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How to Host a Virtual Conference: 10 Expert Tips

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Posted 1 year ago on October 27th, 2021. Last modified on November 9th, 2021

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Are you looking to connect with different business experts at a time? Go virtual and make the most of online conferences. The digital format of meetings, summits, or conferences allows several individuals to take part in an event, irrespective of their location or time zone. 

To know more, let us walk you through 10 expert tips on hosting a virtual conference;

Be clear with the conference objectives

It is important to determine the definite purpose or reasons behind hosting the Virtual Conference. This determination helps create a roadmap on how to take your conference forward. Also, you need to understand your target audience or potential attendees who'll be participating. With this learning, you'll be able to confirm the conference topics and relevant features that will raise the level of the virtual event.

Once you finalize this, you can explain the same to your audience that will help them set their expectations and hopes from the online conference.

Choose your virtual conference solution wisely

With so many individuals coming together at a time, it is extremely important to choose a secure and reliable virtual conference platform

Event organizers need to ensure that the sensitive data and personal details remain intact. Let us also understand some more features of an ideal online conference platform;

  1. Customizable interface
  2. Easy navigation
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Engagement features
  5. Social media integration
  6. Live-streaming
  7. Detailed analytics
  8. Follow-up

Create an impressive landing page

A compelling landing page is an excellent tool to lure more attendees. Hence, you can get really creative while designing your landing page. Include eye-catching graphics, lively imagery, clips of the speakers, and a catchy line to impress more people. Do not forget to mention the date, time, and registration link of your virtual conference. It is to ensure that you do not miss out on any new participants.

Conduct shorter sessions

A virtual conference involves people attending the event from across the globe. Hence, in order to keep each of them involved and hooked throughout the event, you need to plan shorter sessions to avoid attendee drop-offs. With attendees participating virtually, we need to understand that distractions are simply one click away. Therefore, take your time, and plan your sessions precisely. You can also include periodic breaks to erase the dullness of an online meeting, conference, or townhalls.

Bring different speakers

Speakers play a significant role in delivering bizarre and novel event experiences to your attendees. So, it is important to get notable industry experts onboard. Experts who are experienced or skilful are versed with the art of delivering the content remarkably. It is an effective way to make the session more interesting and keep the audience engaged.

Promote audience engagement

Attendees are the heart of any virtual event. Besides keeping them engaged, it is also necessary to include features that will help them have 1:1 or group discussions. You can leverage a live chat feature that will help them interact with other attendees. 

You can add exciting tools like live polls or Q&As to make the conference sessions even more interesting and interactive. It will allow the speakers and attendees to have 2-way communications in real-time.

Other than this, virtual event platforms also offer pop-up features or push notifications to inform everyone about the live and forthcoming sessions along with their speakers. If people find them interesting, they can simply join the live session or add the upcoming one to their calendars so they do not miss joining them.

Platforms like Dreamcast also offer an AI matchmaking tool to let like-minded people connect and make new bonds. Besides this, they provide a B2B meetings scheduler to let the attendees and exhibitors decide on a mutual time to connect, post the event.

Event organizers can also add business card exchange, social wall, a signature wall, photo booths, etc to arouse more excitement among the attendees.

Make way for sponsors

Sponsors are the code to increase the ROI of your conference. Hence, it is important to make them feel benefited. For this, you can display their brand logo, colors, or content on the large digital screens of the virtual stage. You can create dynamic banners, sponsored games, or allot a vital portion of the social wall to display their products and services. This way, it becomes easier for them to obtain prospect leads or potential customers. If exhibitors actually find it productive or fruitful, there are chances that they would most likely sponsor your upcoming events too.

Create an effective marketing plan

Marketing and promotion are the tools to enhance your global reach and let more people know about the online conference. With the advancement of social media platforms, you can create hashtags related to the conference. It will help enhance the reach of the online conference. You can ask your exhibitors and speakers to post about the event on social media channels so their followers or fans would also be aware of the event. Alongside, you can use email marketing, run promotion ads, or write SEO-optimized blogs to promote your event.

Provide real-time customer support

It is an essential feature of an ideal virtual conference platform to help attendees with any kind of help required during the live event. Whether it is about login, platform navigation, or feature usage concern, keeping a mindful team always works well for virtual and hybrid conferences.

Besides this aspect, you should also test the platform features, system configurations, rehearse with the speakers, and check the Internet connections. With all these assertions, you head towards hosting a successful virtual conference.

Detailed reporting and insights

Once you are done deciding the strategies and plans of hosting an event virtually, you also need to check the progress or success of the same. So, it's essential to select a robust online event solution that provides you with a thorough record of your digital footprint. They also help you with the count of downloaded content, questions asked to the exhibitor or speaker, online registrations, and many more. These insights give you a profound understanding of the success of the online event. It will help you realize if you met the event goals and objectives proposed in the beginning.

Hope the article was helpful in understanding the aspects of how to take your conference online. If you still have any doubts, you can get in touch with Dreamcast today!