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How To Accept Charity Through Donation Plugins?

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Posted 9 months ago on July 15th, 2022.

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It's not begging when you are providing something in return. Sometimes, an environmental activist keeps large corporations from cutting down trees. Sometimes it's a social blogger who publishes eye-opening and factual articles daily. From writers to designers, and charities to politicians, selling products or services is sometimes not in the equation. That's where these professions turn to donations.

It may look like you need to go out and ask rich people for money. However, all you need is a reliable WordPress donation plugin for WooCommerce.

Requirements to Accept Donations Through a Website

WordPress – Get the popular CMS for free and use any type of website you need.

Quality Hosting: You can find many websites that offer hosting discounts for nonprofit organizations. Hosting enables you to be online by saving and managing site files.

Domain name: This is your nonprofit website's name. Often, it is similar to the name of the nonprofit or charity.

An NGO or charity theme – You can get a standard WordPress theme. However, charity-specific ones contain scheduling systems, donation buttons, and information sections for fundraising.

A WordPress Donation Plugin—We will cover this below.

A payment gateway is the system by which you process and accept payments through your donation plugin.

It might seem intimidating at first, but you usually don't need to think about web hosting after it gets configured. The same goes for your domain name and WordPress. The only element that requires maintenance is the WordPress donation plugin, and that's because you are collecting donations and thinking of new ways to raise more money for your organization.

Top WordPress Donation Plugins to Accept Charity

1.     GIVE

It's hard to pick favorites. However, that's not the case with WordPress donation plugins. The Give WordPress donation plugin is ahead of its competitors regarding functionality, pricing, and add-ons. The plugin makes money via its freemium model, but no add-on is pushed onto you. In fact, many charities and nonprofits will be OK with using the default donation form without any add-ons.

Why the WordPress Donation Plugin?

  • The form looks professional and includes donor and reporting management, all for free.
  • You can pay for add-ons based on the ones you need.
  • The default forms for donations include basic recurring donation functionality.
  • Place customized goals and fields on your donation forms to lure more people into giving.
  • You can customize the forms, but they look darn good on any theme.
  • The Give support documentation is impressive, and it has a full page filled with demos before you make any payment for anything.
  • You don't have to pay any transaction fees.

2.     Charitable

Charitable offers a free WordPress donation plugin with support for simple updates, videos, geolocation, user avatars, anonymous donations, and one year of premium support. Their developers ask you to "pay what you want," so you get the option to support the plugin or use it for free.

Why the WordPress Donation Plugin?

  • Ask for donations based on location.
  • Charitable is free of transaction fees.
  • Connect with renowned payment gateways like Authorize.net, Stripe, PayFast, and PayUMoney.
  • There's a fundraising extension, which is peer-to-peer, to expand your reach.
  • Share campaign updates with donors.
  • All pricing plans allow for one site license and annual premium customer support.
  • Online support has documentation, a ticketing system, FAQ, and a blog.

3.     Seamless Donations

Like other WordPress donation plugins, download Seamless Donations is downloadable for free), then buy extensions and add-ons if required. As per developers, "Get the plugin set up within five minutes." All it requires is a connection to a PayPal account with some settings.

In line with other top donation plugins, Seamless Donations doesn't charge you transaction fees. Instead, it earns through add-on sales.

Why the WordPress Donation Plugin?

  • Recurring donations are built-in, so there is no requirement to get an add-on.
  • Many currencies (such as the Hungarian forint and Thai Baht) are accepted. The same applies to translations.
  • Seamless Donations uses standard post types for funds and contributors. Thus, it's easy to track your activities on your donation site.
  • The developers provide support through documentation, FAQs, a forum, and video tutorials.

Final Words

There you have it. This list of the top WordPress donation plugins can help you find the right tool for your cause and raise funds. Also, don't forget that your contributors and donors will likely give up if your WordPress site is not running efficiently and swiftly. Make sure to check out the best WordPress hosting services to see if you are using the correct one for your charity or nonprofit.