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How to Create a Thank You Card in 5 Simple Steps

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Posted 11 months ago on May 15th, 2022.

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Instant messaging, internet speak, and the immediacy that social media provides have made sending cards feel like an old-school form of good manners. But old school or not, creating customized Thank You cards is a gesture that anyone will surely appreciate. 

Not only is it polite, but a Thank You card also shows how appreciative you are of the recipient, that you care about them to go the extra mile. It’s a small gesture that can positively impact your personal and professional connections. 

It’s the thought that counts   

Thank You cards work for a variety of occasions and purposes. Did someone send you a birthday gift or a Christmas present? Did you have the time of your life at a loved one’s or a colleague’s party? Or do you just want to let a friend know you feel blessed to have them? A personalized message of thanks goes a long way in expressing your gratitude. 

Customized Thank You cards are also great for strengthening business relationships. Use them to show your appreciation to an HR personnel after a favorable interview, your team after a successful project, and long-term clients for their loyal patronage.

Even if writing isn’t your forte, just the effort you put in designing a card will already mean a lot. What’s more, even if you’re not a graphic designer, there are tons of designs online that you can use to help unlock your artistry.  

To help you through the creative process, here are five easy steps you can follow to create the perfect customized Thank You cards:

  1. Use a design platform like Canva to help translate your ideas to reality. Browse through Canva’s Thank You card templates to find pre-designed layouts that appeal to you. Designs come in different dimensions too. To help you streamline your search, you can specify the themes, styles, and colors. You can even set your intended recipient when doing your search. That way, search results will display Canva Thank You card templates that best fit your purpose.  
  1. Put in your creative stamp by customizing the background. Once you’ve found a template you like, modify the details. Start with the background: Switch it to a color that’s more to your taste and use it to base the rest of the color palette. That way, the overall look of your Thank You note card remains cohesive even when customized. 
  1. Type in your personal Thank You message. Most templates come with text boxes containing sample messages. This makes it easier for you to replace them with something more personal. You can be poetic with your note or go the “short but sweet” route. Whatever approach you use, you can modify the placement of your text in the layout so it becomes the central focus of your customized Thank You card. To make your message fit with the card’s design, pay attention to the font style and color. Make sure the typography is easy to read. Going clean and simple is always a good creative decision.     
  1. Add a little spin with some graphics. Some well-placed flourishes won’t hurt even if you’re making a Thank You card for business or official purposes. Subtle graphics such as icons, lines, and borders add personality to a design. They can also direct attention to what you want your recipient to focus on. 

Use a beautiful image to anchor the whole look of your Thank You note card. This can be a picture or an illustration from your personal collection or from the many websites that offer royalty-free images. If you have a logo or signature that you use in your correspondence, add them to your card as well. Look through different Thank You card designs online to get a better idea of what visual elements you can use. Take note of which ones you like and can possibly use.

  1. Review and proofread your design, then save your card. Once you have the text and the visual details you want to use placed in the layout, take the time to make the necessary edits. Check your message for any typographical or grammatical errors. You can shorten or lengthen it if some modification in the text length is needed. Apply a critical eye to the design of your customized Thank You card. Adjust the placements of your graphics so that there is a good visual balance between these elements and the remaining blank space. 

Once you are satisfied with the layout, save your file in a print-friendly format such as JPG, PNG, and PDF. This will make it easy to send the file to your recipient over email. It also makes it easy to send your design to your chosen printer if you want to send the card the old-fashioned way or if you plan to send a batch of cards. 

When printing your design, make sure to discuss with your printer what kind of paper you want your Thank You card to be printed on. A professional printer can also help with the scoring and folding of your customized Thank You cards, so they are convenient to stuff in an envelope. 

Notes to remember

Sending Thank You note cards is a tradition that doesn’t have to be left in the past. It’s a form of communication that stands out in a culture used to quick and short digital dispatches. Express your appreciation to family, friends, and colleagues with a card they can treasure.

Dedicate a customized message that sincerely relays your sentiments. Create a card design that would be meaningful to both you and them. With the many customizable Thank You card templates you can find online, all it takes is a little effort to nourish relationships with notes of gratitude.