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How Low Code Development Is Changing Mobile App Industry

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Posted 1 year ago on October 16th, 2021.

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These days building apps is on the high rise for both enterprises and non-programmers without any engineering efforts. In other words, it is called low-code development, which is changing the mobile app industry up to a great extent. According to the report by Gartner, the low-code development application is gathering high demand up to 65% by the year 2024, and out of that, around 66% of the big companies are using a minimum of four low code platforms.

Overall, low-code development is stealing the show by which companies and non-programmers are building custom applications in the cloud. Let’s find out more about Low-code development and find out more info best taxi mobile app development.

What is low-code development?

Basically, low-code is a type of visual strategy that almost every developer uses for software development. With the help of low-code, developers can easily abstract and automate various steps of the app's life-cycle to deliver solutions very quickly. In other words, it is the modern way to develop mobile apps.

The low-code environment strengthens the users from non-technical backgrounds to develop a complete app themselves without the assistance of the IT team. However, these days it is one of the best ways to build apps for the enterprise reliably and faster without much coding knowledge.

Advantages of low-code improvement

Well, there are a number of benefits of low-code development. So, let's discuss some of its benefits: -

Bulletproof security

The Low-code platform is one of the best platforms in terms of security technologies, audit trails, processes regardless of what is the hosting solution.

Offers high productivity

Low-code development, as we have discussed earlier, is stealing the show that means it is a way to develop more apps in less time. Overall, the apps that take months to build will be developed in less time or within a fraction of days.

Modern architectures

This platform also supports advanced architectures that offer flexibility to start small and high performance, governance, and transparency.

Convey fantastic client experience

As you come to know that low-code development takes less time to develop to build an app. However, this is the reason for a better customer experience. That means, according to the demands of the low-code, it can quickly adapt to market changes and customer experience easily and quickly.

 Rapid transformation

In today's world, transformation is one of the primary and essential needs. So, if you talk about transformation in terms of low-code development, then it assists in removing various complexities from mobile applications. By this, you very well know that reduced complexities lead to the seamless experience of sailing.

How is low-code development transforming the mobile app industry?

After reading the above discussion about low-code development, businesses have perceived that it is undoubtedly transforming the mobile industry. So, to prove this, let's put some light on statistics of low-code development.

According to Gartner, by 2024, low-code development will be responsible for around 65% of app development activity.

Another report by Forrester found that by the end of the year 2022 the low-code market will catch up to around $21 billion.

As per the report of anticipation, the global low-code development platform will generate a revenue of around $187./million by the year 2030.

However, to understand low-code development in a better way, let's discuss the traditional application development process vs the low-code application development process.

Some of the primary differences between the two are: -


If you talk about traditional app development, it comes with many tools and functions that help developers build highly complex apps. However, to operate such mobile apps, the developer needs to be highly skilled and technical.

Now, low-code development doesn't need such tools and functions. That means this platform only holds a small set of tools that help the developer build apps without hassle. Overall, non-technical staff can quickly create an app with low-code development.


As you know, traditional apps have high coding because the maintenance of these apps is quite tricky. Apart from that, revision or updates also need a third-party development team to make the changes.

On the contrary, low-code development is maintained by the company, which has a platform called aPaaS called application platform as a service. That's why the maintenance process of low-code development is easy and straightforward, as the company takes all responsibility for updates and improvements.

The quality of the app

The traditional mobile apps are built with high technicalities, and having complex nature creates various bugs because users face many difficulties in utilizing the app.

 Whereas low-code development processes do not produce bugs while developing an app which makes the user experience positive and effortless.

The bottom line

So, after reading this post, you might get an idea of how the low-code development process is changing the mobile app industry. If you also want to develop an app for your business with low code, it will be your right choice. Thus, take your business to new heights and make your dreams true. Orfind out more info on the best taxi mobile app development.