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How to Ensure Proper Operations While Running a Multi-Geography Business?

Posted 2 years ago on May 11th, 2021. Last modified on September 3rd, 2021

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Today, many organizations have been expanding their officers and stores in different cities and countries. But did you know that geographic growth involves dealing with logistic difficulties as well as changing management structures? Well, yes!

From a very starting point, companies feel to expand their reach into new markets and this primarily results in forcibly managing multiple locations. Managing multiple locations is undoubtedly a tough task, and business owners or higher management find it cumbersome to keep an eye on all the locations at times! However, the most common challenges while managing multiple locations include loss of productive communication, complex work assignments, mismanagement of time, and complex logistics.

But you know all of these challenges can be easily overcome if some set of rules are strictly followed by the organization. Let us understand in this article how you can ensure better efficiency and enhanced operations while running a multi-geography business.

Incorporate New Technology

With the help of the internet and the huge search for the availability of collaborative tools that have already spread throughout the market, Technology has become the most crucial part of any organization. The major advantage of incorporating the latest technology such as ERP software into your business is that it can assist your organization cut down the business travel expenses if there are multiple locations across the globe.

Although businesses depend on custom-built software platforms and other collaborative platforms for better efficiency while some of the organizations make use of the most commonly used tools that are easily available and are cheap. The most commonly used tools include Facebook, Google documents, Gmail, and calendar that are specially implemented for better training and communication purposes. So, it does not matter how many different locations your business has, you can easily bring new technology to the business for sure shot success.

Put Right Systems

It is a very famous statement that systems and great business ideas help businesses and people run systems efficiently. Hence to standardize the communication quality, product quality, and result quality you should always have the right systems at the right place. Better systems will help you get duplicate officers while assisting you in achieving success in a short period. Moreover, the systems will also reduce the training times as well as supervision required.

The key element here is to place vivid boundaries, authority, and responsibilities. It is because unclear and vague responsibilities generate numerous cracks into the system from which all kinds of data will start to drop. So to give your business a better kick start, you should, first of all, make it very clear for every employee about their responsibilities. However, this can be easily achieved with the help of an organizational structure that can be easily combined with an efficient system that will measure every employee and will count on everyone for offering work responsibilities regardless of the location they are based out.

Emphasize More on Communication

It is a fact that to run a business efficiently better systems that are equipped with advanced technology are very pivotal. But did you know that neither the system nor the technology will work if there is no real communication? The legends in the industry strongly believe that communication is the most important key to collaborate with the client's co-workers and offices. However, if this factor is neglected then you will be at your own risk especially in those businesses having multiple locations.

Hence it is mandatory to urge employees to take time for face-to-face meetings at their different offices at least once a year to enhance communication on all levels.

  • Additional tips for fostering communication between your employees include-
  • Make weekly staff meetings or webinars and bring your employees together.
  • Request your employees to turn on the webcam so that they can see each other.
  • Let the CEO or the management members visit every remote site regularly at least once every month.
  • Make weekly phone call meetings with the staff of every remote group so that the physical location will get enough time to discuss issues with the top management.
  • Try to bring your complete group together at least once or twice a year to carry out team building, brainstorming, and staff meetings.

Adapt Various Cultures

Before you take a complete plunge into your business at a particular location it is mandatory to find one key contact in every country who will help you get familiar with the local customs laws and business practices. It is so obvious that your business is present in the very locations and hence it will impress people of different religions and different names. So always make sure that you learn to pronounce names correctly.

To make a better foothold of your business in the particular region you should get a basic understanding of country politics as well as current events. Also to get their best advantage out of the business, learn the time zone differences and see how you can benefit.

Last but not least, always respect the people of different religions and also you should respect their cultures as well. This is the most important factor when you are trying to manage operations at multiple locations and plan to spread your footprints across the globe. Showing due respect to the culture, people and religion show that you are fostering humanity, and this way, people will always cherish working with you.

Down The Line

So these were the quick and most efficient tips to ensure proper operations while running a multi-geography business. If kept in mind these tips, you will for sure be able to manage business operations at different levels.

However, the main thing here is to remember that it does not matter how widespread your business has become, you need to pull your strings to maintain team cohesion while making sure that every employee is on the same page regardless of different locations. In such cases, the cherry on the cake is that an ERP software incorporated at your business end will help you attain greater heights in business with accurate outputs.

About the Author: Ashwini Deshpande is a versatile writer and is fond of developing varied types of content. She puts her expertise into creating content every time and for more than 3 years she has been closely writing for avant-garde technologies such as ERP, CRM, AI, Digital Marketing, and more. Ashwini works for Sage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is the market leader in offering world-class business management software in India for all small to medium-sized businesses.