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How to Automate your Email Marketing?

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Posted 3 months ago on November 4th, 2022.

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Every business relies on emails as its medium of communication. No doubt that your customers love communicating via email. Not all emails give you results, but some will, of course. You need to find the best-personalized means of communication and start sending emails the right way. That is why email marketing is meant for your business. 

What is Email Marketing - Let us understand in detail 

Email is a powerful marketing channel. It is one of the most dominant forms adopted by the business digital marketing landscape. It helps your customers to be aware of your brand communications and updates. Businesses adopt email marketing as an excellent form of marketing strategy. The more you play with emails, the better your results will be. 

Why is it required for your business? 

An email has been considered a friendly and reliable marketing medium of communication for businesses, mainly because it helps the user to take action it allows you to generate leads and registrations for your business. 

Email can build relationships with your customers for your business. At the same time, it also helps you to get more traffic to the website/blog, social media, or any other platform. It also enables you to segment your emails and target users with the optimum demographics and personalized information. 

What do you think is the importance of a subject line for an email? It is just as important as the trailer of a movie. The success of any film is decided based on the trailer's performance. In the same way, if you can drag the user's attention with a catchy subject, you stand high on a chance to get more email open rates. 

So with email marketing in place, your business enjoys a lot of benefits: 

  • It helps you with the best medium of communication with your prospects. 
  • It allows you to establish a personalized connection with your clients. 
  • It helps you to do A/B testing, where you can experiment with different campaigns. 
  • Play with the subject - do A/B testing on the email subjects and retain the best-performing ones.
  • If your open rate is low, then the problem is with the subject. Change it and run different campaigns with different subjects. 
  • If your email does not give you enough clicks, then the problem would be with the content or the call to action used in the body of the email. 

These insights would help you identify where you stand in reporting - what is working and what is not. Accordingly, you can tweak the campaigns and start getting better results. 

Understanding Email Automation  

Email automation is automating your email campaigns with trigger messages and a sequence of emails based on the actions taken by the user. It also focuses on the completely personalized emails being rolled out at the right time.  

It can also be used to send out emails based on the actions taken by the user - like automated email after payment or shopping, etc. so that the user gets reassured of the process that is just carried out. 

3 Best practices for Email Automation 

Now that you know the significance of email marketing and automation for your business, it's high time you understand the best practices. At the same time, you are all set to execute the email automation. 

#1 Set the Time Right 

Timing is essential for every action that you execute for your business. While working on email campaigns, you get the best results if your email reaches the prospect's inbox at the right time. Most importantly, if it reached the INBOX. That means spamming words should be removed to target effectively on time. 

#2 Don't bombard your customer's email with too many emails

Very important! Send an optimum number of emails to your prospect's email so that the inbox is never bombarded with too many emails, as it would irritate the user. Focusing on the right quantities with the top qualities is very important to keep the momentum of the business in the right direction. 

#3 Focus on Transactional emails automation 

You may be prone to automate those emails after you receive a lead by submitting a form on your website or landing page. Now, email automation should be for more than just marketing. It should be focused on transactional emails to eliminate too many unsubscriptions, saving the brand reputation to a more significant extent. 

How to start with Email Automation for your business? 

That's a million-dollar question! There are many ways! 

Some critical aspects that you should be focussing on include: 

  • Identify your target audience. 
  • Decide on the best set of audiences - segment your lists so you can reach out to your target group with a highly personalized process. 
  • Define the proper Call to Action as it would prompt the user to take action after reading your email. The CTA can be redirected to a form, website, or blog so that you understand and calculate the performance reports accordingly. 
  • Be very careful while you draft an email. 
  • Creating a better sequence is vital as it helps you define the email flow based on the workflow's actions or triggers. 

Rely on the best Email Marketing software 

So, now that you know every nitty-gritty of email marketing, the next big thing is to rely on friendly email marketing software to execute the automation campaigns effectively. 

When you look for the best email marketing software, there can be many tools that may strike your mind: 

  • Yoroflow
  • Mailchimp
  • SendGrid 
  • Sendinblue 

And a lot more. 

The primary factor you look for in the tool is the capability of meeting your business objectives in streamlined processes. Some tools like Yoroflow even have interesting and exciting reporting dashboards to help you make better decisions and evaluate your email campaigns' performance at any given time.