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How to Keep Track of Sale Commission and Orders using Sales Agent for WooCommerce?

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Posted 10 months ago on February 12th, 2022. Last modified on February 14th, 2022

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Today, the rise of inventory management and sales commission tools has revived the WooCommerce industry, providing a great perk of getting ahead in the marketplace. The notion of managing sales agents can be a tedious task for certain companies, and the need to calculate the commissions is a comprehensive and tedious process.

It enables WooCommerce businesses with a powerful and robust sales agent plugin that instantly computes sales commissions and keeps track of your potential customers and their precise information.

What is a Sales Agent for WooCommerce?

Sales Agent is a precise solution for managing your company’s sales agents and commissions. It enables the sales agent to create new customer profiles and keep track of their orders. Admin can simply set commission percentage values for sales agents and view essential sales data on their dashboards.

Precisely, sales agents also have a specific dashboard; they can review multiple information about their customers, order placement, commissions acquired, and relevant statistical information.


Some of the followings are the features of a Sales Agent for WooCommerce:

For Sales Agent:

  • Creates new customer profiles.
  • Creates multiple orders for their customers.
  • Display orders and commissions.
  • Receive emails and notifications.

For Administrators:

  • Creates a commission structure for multiple categories.
  • Assigns multiple commission categories to sales agents.
  • Develop and edit multiple sales agent profiles.
  • Generate monthly performance reports.
  • Export the monthly commission list.

How to Setup and Activate the Sales Agent for WooCommerce?

Following are the steps that are required to set up and activate the Sales Agent for WooCommerce:

Step # 1:

Download the plugin’s zip file from WordPress.org.

Step # 2:

Hover to the WordPress Admin Dashboard, & Click on Plugins.

Step # 3:

Click on the “Add New” button in the top left corner.

Step # 4:

Click on the “Upload” plugin button and upload your ZIP file, which you’ve downloaded earlier.

Step # 5:

Click on the “Install now” button.

Step # 6:

After successful installation, click on the “Activate” link.

Adding Commission Categories?

Following steps are required for adding multiple commission categories:

  1. Go to the wp-menu, and click on Commission Category.
  2. Add the name of the commission category.
  3. Add a slug (slug is the URL-friendly version of the name).
  4. Add a description of your category commission.
  5. Add the percentage commission.
  6. Click on the Add New button that refers to the commission created, and the admin will assign it to the agent).

Why Should You Choose a Sales Agent for WooCommerce?

Sales Agents for WooCommerce provide users with many features and relevant considerations that make it a suitable extension for users to implement in their respective industries. Hence, the following are some of the intuitive benefits of the Sales Agent for WooCommerce:

·                   Sales Agent Dashboard

sales agent dashboard

The dashboard highlights the specific area for sales agents to add their customers, view notifications, and compute commissions.

·                   Global Commissions

Global Commissions sales agent

Enables users to create, assign and edit commission percentage values for sales agents.

·                   Export list of commission

Export list of commission sales agents

Enables users to export a filterable list of all the commissions regarding the sales agent they have acquired.

·                   Categories of Commission

Categories of Commission

Assign yourself with each sales agent to a differing commission percentage.

·                   Develops Order as a Customer

sales agent Develops Order as a Customer

Users can simply create sales agents to purchase on behalf of their potential customers.

·                   Admin Dashboard

sales agent Admin Dashboard

Users can view the monthly performance summary that consists of numbers for the created customers, sales agents, orders, paid commissions, and pending commissions for each month.

Area of Sales Agent Management

Users can easily create, edit, and delete sales agent profiles with relative ease. The admin can also change the status of the commission for each agent.

Front End

The following instances are highlighted on the front-end user interface:

  • Admin can view all the commission-based categories with commission percentage.
  • Admin can view, edit, & delete commission categories.

Viewing Commission Lists?

In the Commission List, the admin can do the following functionalities:

  • Admin can view the commission list or details.
  • Admin can edit the commission list or details.

Step # 1:

Go to Agents, and Click on the Commission List.

  1. Admin can search by the agent’s name and filter by date [from to].
  2. Admin can export all the commission [export will be applied if a search is applicable].
  3. Name of Agent.
  4. Number of Orders.
  5. Date of Order.
  6. Value of Commission.
  7. Status of Order.

Step # 2

Enables the option to delete or edit.

Step # 3

Click on the Export button (search applicable), and Go to Export CSV.

Changing Commission Status

To view commission details, the admin can change the status of any commission whether paid, pending, or canceled via a dropdown menu. They can also view details that include:

  • Number of Order
  • Number of Dates
  • Status of Commission: Admin can simply change the status of commission for pending, paid, cancelled.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Sales Agent for WooCommerce is a robust and powerful WooCommerce extension that provides intuitive solutions to monitor the sales, commissions, and orders of SMEs, enterprises, and businesses. Hence, the above-mentioned discussion highlights the overall concept, features, and working process of the Sales Agent for WooCommerce.

To learn more, read the technical documentation here.

Author Bio: Lisa Powell is a digital marketing expert with many years of experience in marketing strategies for different platforms. She is also a guest blog author who loves to share her knowledge with the audience by blogging on various topics.