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How to Create Colourful Presentation: Top 5 Colourful PowerPoint Templates

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Posted 3 months ago on September 13th, 2022.

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Colour is important when creating a PowerPoint presentation. It may affect how well your audience understands what you're saying and how much information they keep. Your presentation's appearance can be influenced by you employing different colours.

Colours help us see life. It is one of the most effective methods for communicating. It can establish a tone, highlight objectives, or create a strong brand identity. In presentation decks, in particular. The choice of colours for presentations is just as crucial as the information itself. Deal-making or deal-breaking, depending!

Each color has its own significance and meaning. For instance, the colors red and blue represent cool, calm, bold, and strong emotions, respectively. The feelings that colors elicit are frequently used in presentations. Most frequently, the colors chosen and the content don't match. 

In this article, we’ve gathered tips that will help you in creating fascinating presentations, and also here we’ve selected 5 entertaining and colourful PowerPoint templates that you can download and use.

Which Colours Work Best for a PowerPoint Presentation's Backgrounds and Text?

The colors that are easiest to notice on slides are those with great contrast. Light writing and vivid accent colors should be used on dark backgrounds. Dark text and strong accent colors should be used on light backgrounds. The audience is able to read the text and view the graphs or shapes on each slide in this manner.

One of the crucial choices that must be taken at the beginning of the process of designing your slides is the selection of colours for your presentation slides. As part of a branding strategy, the majority of businesses nowadays mandate the usage of a template with corporate colours for all presentations made outside the organization. In such a situation, you are limited in your choice of hue. However, you may select your slide colours for many internal presentations and in many other companies. How do you decide then? Consider the following tips when selecting colours for your upcoming set of presentation or when selecting best PowerPoint templates.


Lack of contrast between the background color and the text or visuals is one of the most typical mistakes made when choosing colors for presentation slides. The text and images on the screen must be in a color that contrasts sharply with the backdrop color if you want the audience to be able to see them.

Colour emotional meaning 

According to research, different colors trigger different basic emotions in a wide range of people. When choosing colors for your presentation slides, you'll want to avoid colors that will distract from the content you're giving.

Graphics or patterns for the background

If you wish to employ a design or pattern, make it extremely faint so that there is minimal difference between the lightest and darkest shades in the background. One effect for graphics or logos is embossing, which makes the image appear slightly elevated in the background but is extremely subtle and does not produce substantial changes in background color shade.

Why Do You Need a PowerPoint Template?

There are times when all you want is a colorful presentation. A colorful PowerPoint presentation may be just what you need, whether it's because the subject demands it or because it fits your personality perfectly. It's not exactly simple to create entertaining-looking slides, though. It may take you a few hours to a few days, depending on your level of design proficiency. We guess you probably would like to do something else with your time. 

5 Bright and Colourful PowerPoints Templates 

It may appear simple to create a PowerPoint presentation; anyone may do it with the click of a button. However, if you don't have a well-made  presentation template, you'll waste time looking for brand elements and trying to correct inconsistencies. A template is an essential tool for not just communicating your message, but also for taking it to the next level and making it into a presentation that will be genuinely unforgettable. Let’s move on to a list of the best colourful PowerPoint templates that we’ve gathered to ease the presentation creating process for you. You can choose the one that will fit your needs or at least inspire you.

Let’s dive in!

Podcast Bundle Presentation Template

It is a professional template with minimalistic, ultra-modern, and one-of-a-kind design, with each slide crafted with passion and attention to detail. This template is professionally designed for product or event presentation and advertising, as well as a catalogue or look book. 

50 Slides Colourful Music Presentation Template 2022: PowerPoint, Google Slides & Keynote

A wavy design in various colours that resembles sound waves with an electronic music atmosphere is shown on a dark blue background. This template has a very modern look because of the way it’s been blended with musical symbols and other images. It is fully editable and easy in changing colours, text and photos.

Funtastic PowerPoint Template

Check out this minimalistic but still bright and eye-catching template. It is easy to edit and allows you to change colour and text without effort. This template will make your presentation look professional but still interesting and engaging. People in an audience won’t forget a presentation if you use the Funtastic PowerPoint template. 

Graqline Colourful Presentation Pack

This pack is colourful, modern and will get all the attention. Each slide is made with care and precision and has a minimal, clean, and original appearance. It has many variations of layout and text, also it is easy to customize and edit. Use it to make your presentation look professional and unique. 

Campo – Adventure PowerPoint

This is an unique and colourful PowerPoint template with a customized illustration that is used as  a Camping and Hiking Theme. You can, however, change it with whatever you desire and for whatever reason you choose. As an example, this is appropriate for Nature, Non-Profit, Teamwork, and so on. All elements, from shapes to colours, are editable. 


This post includes a variety of entertaining and eye-catching PowerPoint templates that are aimed to enhance your presentation. The focus of your presentation should be on you, not them. It is more probable that people will pay attention to your presentation if your slides are colourful. In order to produce a presentation that your audience won't quickly forget, pick any of the templates provided. If you can’t choose from provided templates, don’t hesitate to find more  templates on Master Bundles.