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How to Create Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage in Affinity Designer

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Posted 7 years ago on July 28th, 2016. Last modified on April 7th, 2022

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Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

Are you ready for some fairy-tale magic?
Today we’ll try on the role of good Fairy Godmothers (and Godfathers) and
will help our lovely Cinderella to get to the ball! Follow this short tutorial
and learn to create a magical pumpkin carriage in Affinity Designer, using
simple geometric shapes, handy operations, and drawing tools. 

By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to
apply the described techniques and create any sort of flat fairy-tale illustrations or flat magic assets! Feel free to browse the Envato Market for
nice references. For example, here is a great variety of pumpkins in case we
need to remind ourselves what it actually looks like.

Let’s get started!

1. Create the Cabin of the Carriage

Step 1

Let’s start by making a New File of 600 x 600 px size and use the Rectangle
Tool (M)
to make a lilac square for the background of the same size.

make a lilac background from rectangle

Step 2

Now let's make a sunny orange pumpkin
from a 200 x 200 px circle, using the Ellipse Tool (M), while holding Shift.

Then duplicate
the circle (Command-C > Command-V),
hold the Command key and squash the
shape a bit, forming an oval. Move the color slider in the Colour panel to make the new shape a bit lighter. Create another
copy and make it narrower and lighter.

shape a pumpkin from ellipses

Step 3

Duplicate the smaller oval once again, hold Command-Shift and shrink the shape, making a smaller copy on top. 

Let’s fill this shape with the same darker-orange color as we have for the largest circle.
To do this, we need to use the Color
, which is located on top of the Colour
panel. Click the Color picker, hold
and drag the magnifier over the needed area. Release the mouse button to pick the color. Now we can find the
selected color in a tiny circle sample right next to the Color picker. Let’s select the shape that we need to recolor and
click the created swatch in the Colour
panel. There we have it!

use the color picker

Step 4

Let’s make the door of our carriage from
the created shape. Use the Rectangle
Tool (M)
to make a narrow stripe across the shape. Select the stripe and
the shape beneath and head to the Operations
panel in the control toolbar on top. Apply the Subtract Operation to cut out the stripe. And then apply the Divide Operation to split the shape

Duplicate the top half (Command-C >
hold Command-Shift
and shrink the copy, making it smaller. Fill the created shape with a nice
shade of pink color.

make the door of our carriage using operations

Step 5

Use the Ellipse Tool (M) to make a shape over the top left side of the
carriage door. Duplicate the shape
and Flip Horizontal from the control
toolbar on top, placing the new shape on the opposite side.

Add two more ellipses on both sides of the
door and fill all the ellipses with light-pink color. Select all four shapes and use the Add Operation to merge
them into a single shape.

shape the curtains from ellipses 1

Step 6

Now let’s place the created cloudy shape inside the pink window shape to hide
the unneeded elements. Head to the Layers panel and drag the light-pink shape
over the window shape. You will see a short blue stripe under the window shape,
indicating that you’re placing one shape inside of the other. Voila! We’ve
created the curtains!

Add a light-pink door in the bottom half of
the carriage by duplicating the
separated shape, making it smaller, and adding a circular door handle.

shape the curtains from ellipses 2

2. Add Details to the Pumpkin Carriage

Step 1

Let’s add a stylized crown to our pumpkin.
Take the Ellipse Tool (M) and make a
25 x 25 px circle. Convert to Curves in the control
toolbar on top. Take the Node Tool (A)
and select the top node. Convert to
from the top toolbar to make the shape pointed and drag the point up,
using the Node Tool (A).

make the crown from the ellipse 1

Step 2

Duplicate (Command-C > Command-V) the shape and use the Transform
panel to rotate the shape 20 degrees

Duplicate the rotated shape and Flip Horizontally, placing it on the
opposite side. Make the central element a bit taller, forming the top of the

Finally, select all three shapes and use
the Vector Crop Tool to cut off the
bottom part of the crown, making it flat.

make the crown from the ellipse 2

Place the crown, making it float above
the carriage.

make the crown from the ellipse 3

Step 3

Let’s create the wheel of our pumpkin
carriage! Make a 120 x 120 px circle
with pink Stroke, setting the Stroke Width to 10 pt in the control toolbar on top or in the Stroke panel. 

Add a small 25 x 25 px yellow circle inside of the wheel.

Take the Pen Tool (P), hold Shift, and draw a vertical line with light-pink Stroke
of 7 pt Width, depicting a spoke.

Duplicate the line, hold Shift and
rotate it 90 degrees, making the
spokes crisscross. Add more copies, rotating them 45 degrees, while holding Shift.

make wheel from ellipses and strokes

Step 4

all the elements of the wheel and duplicate to add a second wheel, making
it somewhat smaller.

Here is what it looks like all together!

add a second smaller wheel

Step 5

Use the Pencil Tool (N) to draw a swirly line, connecting the wheels and
the pumpkin cabin. Make sure that your line is smooth enough, using the Node Tool (A) to move the nodes around
and deleting those you do not need.

add a swirly line with pencil tool

Step 6

Now let’s create some small generic
elements, for example, flower petals. Use the Ellipse Tool (M) to make a 10 x 25
light-pink oval. Convert to
and select the top and bottom nodes with the Node Tool (A) in order to Convert
them to Sharp pointed corners from the control toolbar on top.

Now we can duplicate the petal a few times
and vary the shades of pink, making every petal unique.

make flower petals from ellipse

Step 7

Attach the petals to the pumpkin carriage
by rotating them, varying their sizes, and combining them into groups. Don’t add too much, though, in order not to make the illustration too

add petals to the carriage

Good News for Cinderella, Your Pumpkin
Carriage Is Finished!

Great job! The main part of our illustration is successfully
done! We can make the composition look a bit more finished and balanced by
speckling some tiny circle spots around the pumpkin, creating a sense of magic. And
don’t forget to place a couple of flat elliptical shadows beneath the wheels,
so that our carriage doesn’t just hang in the air.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following this quick
and easy tutorial, which will be useful for your future illustrations! Go on
and continue creating fairy-tale art in Affinity Designer, and don’t forget to
share your results!

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage in Affinity Designer

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