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How to Optimize Marketing Content to Get Hits Among International Customers

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Posted 1 year ago on June 13th, 2021. Last modified on September 2nd, 2021

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Whether you operate as a small business or an international company, reaching out to potential customers worldwide is always a net positive. According to Smart Insights, 89% of internet users are outside the US, with 72% spending their time on sites that feature their native languages.

Even though English may be the lingua franca of our era, optimizing your marketing content for international customers will require a more calculated approach. Let’s discuss what you can do to engage the global audience for your brand’s benefit in 2021.

Choose your Messaging and Visuals Carefully

Marketing your content internationally means that you will have to make your advertisement content as neutral as possible. Think of it this way – would your blog or social media posts appeal to people in the US, Russia, and Egypt at the same time? Choosing to market your brand internationally means that you will have to appeal to different demographics with the same type of content. While companies such as Coca-Cola can afford to localize each marketing campaign for different countries, small businesses can rarely do the same.

Utilize Local SEO

To reach internet users in different regions around the world, you should consider investing time and resources into local SEO. Local SEO refers to content marketing optimization specific to different countries and languages. These include claiming your Google Business, localizing your website content, and gathering local reviews. You can also make good use of 5 effective international green marketing strategies to appeal to more international customers. The more content you create and gather in different languages, the better your links will rank in those countries.

Localize your Content Marketing

Speaking of localization, you mustn’t simply “translate” your content via machine learning akin to Google Translate and call it a day. As we’ve mentioned, you will need to cater to different language groups as best as you can to gain their trust. Writing and subsequently localizing content with cultural and social language aspects in mind is crucial for a successful international marketing campaign. Keep translation companies review close by and aim to localize any piece of content you create in English (or your native language). This will signal both to Google’s SEO algorithm and international customers that you are committed to creating localized content.

Make Use of International Social Media Pages

Reaching out to international customers through a single social media page present on each platform is somewhat difficult. Once you localize your content, you will want to publish it on different social media pages dedicated to different countries or languages. This will ensure that each audience segment is catered to directly instead of simply publishing content in English and hoping for the best. Likewise, it’s good practice to appoint social media managers, either in-house or remote, to monitor and engage each language on social media platforms.

Reach Out to Local Influencers

Working with influencers from around the world is an extremely effective way to reach your audience quickly. According to Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of customers depend on influencer recommendations, with 74% trust social media content when making a purchasing decision. Social media and blog influencers in France, Spain, Italy, and Germany among others can help you target specific language groups more easily. Balance micro and macro-influencers based on your budget and marketing strategy as to not overspend on influencer marketing. You will be able to reach their audiences in exchange for an agreed-upon compensation, and both parties will benefit from it.

Wrapping Up

Marketing your brand to international customers isn’t difficult – however, it is somewhat complex in the way that you have to localize marketing content. Meeting people halfway by translating your website, blog posts, and content on social media will do wonders to turn them into followers and customers. Choose a set of languages suited for your digital marketing strategy and business goals and commit to long-term international marketing to see results.

Bio: Michael Carr is a career content writer, marketer, and copywriter with years of practical experience in the digital marketing industry. His passion for writing is eclipsed only by his love of advertisement. Michael enjoys writing blog posts, case studies, and essay papers, both academic and marketing-related. Michael likes to read in his spare time.