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How Can Your Workplace Be More Sustainable?

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Posted 1 year ago on January 26th, 2022.

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You may want to make your office more sustainable for employees in 2022. Let’s discuss office supplies, equipment, lighting, and healthier snacks that can make your office eco-friendlier this year. You can find ways to use office technology and make your office more sustainable.

Printers, Paper, and Office Supplies

When purchasing printers for the office, laser printers produce higher quality printing and last longer than inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are cheaper because they last about three years and laser printers last five years or more. If you want better quality, purchase inkjet printers for your office.

When you buy paper, you can buy eco-friendly paper at most office supply stores that is good for the environment and can be recycled. Try printing on both sides of the paper when you use the printer and send out some memos by email to reduce the use of paper. Instead of throwing out wasted paper, find a way to recycle and use your office technology in an eco-friendly way.

You can purchase eco-friendly ink cartridges that have been recycled and reused, called remanufactured ink cartridges. Some ink cartridges use vegetable-based inks that have fewer chemicals than petroleum-based ink. No matter what type of ink cartridges you use, you should recycle them, as this is the best way to dispose of them. Most office supplies will recycle used ink cartridges if you bring them to the store. There are some online programs that will pay you to recycle used ink cartridges. These are ways to make your office technology more sustainable.

Use CFL and LED Bulbs and Turn Off Equipment at Night

CFL and LED bulbs can cut energy and save you money on electric bills. They last longer than traditional bulbs and are safer and more energy-efficient. Another way to save money is to turn off the computers, printers, and other office equipment not used at night.

Replace Plastic with Paper or Ceramic

Replace plastic cups with paper cups and tell employees to bring in their own mugs or ceramic cups to drink coffee and other beverages. You can use real plates and silverware instead of plastic or paper. This will cut down on waste in the lunchroom or cafeteria and make your office more sustainable.

Switch to Healthier Snacks and Food Choices

Subscribe to a food service that provides healthy meal choices and snacks for your employees. Many food services focus on healthy snacks with plenty of fruits and vegetables, popcorn, nuts, yogurt, soups, sandwiches, and healthy entrees. They provide coffee, tea, water, juices and fewer sugar-based beverages. This can improve the health of your employees and make your office more sustainable.

Using office supplies and office technology does not have to lead to waste in the office. These are some tips to start you on the road to more sustainable practices.