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How to Choose Professional Fonts for Web Design

Dominic Beaulieu is an expert writer who specializes in creating various training and professional upgrade courses, materials, and manuals.

Posted 3 years ago on September 19th, 2020. Last modified on July 17th, 2021

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Fortunately, the days when fonts and colors were chosen at random have long passed. Now each element of the site requires special attention and individual study. The font is no exception!

Even the conversion of the site will depend on the choice of font. Therefore, many experts have to spend a lot of time on this issue, and some even have to doubt the correctness of their own choice.

In this article, you will receive a basic set of recommendations with the help of which you will find out how how to choose fonts for a website that will sell, convert, attract and do it again and again.

Why Is It So Important to Choose the Right Font?

So, how to choose fonts? When selecting a font, it is essential to understand that this is direct work with text. And the main task of the text on the site is the easy receptivity of information. According to the Internet marketers’ opinion, a correctly selected font can improve and complement the text.

In contrast, illiterate text placement and inappropriate fonts can bury the text written by even the most talented copywriter from the Pick The Writer review website. This is the importance of professional font selection.

Basic Rules That Everyone Should Know

So, here is how to choose a font for your brand to make it work for your benefit.

  • The font should be easy to read. Most of the beautiful and original make it difficult for the user to perceive the information.
  • The font is a complement to the text, not a replacement for it. The reader must remember the essence of the text. Otherwise, the font is not suitable.
  • When using multiple fonts, it is vital to remember the contrast. Contrast should make these fonts different, but at the same time, a common style should be traced in them.
  • The simpler, the better. The site should not resemble an exhibition of all the fonts possible. Readers should pay attention to what is written. If this rule is not respected, then there is no professional approach.
  • Analyze competitors in a niche. Thus, there will be not only an understanding of what style to adhere to but also an understanding of what is already lacking in existing sites.

How to Choose Fonts and Their Sizes?

Many designers ask how to choose fonts and what size to pick since there is no single answer to it. That is, we are talking about the fact that it is difficult to predict the exact font size. Some users prefer to read only what is written in large, while other users absolutely do not care about the font size. Hence, the optimal size is 14 pixels.

There are several things to consider when looking for the way of how to choose fonts. This is the target audience of the site and, of course, convenience. For example, children and older people will pay attention to a larger text. In comparison, the middle age category can easily perceive information with the average font size.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the size, it is enough to be guided by the convenience of perceiving information. It is considering the needs of the target audience.

Which Color Combination to Choose?

The next equally important question is how to set the font color. Most believe that the option of black text and white background is the most optimal.

However, users who spend a lot of time on a PC say something completely different. Take the following insight into account when asking how to choose fonts.

The most pleasant combination for the eye is a grayish background and black and gray text. Such colors do not create a sharp contrast and do not strain the eye once again.

How to Choose Professional Fonts for Web Design?

Finally, we come to the main question - how to choose fonts, the answer to which everyone should understand. Scientific studies have shown that fonts affect the assessment of information, that is, text.

Also, experts revealed that for each theme of the site, there is a need to use special font styles. Since they will cause suitable associations, let's briefly go over the areas of sites and the fonts relevant to them.

  • Corporate Website: on such websites, you can focus on a strict business style and use Arial or Verdana.
  • Children's / Entertainment Site: You can safely use fancy but lightweight fonts.
  • Scientific site: With this type of site, it is hard not to guess which font to use. There is a single and win-win option in the form of Serif.

Mini-Guide on How to Choose a Font

Image by Anja

When you have familiarized yourself with the basic information, you can begin to resolve the issue of how to choose fonts regarding your site. Here you will find brief instructions on how to choose a font for the site.

Make a Brand Guide

If you got an order to make a site, then most likely, you have been given a brand guide. If you are working on the designs of your site, or the customer has not provided you with such a guide, then you still need to draw it up. What should be included there?

  • The target audience
  • Primary colors
  • Font (if there is printed products, then you can find an approximate font for the site, just do not use serifs!)

Sequence Compliance

If the brand already has printed materials, many business cards, and so on, then there are two ways. Or use the same font for the site as on printed materials. Or choose a new font and replace all printed materials.

The brand should be recognizable but have a single style, a single font, and color scheme. Therefore, the basic rule in working on a site is to follow a logical sequence.

Use Only Safe Fonts

Please note that your unique font may not be reflected correctly in the gadgets of other users. Will this spoil the overall impression of the site? Of course. There is even a risk that the user will immediately leave the site due to disturbances regarding unreadable information.

By the way, not all users understand what is happening. Most believe that it is all about the text, not the font. Since it is simply impossible to read. In order not to create such a situation, scoop up Google Fonts, they are displayed on all devices.

web safe fonts by Google Fonts
Image screenshop from fonts.google.com

Where to Get Fonts for a Website?

And finally, it’s worth considering sites where you can find the font you need. If we talk about free services, you can consider Google Fonts. Myfonts.com also offers free fonts, but there are paid ones. Also, keep in mind that this resource can have most freestyles, not fonts. From paid sites, you can stop your attention on mintype.com.


Should you take the time and find the right way of how to choose fonts? If you are a professional, yes.

There is no need to repeat the importance of the font. Let's refresh once again that a good font loves the consistency, simplicity, and relevance of the site's focus. All that remains for you is to translate all this into reality!

About the author: Dominic Beaulieu is an expert writer who specializes in creating various training and professional upgrade courses, materials, and manuals. He mainly writes on development, digital marketing, design, business strategies, etc. This breadth of specialization allows him to write expert columns on the most pressing topics in today's society and creating writing reviews in Writing Judge.