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How To Choose The Best WordPress Maintenance Plan For Your Business?

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Posted 11 months ago on March 5th, 2022.

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How To Choose The Best WordPress Maintenance Plan For Your Business?

Managing a WordPress Website has become more challenging these days. Factors such as site optimization, security, and loading time should be considered. In addition, it needs proper maintenance to keep up with the competition and stay relevant according to the users.

And, for that, you require a WordPress maintenance plan for the business. But selecting the right one from various available options can be confusing. So, for your help, we have curated a list of useful services that one should look for in a comprehensive WordPress maintenance plan.

Tips To Select The Best WordPress Maintenance Plan

Speed Matters — Test and Optimize Your Site

The average attention span of users is just a few seconds. Therefore, they leave the site if it doesn't load up fast. Hence, a slow and sluggish website adversely impacts your business. For example, the statistics say that site loading in two sounds results in a 9% bounce rate. However, those pages with 5 seconds result in a 38% bounce rate.

Besides, search engines don't rank slow websites well. So, site speed is an important factor that impacts the business. Therefore, the website needs to be optimised and fast.

You can also hire WordPress developers versed with tools to analyse the site speed and improve accordingly. In addition, however, you can select a maintenance plan that offers services to optimise the website. Consequently, the site loads faster and runs at full speed.

Secure Your Site from Viruses and Malware

Nowadays, threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, etc., are widespread. So, having an unprotected website exposes it to various security threats. Moreover, there is a risk that the user's data can be compromised.

With a reliable WordPress maintenance plan, you can ensure that the site is safe from malware and viruses. In addition, regular monitoring of the website ensures a sense of safety for the visitors every time they use it.

Regular Updates To WordPress Plugins

A comprehensive maintenance plan helps keep the WordPress plugins up-to-date. There are a lot of benefits of regularly updating the plugins, like better performance, fixing security vulnerabilities,  adding new features, and bug fixes.

The web development experts know exactly when to upgrade to the newer version of WordPress plugins. Choose a maintenance plan that at least updates once a month, while the one with weekly updates is preferable. A good practice is to wait for 1-2 days after publishing an update. This way, you can ensure that it doesn't cause any problems and works as intended.

Backup Often and Completely

Whenever a website crashes, there is a risk of data loss that has an adverse effect on your business or brand. This situation can be avoided by completely backing up the site regularly. The minimum recommended backup frequency is weekly. However, for sites subjected to regular changes, daily backup is preferable.

Regular backups ensure that the site is up and running again in no time in case of a crash. Also, the risk of data loss is eliminated. A good maintenance plan from a reputable WordPress website development company ensures regular backup, irrespective of the type of the site. When the website is properly maintained, the downtime is less, beneficial for your business.

Cleaning Up Your WordPress Database

As the WordPress site grows with time, a lot of information is accumulated in the database. Not only does it acquire valuable space, but it also makes the website slow and laggy. For this reason, the server takes a long time to retrieve the required data resulting in slower navigation.

With the help of a maintenance plan, the WordPress database can be optimised and cleaned. Consequently, the website's load times reduce, and the users get a smooth and fast experience. Moreover, removing unnecessary data provides you with more storage space, which is especially beneficial for the hosting plans with limited storage.

Installing Security Plugin

To ensure that there is no loophole in the safety of the WordPress site, installing security plugins is very important. Although hosting providers fully manage the WordPress website, they do not cover all the security aspects. Nevertheless, using dedicated security plugins and services simplifies the process of securing the site.

A comprehensive maintenance plan provides you with the option to install required security plugins. They help to secure the login page by adding two-factor authentication. In addition, they block suspicious IP addresses to access the login page. Moreover, a firewall is added to the site. Consequently, the WordPress website remains safe from brute force or DDoS attacks.


With the above tips, you can select a robust WordPress maintenance plan for the business. A good plan ensures that all the technicalities related to the WordPress site are taken care of. So, you can focus on more important things like running and growing the business. You can reach out to a reputable WordPress web design company to choose a suitable maintenance plan. This way, the business website remains secure, stable, and fast to provide a good user experience. As a result, the business grows faster and generates more profit.

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