keep the next tips in mind. The key point is that the well-established design cannot save the situation. The text stuff is so important as well.

Target Audience

To attract new customers, you have to think forward to who they are. It is the first step, without which the next actions do not have any sense. Define the age, characteristics, involvement, and needs of the potential members.

Sometimes companies in the landing pages try to attract a big number of people that all go wrong. It is recommended to define a certain narrow part of the society and work on their loyal attention. If you have a landing page about IT, thus it is not essential to involve people.

Important Facts On The First Place

Well-known that people pay attention only during the first several seconds. It is all time you have to tell about your intentions. Try to figure out in the first few words what you are special at and good for.

In case you make the landing page for the purposes of the dating jet, write down the purposes, functions, and audience of it.

Features Are Like Benefits

When you are starting to write down about your services’ unique and helpful features, make them like benefits. Each feature is unique, so it has a beneficial and useful influence on the user experiences.

On the Alexa Blog, you may find influential examples. It is about the first iPod in human history. The first iPod had only about 1 Gb of memory, but the developers did not pay attention to it. They said all about the 1 000 songs in your pocket.

Thus, the transmission of the features into the benefits is the great and mostly working lifehack.

Write Directly To The Reader

Sometimes you may open the landing website and review the first or third person. Then you think about whom this article is dedicated to. Considering it, speak directly to the user.

It is often valuable to use different direct sentences to encourage people to action. Concentrate more attention on the user and his needs rather than your company and brand.


In the modern world, people have shortened time to overview the long reads and whole articles. Interactively bring the important information. For instance, use the:

  • Bullet lists
  • Short paragraphs. 3-4 sentences in one paragraph are enough.
  • Bold and underline important facts.
  • Make headings and subheadings.

Taking all writing tips into consideration, you see they are simple but valuable. Of course, it is possible to find out more recommendations. However, take care of these first steps to make them an interesting and reliable base for the further development of the content.

Design Tips For Landing Pages Optimization

As the user opens the landing page, it is important to show him something else apart from the text. Some websites have a really glaring community, while others are shyer. The key factor is to find you the golden middle among those sides. Follow the next recommendations to fit the customer’s needs.

Recognizable Design

The popular way to establish a personal brand is to make unique elements on the platform. For instance, different logos, schemes, photos, colors will make your features unrepeatable.  Remember to rebrand the sign from time to time. As the overlooked patterns are not so good as well.

White Spaces

White color is plausible and has a noticeable impact on the outlook of the landing website. Make different white spaces to redirect the attention of the readers. On the both first and more precise look, such as the page will be astonished. Here is a nice example for you!


Interesting pages are not dazzling, but full of contrast. Talking about different informational notes or facts, make them different using:

  1. Size contrast
  2. Colour contrast
  3. Shape contrast

Such elements allow the users to stand out from different chapters and choose what they want most of all to review.

Video Or Images Content

There are a lot of ideas of diversification for the content. However, the video on the landing page is not the best idea. The videos take all the attention from the customers. As a result, all the attention is refocused on the playing.

Images and GIFs are what you need. It is better to make your own GIF to implement them on the website’s content.

Final Thoughts

As it was said before, the landing page predicts your success or crash in the activity. There are a lot of useful tips and recommendations to follow. The most important rule is not to hurry up. Making the first powerful work on the writing and design tips, you will save your time in the future.

About the Author: Theresa Cofield is a freelance writer who has a love for creativity and a passion for helping others. She works as a blogger at datingjet.com where she covers the topics of relationships and love in general.